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  1. Thursday saw four 12ft 2.75lb test curve rods turn up in Canberra, courtesy of UPS and a two for one special at a purveyor of fine fishing equipment in the UK. In case anyone is interested, even with the freight of 80 pounds to get them here, they worked out to be 94 dollars each. Absolute bargain. The first thing that caught my attention was the size of the guides. These mothers are HUGE. Well, the first one is anyway. Leaving this rod vertical will encourage large athletic men to try smashing a basketball through it. I wandered around some of the various tackle shops in Canbe
  2. Something that I forgot to mention. We stayed at our spot well into the darker hours because things tend to get a little more exciting from previous experience. A makita flouro torch hung in the branches behind us provides a surprising amount of light. Ledlenser HR7 head torches take care of any other requirements but we also have some very powerful LED hand torches. At about 7pm, a car drove down close by us and continued on. Then it stopped and reversed back. In the darkness someone got out stood by the car on the drivers side. We could also make out someone heading towards us with so
  3. Saturday gave me the first chance to use the fish finder under actual fishing conditions. But this is how we prepped the area anyway. Google Maps let me measure to the clear point in the weeds that I wanted to target and I know the landmarks which denote the arc. So arriving early let me measure backwards from our casting point with my 100 metre tape. I think I got it from Bunnings about five years ago for 20 dollars. Everyone needs a 100 metre tape. Particularly for those occasions when someone says "If we only knew how far..." In the twice that it's happened, I looked like the K
  4. Ah, so you HAVE visited the Gold Creek ponds at night before.....
  5. Well, you can turn them into something else.... Some home brand petroleum jelly made all the difference with the o-ring. Enough to moisten it and the sealing surfaces completely, saw the top screw in another full half turn until it seated the bottom of the cap. That should make a significant difference!
  6. I have always wanted to fiberglass a carved blue foam boat. I've been resisting making a bait boat for some time...It can't last though. Geeze Nails. They look rather interesting. I've not heard of any koi in any of the Canberra lakes, but if I manage to hook one, I think it's going to come home... Here's a quick snap of the wireless fish finder with a 20 cent coin for scale. This is demo mode The other issue that it has is that the screen polarisation is the first thing that I've ever seen that has NOT been designed to work with polarised sunglasses. It goes totall
  7. I've never had to source o-ring grease before. Thanks for that. I might take some test boilies and feed them to the koi. If any show preference... I'll stick to them.. I've actually considered taking a tiny carp home to put in the old fish tank for bait testing purposes..
  8. Ah. I haven't taken any photos of it yet, but it can be seen in reasonable detail here : http://ph.88db.com/Sports-Fitness/Hobbies-Recreation/ad-647529/ When I did the digging on it several weeks ago, I identified it as a product made by Phiradar which is of course, a chinese company. I just went back there to link you to the product sheet and .... they've got new models coming out which may be why there are so many of my model being available at cheap prices now.. Here's the new versions: http://www.phiradar.com/en/chanpin.asp?id=1065 http://www.phiradar.com/en/chanpin.asp
  9. Hmm. That's an option. That would be these here: http://maps.google.com.au/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&q=GOLD+Creek&sll=-35.190435,149.084065&sspn=0.000794,0.001333&ie=UTF8&t=h&radius=0.05&split=1&rq=1&ev=zi&hq=GOLD+Creek&hnear=&ll=-35.190248,149.084229&spn=0.000794,0.001333&z=20 It also has a minimum depth of about 60 cm or so, so that might upset things. So far, there is a problem with sealing it. If the slightest bit of water gets into it, it stops. So it is critical to ensure that the battery compartment is screwed
  10. I have a favourite website that seems to manage to suck money out of me in a most insidious way. Small cheap cool things at ridiculous prices. Worst of all, the price includes postage anywhere in the world. Lets just say that I can look at the tracks next to my mailbox and ascertain if I have a big or small or light and heavy parcel in there by the pattern and overlay of the wheel tracks. When the postie bike wheel tracks are deep on the approach path to the mailbox and shallower on the departure direction, I reckon that the postman has been earning his money up to that point. On
  11. I found some in Belconnen last weekend at the Compleat Angler. Apparently it's luminescent and exists in a couple of different forms.
  12. Yes. People forget about the accumlative pressure of winding nylon line onto forms. I haven't seen any modern reels damaged, but I have my suspicions about some of the ancient Alvey reels I've seen in sheds. Odd cracks. In my model glider days doing F3b and F3j, we'd regularly wind in 100 metres of stressed 200lb and above nylon line onto winches powered by car starter motors. The winch drums that were not solid metal failed quite rapidly. One made of 16 x 100mm x 10mm bolts was pulled into an hourglass shape. Ah, those were the days. Fishing is much cheaper. I'm yet to see 4000 do
  13. Mono packing would be great insurance and would be simple to do too.... I've just never considered it. I guess I've never had extra long spools of mono. When I decided that fishing on lighter gear was the way to go, I filled a spool up on my old aero baitrunner and then realised that 300 metres was going to drastically underfill the reel. So I packed it out with tape to bring it level with all the line on. I've just done it ever since. I think that it's worth swapping out though when a serious amount of 6lb and 10 pound presents itself.... as eventually happens..
  14. I'm looking forward to that day. No small spools here. I tend to buy braid in 300m spools and then split the length between my paired rods. I wind on the line, then tape over the spools with masking tape until I'm up just past the rim, then I take the tape off by winding it around a dowel, unwind the line with the electric drill back onto the plastic spool it came on, pack out the reel's spool with the masking tape as firmly as I'm game and then put the line back onto it. If you've allowed half a mil for compression, it generally works out perfectly. We've been modifying our drag w
  15. How much line do you reckon you've got on your spools? I'm thinking that I might be coming up short on the middle sized rods if I've only got 150 metres of 10 lb on them and I tangle with something on the other side of decent.. Mind you, the knees shaking is why I love light line fishing.
  16. Well, there is more than one reason to fish that creek. Canberra has a few advantages in that reasonable fishing is close to civilisation. It's purely coincidence that young fit ladies with a lycra fetish feel the need to demonstrate their firmness of body by parading it along the concrete catwalks that seem to bypass our fishing spots. We also get entertained at various venues by Dragon Boat teams, the aformentioned rowers, cyclists, skaters, joggers, dog walkers, skateboarders and occasionally wedding parties. My small binoculars only get used to check out the fashion sense of th
  17. Today was designated as a fishing day, so last night I went out to try the new spomb berley distribution device in an attempt to provide an enchanting environment for carp delectation. Light was fading as it does this time of year, but not before I got to witness the kind of splash that the spomb makes shortly before it does its underwater oyster vomit trick. It's more than the normal spod makes, but it's about twice as fat. I faffed a few lobs on purpose to see if I could make it fail to deliver it's load of tuna oil flavoured chicken pellets. Nope. Worked a treat every single t
  18. Prices for fishing and rod licenses don't exist here. You will need to pay in a commercial fishery, but they're few and far between. Carp ones don't exist at all. You'll need a license to fish in NSW. In fact, everywhere in Aus except the ACT requires one. 3 Days - $6.00 1 Month - $12.00 1 Year - $30.00 3 Years - $75.00 You can apply online https://www.licence.nsw.gov.au/gls_eservice/renewals/Application.aspx Here's what you should read for NSW in terms of regulations: It should get you started. http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fisheries/recreational/regulations
  19. When these fish are being tagged, are they being measured and weighed as well? It would be interesting to see what sort of fish these conditions are producing. I'm sure that the growth/weight charts might start looking odd towards the top end with short fatties like steve's first one showing up. That's more like 5 kilo length. And is there a running total on how often each number is caught? Nice work by the volunteers, too.
  20. Nice work! I'll be waiting for the footage on youtube!
  21. And once again, Nails' suggestion pays out. Bunnings do indeed sell the sausage guns. In three different types. The aluminium ones from China look to be capable of squirting out something the right size, so for $9.90, I'm going to see what happens.
  22. I got bored a few nights ago, so decided to whip up a simple 50/50 mix to test out the sequence. (the extra egg to make up five in a 16 ounce mix makes ALL the difference) Simple tools like a cheap electric beater vastly speed up the process and the one I have has dough hooks as well. This lets me use it far into the dark side of it's duty cycle when the mixture gets more than a brisk whisk. Rolling the mixture into sausages takes an incredible amount of time, compared to being able to squeeze them out in a ready sized extrusion. So nails, you're absolutely right. The sausage gun
  23. Oddly enough, the GDE has sped things up incredibly when it's not peak hour.. When it's four lanes all the way (one day) it will be awesome! The 26th was full moon and just for the hell of it, we went out again to see if there was any appreciable change. I was trying cheese and bread balls on two lines in the burleyed area and a curry boilie concoction on another in a seperate area. Things were pretty dead, but for the first time three water rats decided to keep us company. Normally they're pretty entertaining to watch and feed with various bits of bait but three of them togethe
  24. That's three very impressive scores! 1. Your line to fish weight ratio is over 1:4 2. It's a big mirror 3. You got a girl to come fishing with you and she touched a fish and posed for a photo!
  25. Actually no. But thanks for the lead! There are quite a few passionate fishermen at DFF. (I wonder if there are some passionate foresters?) A few years ago, I said literally one wrong word about where some info had come from, to the wrong person at a backyard barbeque on a Sunday. On Monday morning, an entire business unit in a Government Department had interviews with their Assistant Secretary to see who had been giving out their opinions. Handily enough, it was a comedy of errors situation and I found out about it third hand over twelve months later and put two and two togethe
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