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  1. Leadcore short lengths

    heya Richard, your inline setup should really be minimalistic, just two items are required for the rig to work perfectly, lead and swivel as anything else is personal. leads @ 2oz are the norm for me and this should be coupled with a #8 large ring swivel. pass mainline thru lead sleeve and tie off with your knot of choice leaving a 15-20mm snag end, the snag end is tucked into the lead then followed by the swivel to act as a tell tail. if needed the rig can be set up thus, first a length of tube to suit your set up/lake, then tail rubber pushed into the tubing (can be glued but only here), thread lead insert thru lead and onto line and add your swivel, seat tail rubber onto insert and fit hooklink, you will see that the whole rig from the swivel up will slide up the line under its own weight so in the event of a snap off the mainline will just slide free and dump the lead. that is the way i have done it for years and i have never tethered a fish.
  2. Leadcore short lengths

    never having used a leader i would ask, is the extra 5lb Bs worth the hassle of the extra knots needed to attach your leader?
  3. these are what you want bud, just check out the price Vs the carp tax ones http://www.defendapack.com/packaging_protection_and_void_fill i just wait for the postie to bring me free ones every week
  4. hi Kwoui and welcome, our style carp tackle is as rare as hens teeth over there but if you look at Ebay uk you can find all the pukka gear and at the right price too. this is the style that is widely used over here and at ten for £9.99 or if you prefer $13.34c. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10-X-MOD-INLINE-CAGE-METHOD-FEEDERS-FOR-MATCH-CARP-FISHING-/162548643449?var=&hash=item25d8a77679:m:mFy7ZKKpEdixKExS_zBdQPQ happy carping
  5. builders van

    drove a long w/b hi-top crafter van for a couple of years and my only complaints were the skin was a tad thin and dented fairly easy and it was so comfy (like a car) that i was a little reluctant to get out and unload after a long trip lol. hyundai do a nice van too, its the i-load/i800, looks good and they do a crew van too. 6 seats and 2.4 cu mtr load or 4.5cu mtr in the standard van.
  6. What is your newest purchase

    now look, you made me fill up with tears
  7. yep!! i reccon i have got near enough a lifetime supply and all for nothing that is a useful bit of useless info Yonny, i let one dissolve on my tongue once and wondered why it left a floury aftertaste
  8. What is your newest purchase

    oooh!! cormorants and otters?? love em. i will be down with me bino's and the extended fam for a spotters party, loads of beer and barbie grub and music to sooth any old rockers soul. pop round for a beer if your there Ian, missus can come too as long as she dont hog the comfy seat
  9. my wife does a lot of product testing and so we get a lot of parcels delivered, (bear with me here cos here comes the best bit) some of these parcels are packed with pva nuggets and guess what!! they are multi coloured, they are just the right size (40mmx10mm), they melt off fast (last week timed to under 20 seconds) and best of all they are free, free, FREE i tell you
  10. well, i have been on this thread for over 30 mins. just sitting internally debating the ethics of the competition and how it scores (i did vote btw) and also the type of person who would leave such an ill considered reply as one of our 'long standing' members did above. i voted with very mixed feelings, for one i do not agree with the way the competition is scored as it seems that the pushier the parents then the more chance of a hollow victory for the child as was pointed out by the afore mentioned member,,,BUT!! and that is a very big but, when dealing with a child who is not only an exceptional angler in his own right who also is on the Autism spectrum, a whole different set of principles HAVE to be considered as some more informed members on here are aware. children with these abilities can get in a blue funk for WEEKS just purely at the thought of failing. children with these abilities can be susceptible to long periods of anger/depression or even self harm if they even get the feeling that they have done wrong and i have to say that the ill conceived post above could be just enough to tip the scales for someone who was already at an emotional high if they were allowed to see it. i will finish with just two comments, 1) i did vote but only because Mathew is such a talented angler and will need all the encouragement that he can get if he is to go as far as he possibly can in this sport. 2) and Phill, get a grip on your self righteousness, your slip is showing 3) nice one dad, keep standing at his shoulder as he will need all the help and support he can get as you well know, best of luck and have fun on here
  11. Ouch!!

    OOOoooohhh!!! did you get MUGGA'd sorry for laughing,,,,, no, really!! (titter)
  12. Bailiffs

    this post may be just a tad off topic but it do need saying, whilst i and many others would agree that this is a pretty open and popular forum it is also a place where personal views get aired every day. just flicking back a week will highlight posts that are a LOT more controversial, such as the need for intelligent adult supervision when letting your youngster out on the bank with fishing tackle, after all would you let your kids go play with what can be compared to a loaded shotgun? my personal thoughts on the OP are that personally i just would not fish that spot, that would be my choice but only because i like my bivvy door to be no more than 6ft away from my rod butts and that is a feature that ALWAYS dictates my fishing. other than that i would not see a problem with fishing that spot at that distance on a short session as long as i was fishing the margin.
  13. Bailiffs

    i do believe that the rules state 3mtrs max between your rod butts, no mention of an actual distance from your rods tho, just states " It’s illegal to leave a rod and line in the water unattended or over which you don’t have sufficient control ". i have only come up against the 20ft rule where it was applied by the club, and club bailiffs? Pfffftttt!! most clubs in my experience (unless specifically carp orientated) are headed by the old and decrepit, every club i have looked at in my area have a stipulation that committee members have to be members for at least 10 years before being considered for a position on T't committee and 15 for a chair position and ALL members shall act as club bailiffs, as i said, club bailiffs? Pffftttt!! only ever got asked for my license once by an EA bailiff and that was when HE was fishing and i was just scoping out the water, i showed him mine and then asked to see his. he replied that i dont have the authority to ask as he had showed me his EA Id but as i pointed out, if he didnt show then i was well within the law to assume that he was poaching and as there was a cop shop nearby it would be a matter of minutes to fetch a bobby who WOULD have the authority, called me very much 'up front' or sommat that sounded like that
  14. Sharpening hooks?

    dont bother with any of the 'carp taxed' stuff as most of it is just a rip off, for diamond files go to your local Aldi and pick these up for £4.99 in that pack you have every shape file you will ever need, i have owned those for over 3 years so far and no sign of wear. for a vice i have this, available on eBay for under a tenner and again i have had mine for 3+ years, pays to shop around Bud. https://www.ebay.com/p//1377666334?iid=381299930964
  15. Scales

    they actually look good Hutch, Problem is i have a thing about not taking batteries out and when it can go as long as 12 months inbetween uses then that can do some damage, hence my need for analogue