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  1. not a fan of leaders, 15lb mono straight thru
  2. cyborx

    Pva nuggets

    it was thru watching Jules that i got into the habit of using two colours, then you know that both pieces have come off
  3. cyborx

    Pva nuggets

    hey Davey(with a lot of Y's) my better half is a product tester and we get shed loads of nuggets, i have used them for donks but what i do is cut them down the middle and use them to slow my hook descent down so it trails behind the lead without wrapping, helps with the hook lay too. they pop up to the surface within seconds so i have no worries about them masking the point either. one word of warning tho, some DO seem to take an age to melt, particularly the coloured ones so take a sample from a batch and do a tank test then stick to the ones that work best for you
  4. cyborx


    too much bovril buddy, addled his brains
  5. cyborx

    Mortimer and Whitehouse Go Fishing

    brilliant intro to the forum HV
  6. cyborx


    welcome aboard stoney
  7. cyborx

    August catch reports.....

    haha!! never mind the little one, look at the smile on the hairy ones face keep on keeping on bud and he will get there oh yeh!! and welcome too the forum
  8. for me, it was the weight, carbon VS glass? no brainer.
  9. cyborx

    bigger baits!

    almost every boilie producer will do 24mm, nash, CC moore, active, cherry carp, A2, hot demon, Mainline, Stickie, all comes down to what you want from it and how much
  10. cyborx


    i once knew a Leila, not one bit carpy but could trout pout like a champion
  11. cyborx

    Marker rod uses

    welcome to the forum Ryder i use a set of 3 fox warriors of which one was sold as a dedicated marker rod, two main at 2.75 Tc and the marker is 3.25 Tc, believe me when i say that marker rod is always used as my distance rod, i can chuck between 75-100 yds with the 2.75s without trying and that is usually about my range for fishing accurately but then when i have set my traps the marker rod gets pub chucked at a distant feature (just for luck ;)) and 150+ is nowt,, saying that it shed an eye ring last weekend as the braid frapped round the eye and i had a loaded spomb on at the time, nearly wrenched the damn rod out of my hands when it locked up
  12. cyborx

    Etand De MIMI

    think you might find that advice to be a tad late bet he went
  13. cyborx

    Ricky Bowles

    heya!! welcome to the forum Rick, only thing i can find is , yes night fishing allowed to campers/caravaners/residents and you have to phone up for rules,,, TBH i dont think they have many because it is run by big holliday business 'parkhollidays', good luck and dont forget to post what you find out cos im always on the look out for touring spots with a lake
  14. cyborx

    Do I go on Tuesday or not????

    me mate, i have been known to go just for BC's suggested kip in the shade, just being there is enough to put my mind straight
  15. cyborx

    just nice

    Sitting outside with a cider looking at this 😊