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  1. Yesterday I drove to Belconnen to drop off a CD and decided to do a drive by my favourite Drive through. Big Rooster. They are one of my favourite chip makers. Just as I was about to turn right into the driveway, I noted that there was a guy fishing right out in front of it. Big Rooster in Belconnen is right on Lake Ginninderra (or however you spell it) He'd hooked up and it looked to be giving him a rough time of it, so it was interesting to hold up the queue in front of the microphone and turn back to see if he landed anything. Keep in mind that the lake is about four feet down from the
  2. Hmm. Yes. I got off easily. Would you believe that some people would use pictures such as that as an argument that fishing was dangerous and needs to be regulated with laws and such. I tend to have much sport stirring them up. Regardless, I don't think I'd be down at the creek when it got dark. In terms of things you'd need to watch out for, it doesn't enthuse me. My other night fishing spot has far less potential to cause issues..
  3. Hmm. Mighty looking is that piscatorial porker there, Chris. I was incredibly lucky in not breaking anything on snags although some weed strands and a low branch did provide some entertainment for a while. It is odd to pull on your line and see a carp head pop out of the water so far away as a branch reaches down to grab it.. Luckily, it headed in the right direction when I gave it some slack. As it turns out, six days after wondering if I'd need stitches, my mouth had healed to the point where the scab came off. This could only be because last Saturday was my birthday and we've
  4. The first foray of the year happened yesterday and it wasn't without some interesting occurrences. Our normal fishing choices in the lake have been slightly distroyed of potential by the amount of floating shrubbery. This was imported by that minor flooding of all the inlets a month or so ago. In the quest to clean up the lake, a couple of guys in a boat spend their days removing the forest of driftwood and putting it in piles in the shallows. Other crews stack it up. I have chanced by one such stack piled as big as a greyhound bus. Regardless, we decided that seeing our favourite sp
  5. Cool! I'll wait for things to die down a bit and go Platypus spotting while waiting for bite alarms to go off. I've never seen one before. Now I have a plan for Christmas Holidays. That super cell a few years ago killed my "no-claim" bonus..
  6. I think that their supposed advantage with oxygen extraction from water (if it exists) might help them survive the conditions. There's already reports of big fish kills in South Oz. It may get worse as rotting vegetation gets into the water in big amounts. Guess we'll have to wait and see. Some guy caught a yellow belly of reasonable size on the flooded bowling greens of Captain's Flat. So I guess it just bought comfortable seating close to the water in some areas.. Apparently someone saw a Platypus investigating the water that was under the picnic area seats in Queanbeyan... Sulliva
  7. What do you think, chaps? Will the carp have shunted off the effects of the floods or does rain, mud, trees, cars and general bits of detritus in their habitat just make them more inquisitive? We're booked in to see how things are on the 22nd of this month, providing the lake is cleared safe to fish after the semi treated sewerage from Queanbeyan has sluiced through the Capital's biggest lake.
  8. Sometimes the morons can be entertaining. I've got lots of tips on how to prepare a wall for future graffiti just by quietly watching. Currently though, I prefer to fish within visual range of my car. In fact, if I could have a combination of the factors that I enjoy in Canberra, easy access to the lake, convenient parking, shade, lack of wind and a path for scantily clad fit young women to randomly ride and run past on, I think I'd pay a reasonable fee to go fish there even if there wasn't a guarantee of a stocked swim.
  9. I think if someone wants to promote their own fishery, good luck to them. They might go out of their way to grow some huge carp. It's worth paying for. I'm also in favour of angling clubs as Steve suggests. Clubs have a much better education mechanism for responsible behaviour and a better feedback system if something goes wrong. It's a group of likeminded people who can then pool their resources. I don't think anyone would allow a public waterway to be leased for a commercial paying fishery. England is quite different from Australia in terms of fishing access to streams that cro
  10. There is a link to the video at the top of the page. http://www.abc.net.au/landline/content/2010/s3065821.htm?site=melbourne Or you can just read the transcript.
  11. I'm very pleased with my new home made, other than the attachment/handle sliding system which will be replaced as soon as some delrin of the right size shows up. It is oversquare deep and we can now leave the fish in the water for photos, just by lifting the top of the net out of the water. It becomes a holding pen! The flat seam bottom supports them in a reasonably straight line and de-hooking is quick and straightforward. The shade cloth stays wet (a bit too much actually, at the end of the day), doesn't stick to the fish at all and has enough thickness to act as a protective layer
  12. It seems to have died down a bit in the last week or so. Full moon wasn't awesome and yesterday I sat around in the spot at Lake Ginnindera with very little happening. I had a savage short run and then what appeared to be a snag. A guy on a canoe offered to check it out and pulled it up with the line fluffed. Whatever it was, was sneaky. In four hours we banked three Koi. Two at virtually the same time. My fishing buddy's brother now has a koi pond.
  13. After a bit of thought, I obtained a snapper net from Kmart and some black shadecloth from Bunnings. The plastic joiner that connects the net loop with the sliding handle is getting replaced with something custom made. It looks like it's the fusible link in the entire setup. Solid delrin or alloy. We haven't decided yet. With a stapler to tack the net together prior to sewing, the netting goes together quite easily. Finishing the bottom was straightforward as well. Leaving it in an envelope edge ensures that the fish will line up easily with the bottom of the net. (Well, at least anyt
  14. I discovered an environet in Ray's Outdoors today. I see what you mean. The mesh is still reasonably big compared to the spines. This will mean some experimentation...
  15. I wondered why nobody else on the videos seemed to be having trouble with spine hookups. Sounds like regardless of what I get, I'm going to have trouble with the spines. At least two thirds of the carp I catch require untangling. It looks like the shadecloth net is a idea that I might have to experiment with. The second biggest problem is that if it's not the fish, it's the sinkers wrapping themselves through the netting. With millimetre size netting, the only thing that will snag up is the hook..
  16. My fishing buddy is an outstanding designer/machinist. My version of "home made" is significantly different and usually a lot better than "the real deal". I'd rather throw money at him.
  17. The market for safe carp gear in Oz is non existent. That's why there is a large replacement net for a triangle set up right next to me at the moment. I thought that I'd be able to use the fiberglass spars from a tent to spread it and get the spreader bars made up. Unfortunately, the tent spars aren't long enough. Looking at it though, the sides appear to be slightly smaller than the one we already have. The base is very fine mesh. It might come down to getting a huge open mouth one from the local supermarket and stitching shade cloth into it. At least I can make it to what I want. Th
  18. Well, I'll make the best of it. We've hit the same place since again and I scored my smallest carp ever. A micro at 350 grams. Things weren't so fast and furious but I got broken off on the strike three times. It was very unusual as the hooklink broke in the same place, about a cm underneath the top loop knot each time. Maybe some further analysis required. Today, I scored two mirrors. The first one looked like it was in a bad way. Covered in the irregular scales of a mirror, but they looked like chewed fingernails. Also it had red blotches all over it like someone had spent time sw
  19. My fishing buddy was so enthused with our night's poundage, he took his brother the next day and they seemed to be still on the boil. He convinced me that I should go back today as he'd peppered the area again with his own concoction of carp confectionery. We have always joked about nothing happening until at least three oclock, so I got to sit down and make some hooklinks. I'm a convert to those little sprung holders for $3.75 from Big W. It seems that some fish can't tell the time. At 2.45pm, my rod closest to the snags went off. It wasn't big, but seemed to be pretty fast.
  20. Well, hopefully, you guys were all out fishing last night and have tales to tell. Anybody? Now that I'm planning my fishing trips around the lunar cycle for serious nights out, I had the option to do some slightly more serious pre baiting on the selected area. I figured this time that I'd give the locale a serious distribution of the various intended baits in fine particulate form a day before, then come back at lunchtime the next day. This would be for a closer concentration of particulate and ground bait in the right area. Then of course, the normal high percentage of groundba
  21. Ah, dude. That's awesome! Was it close to that dark bronze in real life or is the camera giving it a colour cast? And can we have a line weight, bait used and fight report please if you're up to it?
  22. You spooked me a bit with that last post Chris. So when my 500 metres of 15lb braid turned up two days ago, I resurrected the trusty old Aero 6010 and decided to see how much of the spool it would hold. As it turns out.... All of it, filled just past the point of where I'd be happy with it. A few longer casts and retrieval under normal tension will settle it down perfectly. So if I've got the drag set to slip at about 5lb and say, a fish can spool 400 metres of line after a 100 meter cast, it's managed an output of 6560 foot / lb of energy. That's an equivalent of moving 6560lbs (2
  23. You're not going to believe this. There is a business that makes exactly what I want. Socks for rods. And they're called... rodsocks.com.au They're very reasonably priced and so I will obtain some for evaluational purposes.
  24. Ta. The tube is there for external protection when being transported. It's immeasurablely harder to shut a 90mm tube in the car door. They have their own individual wraps that prevent them banging together in the tube. I'm not real keen on these however. Currently I'm deciding between individually knitted tubes or a tool roll sort of internal liner.
  25. Maybe we need someone to start importing them as "Performance beach rods"? If you're going to pay 60 dollars for a Kmart beach rod anyway, why not have something decent for half again as much? Oh well. Finding ready made rod tubes for these rods is problematical. However, I now have solved that issue with a screw top 90mm PVC rod tube. It's sold as a kit with some self assembly required. It's amazing the number of self assembly kits you can find if you walk around for long enough at Bunnings..
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