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  1. Shoulda got yourself on a waiting list a few years ago mate
  2. not much of a trip for me, just around the corner, but I'd be up for it
  3. In a previous life I sold a lot of graded electrical goods on ebay, usually in auction format, and it wasn't at all unusual to sell things for more than you can buy it from the high street. Even putting the high street price in the description doesn't put some off. And if people will pay it, you can't blame sellers for taking it.
  4. Barbel are also native, and the EA can/will/have close down stillwaters stocked with barbel illegally. Having read up a little now on stillwater barbel I wholeheartedly agree, and if similar problems exist with sturgeon, then good luck to the EA in their efforts!
  5. gnorty

    Odd rules

    From Broadlands Website :- So I assume that mono is OK to leave on the bank?
  6. Heard another viewpoint on braid bans at the weekend. Since braid has a higher knot strength than mono/flouro there is a much higher likelihood of long lengths of mainline hanging from trees in the event of casting mishaps than would be the case for other lines. Not sure how valid this is, but it makes sense at least in theory.
  7. last time I looked in there it was very busy, mostly groups of kids in tracksuits doing overnighters in tents from Asda. I didn't stop to fish but will likely go there for the pike sometime in the next month or so
  8. This is worthy of comment? If I posted about every minute I lost watching vids on youtube I would never have time to watch vids on youtube. On a more serious note, If you feel so strongly, contact the makers of the videos and ask them for a refund, and spend some money on professional DVDs. Hopefully you will feel more fulfilled.
  9. gnorty

    Odd rules

    the lake I have a season ticket to has a rule of no braid hooklinks. No reason given, but it's a rule, and that's that. Another venue I fish has a rule that all fishing shelters must be purpose built fishing shelters. I imagine they had problems with cheap asda tents being dumped or something? Another place I fish on a day ticket has loads of strange rules.No hemp (other particles are fine) amongst others. Again, his water, his rules. if/when I don't want to follow those rules, I fish elsewhere. Simples
  10. thanks for the advice guys - obvious as it is! I used the same rig/knots that I have used many many times before without problems, just that night they let me down. Suffice to say I was very careful when tying the replacement!
  11. Went out tonight for a spur of the moment evening session since it's been so nice weather. Had hardly anything ready - no pellets, no boilies, only about 1kg of vitalin left in the shed! So I stopped off at the local co-op and bought a couple of tins of sweetcorn, some pilchards and figured I could make something of it. So, I get to the water about 6pm. I know the fish move into the margins around sunset and saw fish showing on one of my favourite swims, so I baited up a spot about 2 rod lengths out, set up my gear and settled in. Things looked really good, as more fish moved in, a
  12. Everything is relative, so I dunno your definition of cheap, but dragon carp do one for a tenner. Never seen/used one, but for a tenner I wouldn't expect it to be fantastic.
  13. A group of around 8 lakes spread around a caravan park.
  14. grats to all winners. and a great job Carl - good work for a good cause.
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