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  1. sorry, you obviously didnt see that bit of irony coming
  2. yeh!! nick got angry and removed it
  3. my only thoughts on that Deano are that they are the club/water rules and they are there to be obeyed no matter what. i have always said that "if you dont like the rules then move on" there are plenty more waters around and when the club/pool start to wonder where their custom has gone then they may revise the rules to suit you better. my comment is not meant to denigrate you in any way, it just means that you will never change the point of view of a blind biggoted monkey and unfortunately they are the type of idiot who form most 'committees' where ever you go, you always get the strong willed one and the nine sheep who will ban things willy nilly on the ones say so and just so he can feel important cos all the members have to follow his ruling/edict.
  4. admin, i am 64 years old, i am that cranky that if a match dont light first strike i throw a wobbly and buy a lighter what chance do you think i have messing about with something that wernt broke last week? i have been fishing for longer than we have had internet and i havent changed the way i fish much in that time so i cant see me changing the way i chat about it to my mates very much either. AND the damned smileys have changed too
  5. what the hell is going on here? just clicked my browser back button as there is no longer a back to top button (Grrrr!) to find there is now a 'latest activity' button that instead of listing various threads lists at most two threads with the latest comments, comments that you have probably just read on the thread!!!!! how damned stupid is that? c'mon admin! i can see a mass exodus coming on. there are other easier to use forums out there
  6. main reason i have been unproductive is , i severely dislike the new format. cant actually see why the change unless it was a cost thing, at one time i would visit at 09.30 click on 'new content' and still be on in the middle of the afternoon, now if i am on for ten mins i feel wound up and just go. on that note
  7. i know that and i switched emails off cos i hate the damned things a few niggles i have noticed tho are. 1) no 'back to top' button 2) no space between 'location' and town name under the avatar pic 3) no obvious connection between notification and post quoted 4) there will probably be more
  8. ?
  9. you
  10. are
  11. nope!!
  12. looks blurred to me too bud, but i know my eyes are gone
  13. nevermind CM, you need to go back and reduce your avatar now cos that hook hanging in from the side is doin me ed boiy er!! where has the 'back to top' button gone???