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  1. wen im fishing the method feeder i clip up to the spot im fishing i cast 8 times to the same spot putting a bed of groundbait with micro pellets down then fish over the top with corn meat 8mm 6mm pellets or small 8mm 10mm popups i use 3 to 4 inch hair rig dont strike at the fish just pick up your rod and reel in thay r hooked
  2. this may help you http://www.carp.com/carp-forum/viewtopic.php?t=43878 http://www.carp.com/carp-forum/viewtopic.php?t=31581
  3. its celled barvexs syndicate i dont kno much about it there is a number on sign post as u past the pool
  4. http://idlersquest.blogspot.com/2011/03/out-of-their-sight-out-of-their-minds.html have read guys .a local part of the Coventry canal gets its fish took away eles where
  5. how much is it 2 do a 24hour here mate
  6. nice fish you landed there m8t
  7. yea i love fishing i just don't not smile lol as well as being tried
  8. ive been usein a net bag as i don't have unhooking mat thanks pal need 2 get 1 relly soon thuo as im hookin bigger carp
  9. started in the friday afternoon around 5pm fishing a little ghost carp first many hope 2 catch this 10 years time wen it weight 20lb or more nice little dark carp nice big head on this carp looked around 8lb to 10lb not sure my brother in law kyle with 8lb 14 oz i ask the fishery manager if he cud weight for us as he has scales with him a few night shots not the best me with a big common carp looked well over 10lb and gave me a hell of a fight played this carp for 30mins it kept takeing from my reel the drag was turned rite up stil it wud take line i finaly got it in the net YES
  10. andrewcrf88

    My new PB Common

    looks great . im going here very soon
  11. i ment to say i gona fish in the day if i can get a peg how much will it be do u have to pay more to fish 2rods
  12. doe's any one kno how much it is to fish
  13. i allways forget 2 take them off
  14. i had great day at Hoar Park Coarse Fishery 2 nice looking lakes not the biggest of fish but i had a great day
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