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  1. It's true that the mags do go over the same old ground time and again, however every now and again there will be a small tweak to a good method that's worth knowing about or a new product that sparks the imagination. Thats the only reason I buy Carpworld and Anglers mail every now and again. Also the point about the same people writing about the same tactics on the same lakes - couldn't agree more. When you think about it things are all too similar on this forum - the advice given is often the same regular contributors based on their own personal experiences. The difference being that the mags are open to covering the 1,000,000 th way to tie a pva bag, on here if you raise something that was once covered by the same old senior members back in 2003 you might be strung up and publicly shamed for daring to raise something that has already been covered. Controversial? Yes! Hipocritical? Yes especially as I do buy the mags and read the forums! Question - what motivates you to a) be online reading through this forum. or b) buy and read a fishing mag.
  2. Thanks for the tips fellas - will try a few of the ideas out and let you know how I get on. Did a short session this morning on a spot next to the wall where I have trickled some particle in. Caught a nice Koi of about 8lb, an 18lb common and some slimey slabs!! Still cant get my head round it though - the line is going straight down from the tip. Incidentally how far away from the spot would you guys fish it? The couple of spots I have fished so far I have been about 20 yards away but I have this picture in my head of the line cutting through the water and I am getting loads of liners. Incidentally there is no angling pressure to speak of just a few locals so potentially I could walk the rods 100 yards away or the other thing I was thinking is to have the line straight down the wall. What do you reckon?
  3. robeuston3011


    secret lake from the passion for angling programme "monster myths". or Redmire pool Both lakes I will probably never see yet alone fish - here's dreaming though. Good Question
  4. I normally cut a small grove in the back of 2 mixers then superglue to the back of a long shank hook. Rub some vasaline down about 6ft of the line and job done. most of my floater fishing is done right in the margin so I simply dunk the rig in water for a minute to absorb a bit of weight then cast with only the weight of mixer and hook.
  5. loads to go at pal - could you be more specific in terms of what your after. runs water? (cudmore, turners, gawesworth etc.) tough it out hunting down a big old brute? (Clifton, Chorlton, Sale) peace and tranquility? (nope can't think of a day ticket for this) bear in mind that in and around "Madchester" your going to find it hard to get everything in one venue. Having said that there are some good clubs you can join for not much more than the price of a dayticket !
  6. I would be tempted to heat a hard set honey up in a pan and drop your cubes of meat in for a good coating then back in the fridge until it sets. We used to fry and dye meat on the bank which worked great but never tried honey - be interested to hear your results.
  7. I agree with Kev that the less stress on the fish the better. Also because I am usually that elated about actually catching one I often need a moment to calm down and get everything straight especially when fishing on my own. However about 20 years ago the cat got our goldfish out of the tank and my mum found it half chewed on the floor the next morning - wrapped it in newspaper and went to bury it in the garden - upset she opened the paper up for one last look and thought she saw him flick. So back in the tank he went... sunk like a stone grew a mucus coating like you described and a day later started to swim about!!! Had a funny shape to him where the cat had hold but went on to live for another 12 years!!! What do you make of that? One tough old fish eh!!
  8. I have the same problem with the bug, even with the rubber at the top there is not enough pressure on the line to hold it in the slightest of winds. I am experimenting at the moment to see if I can whip some line on the clip to make it tighter without putting a bear in the line. Will let you know how I get on.
  9. 2 bits of red tape on your rod 1ft apart job done.
  10. might sound a bit mad but you could try fishing razor tight lines across as much of the water as possible. Idea being to pick up liners and figure out where they might be.. then put bait in and see what you catch - hopefully not bream!!
  11. if your looosing fish potentially because of the clutch you need to think about how your playing the fish. clutch or backwind - if clutch then just below breaking is far too tight. Years ago we used to use a rig with a 1lb dacron link with powergum - the idea was that the link breaks and you use the cushion of the powergum to help play the fish. You would be surprised how many times the link did not break even with mid doubles. hence not even enogh pressure to break a 1lb link.
  12. Get to ASDA - 2kg chick pea, 2kg black eyed bean and 2kg mung beans. soak 24hrs, add salt and sugar and boil for 20 - 30 min. for less than a tenner you will have a ton of bait to trickle in. I am doing the same at a new lake and having some good results so far. Having said that I did fish 5 short sessions with just pva bags in different areas of the lake until I found the fish holding spots.
  13. I have fished loads of silty waters round cheshire but my favourite was a venue that had 6ft deep silt 2ft water in a bay that could only be fished from 1 peg, in true style the fish were typically in the far margin at 100 yards range. Anyway as I didn't have a bait boat so my prefered route was a merlin multistrand combi rig about 10" with a length of pole elastic tied to the merlin and coiled into a section of wide tubing at the swivel end rig length about 8" - this creates a bungee effect. I would then use a nash double thick pva bag with 8 baits and lick and sick on the knot of the merlin and multistrand. The idea was to blast the whole thing down to the margin feather down then let the rig drop and pull back about a foot. This lets the rig settle on the top with the lead sunk in a bit and the bungee primed to set the hook. In 2 years fishing 3-4 hour sessions I can count the blanks on one hand
  14. Thanks mate - zig seems really popular at the moment, in all the mags etc. I have used a adjustable zig on every session so far changing depth ever hour and not had a sniff. At the same time I have had a bottom bait that has produced 2 fish on the hottest day of the year!! how do you typically use a zig? what depth do you reckon in this big hole in the ground!!
  15. Anyone have any experience of fishing lakes with mega deep margins? One lake I fish at the moment is 24ft deep square hole in the ground of about 20 acres, not pretty but holds big fish, with hardly any angling pressure. The margin seems to be the place that produces for the locals but I need some help with 2 things: 1, how would you fish in this depth of water? 2, I am thinking of trickling some particle into a few spots 3 times a week - is this wise?
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