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  1. Lets see, your water level is dropping and the fish aren't biting as much. Well if you think about it. The fishes enviornment is changing. Lets say if one day if was a nice 70 degrees. Then the next day it went to 105, you would change. The fish are changing and adjusting to the water level. Know what I mean?
  2. Also, i read that people are fishing "The Method", what is "The Method"?
  3. Hi, I was looking at the Pescaviva creams and it said they did good in ground bait recipes. I know what ground bait is but do not know how to make it. Can someone give me a simple recipe to try. Thanks
  4. Ah, you saw that... shame it died but overall it was a good fish. My belief about the lake I caught that out of is there are bigger ones. Because the carp in our lake come in the coachella canal which holds big cats and carp. I think there are probably bigger ones out there. The only reason it died is we hooked it so deep and the battle was so long that by the time we got it to the bank my dad said it wouldn't live. But I do think there are bigger fish than that out there so come on down. Also could you tell me how to prepare maize I have use sweet corn but the perch drive us nuts.
  5. I don't live in Europe I live in California.
  6. I know there are many categories of bait like boilies, particles, doughballs. Can someone tell me which categories are most used?
  7. How do you tell what flavours are oil and which are alcohol?
  8. Click this link and this website will explain everything. http://www.boilie.co.uk/html/making_boilies.html
  9. I recenltly read that you should fish certain boilie flavours during certain parts of the year because some have high oils. Can someone tell me which flavours to fish in winter and which to fish in summer?
  10. If you did not read what I posted above Fox Tackle said that rolling tables were for making sasuages and rolaballs were for making the sasuages into little balls.
  11. Does anyone know of any good lakes in southern California to fish in?
  12. My first question is what exactly is scopex. My second question is what are some of the best flavorings? Does flavoring matter for summer and winter? Can anyone suggest a simple base mix? Should a sweetner alwasy be used?
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