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  1. Not long distance casting for carp. Just long distance casting to see how far.
  2. Things are getting warmer in Canberra. Enough to make me break out the tarp and tent poles. Thus I've finally found the joy of fully shaded fishing. Despite wanting to take up a pastime that didn't involve mounds of gear, carp fishing has crept up on me and I find myself looking longingly on anything that will enable only one trip from the car. The day was hot enough on Saturday to drop the GPSr off the windscreen again. It had nothing to do with the crack that's been creeping across the glass for two weeks as the temperatures changed. So, armed with a decent layer of sunscreen, we a
  3. So, a few weeks ago my fishing buddy decides that he wants a sinker with a swivel embedded. As a machinist often has an outlet for such things, a few days later he sends me photos of his little mould. It produces 80 gram sinkers one at a time and they look like a little hockey puck. The swivel is just poked into one end of the mould and the molten lead poured in the other. A few seconds later, you can split it apart and out pops another sinker. (Yes, don't bother mentioning the lead fumes thing. It's all under control.) So the grand showing of these little beauties was Bowen Park on th
  4. Rodsocks never actually answered back. However, just for people that might be interested, I happened to see a Silstar Damos combo rod and reel package a few weeks ago. I think it was an 8-12lb 12 foot rod. It looked and felt surprisingly like the carp rods my fishing buddy and I got from the UK. I'm not sure about the equivalent test curve yet, but I'll try and find out.
  5. I'd like to say that it's been a long time coming, but it hasn't really. The weather on Saturday was sensational if you were home with the heater on and a good book. Sunday wasn't looking much better. My normal fishing companion decided that he'd use the weather forecast to convince me it was worth coming out. When one has a new girlfriend, it can take convincing. She however, had some study to catch up on and the weather decided to become less than hateful, and then downright inviting. So off we went to see if one of the inlets in lake BG had anything to offer. It was a toss up
  6. Well, it wasn't too cold on Saturday, so with the wider lens on the Carp Cam went out on a lakeshore deployment to see if it was possible to cast to in front of it even when it was 20 or so metres out. Of course, lining it up with a handy tree on the opposite bank lets it be roughly located, as long as you stand in the right casting spot.
  7. Hmmm. Chris has a lot to answer for. There's Australian of the year and young Australian of the year. There's even Local Hero on the newer ones. The posts go for about 300 metres all the way along the lakefront and then stop. I guess that's when we run out of Australians or the world ends.
  8. I got bored at work and left early yesterday to go and take a look. Setting up near the edge of the water was going to be easy, apart from it being heavily trafficked. Then I realised that I could set up inside and between the little pillars that display the Australian of the Year. Once the temperature improves, it's up for investigation.
  9. Actually, it's only illegal if you use them for other than your own personal enjoyment. The copyright legislation on this sort of thing was investigated by the Federal Attorney-General's Department a few years ago. There was a call for public input on it. I didn't see any submissions, but I read through the half inch thick report. The main interest was in "format changing" or ripping your CD's to your MP3 player. Copyright Branch think that this is absolutely fine. Even making backup copies is fine. Reproduce and sell anything though, or even give them away and your arse will be in a sli
  10. Thanks Steve. That should a bit more sheltered than other places I have looked at. I'll go check it out. Apparently the lake has had some changes in clarity lately, but went back to murky again.
  11. Things are quiet on the forum... After the first carp cam foray, we were rather disappointed by the field of view. I underestimated incredibly how the visibility of simple things like the foreground would affect what we thought we could see. So three new lenses were ordered with a large variation in field of view. This added another hefty 16 dollars to the expenditure. I also decided that if I was looking at wider stuff, I'd best increase the width of the IR LED illumination. The first attempt at extra illumination ended badly with my $3.80 board being too big by 2mm to go into the housing.
  12. Well, it all came together today. Last time I looked down from the dam wall, I could see the bottom. Today, there wasn't a chance. But we threw the camera in anyway. Six metres from the water, with 23 metres worth of cable. At the deepest part, we couldn't touch bottom, but that was kinda expected. Would anyone like to donate a 30 metre extension cord? (just kidding) In an hour of fooling about, looking at stuff, we did actually see things. Carp even (and some tiny transparent fish that I've never seen before. Here is two minutes worth of what went on. I just can't wait for the
  13. As luck would have it, it floated. And the video is corrupted right at the end. I can watch it, but can't get it off the recorder! As soon as the legs were filled with lead and I took it around to my fishing buddy's place for a demo, we lost video... and some quick fault finding pointed to the lead as the culprit. When cutting it in half in disgust, we discovered it was three bare conducters, so I proposed that we try normal 240v cable instead and make up some leads. Would you believe how expensive it is to buy 30 metres of 3 core flex? So I capitulated and eventually bought a 25 metre office
  14. Yep. Of the several hundred things that I've bought on ebay, I've only been stiffed on two things. One of them was a 6010 Aero baitrunner from the UK. It apparently got "lost in the post" and it was too late to do anything about it with the delays. So I just had to wear that one. Anyway, this is a thread about what people are using and like. Shimanos are rather popular. It's just a pity that the Daiwa baitrunners aren't so common.
  15. It seems if you look around the carp fishing scene in Europe, there are more carp fishing reels than you can poke a legering pole at. My trusty old Shimano 6010 Aero baitrunner has found a new lease on life, but it makes life hard to field a matched setup when you've only got one. Does anyone have a particularly favourite reel which they use here? It's not like there's much chance to wander into a pub full of carp fishermen and ask to inspect their tackle (if you were that way inclined) What is everyone using?
  16. It has been a little while since things have happened with the underwater CCTV project. Mainly due to the pain of not being happy with any of the screens that were available. If I'm going to get a PAL signal from the camera, I want AT LEAST the maximum PAL resolution, even if I don't have enough lines from the camera. Most of the little LCD screens have less. Screw that. Some of you guys may have noted that netbooks are rather popular these days. They tend to have resolutions around 1200 x 800 or similar. This means that there are lots of these screens available to other manufacturers and su
  17. Now that I've almost completed my first year carping apprenticeship, I can report on some prolific takes and almost losing my rod twice when in the pod. Purely for reasons of close fitting machined handle support and overconfidence... I've watched a heap of UK videos and youtube clips to see what happens over there. Behaviours appear to be quite different in terms of how much of a fight the smaller ones here put up. Depending on the time of year, it's tricky to guess how big things are going to be before you see them. If you decide to come visit Aus, bring your kit. Oh, and I'd sugg
  18. I don't want much. Just a three rod pod that can extend to handle all my rods. The hardest thing to source so far is some of the short 12 inch or so bank sticks. The ones that extend. What I have decided would be the most versatile would be some 14 inch wide three rod goal post buzz bars and 4 short extending bank sticks. With two 50-90cm extending banksticks to use as spacers. A simple rod will hold this all together and yet let me swap and separate things for various conditions. I'll have something for easy access, cement and weeds just by unscrewing things. It all falls apar
  19. My experimentation with boilies has come to a stop until I can prove to myself that it's more effective than corn. We just keep coming back to it. My rig is a simple hair rig with a number 10 viking 540 and 4 corn kernels threaded on with a needle. We notch the side of the needle eye with a dremel so the eye can be accessed and then just stick a tiny bit of stick through the eye to keep them on. It's not like there's NOT bits of stick on river beds. Creamed corn is very effective burley and is also cheap.
  20. There are two types of boilies. Standard non floating and buoyant or (pop ups) Putting standard boilies in the microwave for a minute or two makes them float, but then you need slightly different rigs to take advantage of it. Just google for making boilies float. The information is pretty much all there. http://www.google.com.au/search?q=making+boilies+float&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB:official&client=firefox-a
  21. Well, I must admit to going back with a boot rod and fishing old style with a second hook to hold the chip. Boot rods are by definition the rod that stays in the boot of the car for no plan fishing expeditions. The tackle box is not much bigger than a cigarette packet. I managed to refrain from eating the bait and hooked a small carp of about half a kilo. With no scale, it makes experience the only judge. Next time I'm going to try some chicken breast with mayo. If that's a goer, I think that pizza is definately the next thing to try. If the pizza dudes will deliver to GPS coordin
  22. I just wonder if anyone will own up to trying chips. I am extremely tempted to give it a try, but the thought of buying extra and still probably eating them myself tends to put me off.. Nice fish, chris. Maybe it's time for me to go out again now that my top lip has healed from sinker strike!
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