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  1. hi! and welcome to the forum buddy, i personally would use Bee Propolis, its a resin that the Honey Bee produces by mixing tree resin with a bit of wax and honey, it has excelent anti bac and microbial properties and forms a wax skin over the applied area. other options are produced by all the main tackle manufacturers such as Nash carp care kit and Korda medi kit but are significantly more expensive, propolis 30g plus half a doz qtips costs less than £5 ( holland and barrett) and (with a top up of Qtips occasionally) will last all season, trade medikits cost Circa £15 for the same amount.
  2. well, heres a novel thought!! why dont you get yourself a fly rod and use them as they were intended? dont mean to sound condescending C9 but just saying, when the carp are on top i have some of the best action ever on the fly rod (and it dont take long to learn) you only need to flick the fly out 30ft or so for some of the most exciting fishing you will ever do.
  3. after reading this thread thru i am in tears, we are doomed. DOOMED I TELL YOU!!! roll on may (the social not theresa)
  4. OO OOH you have sold me, i think im gonna get one oh yeh, i already do hahaha!! gotta agree tho, two wideboys and all your kit too lol
  5. do you unzip the front to give you even more room? i reccon you get almost half a meter more that way lol
  6. +1 for the hurricane 2 man, a little on the heavy side to haul to the bank but well worth the effort, i also have a wideguy bed and could still hold a disco in it
  7. trouble is crusian they are like a pair yfronts, ones the elastic and the other cups yr balls, both support you in different ways
  8. could get loads of sec hand bargains on here but for one thing,, selling aint allowed hahaha!!
  9. just about to pop out for a couple of hours with my son, just a short one to see how he copes with the pressure of carp angling live (he has been practicing on a fishing game on his tablet) oh and my first trip to the bank since oct 16
  10. Oi Oi keeno, you cant mention the 'A' word on here, the chaps who are merrily ripping the cats apart are only on a learning curve. hopefully there will EVENTUALLY be some pretty decent cat anglers come out of it (if the cats survive that is) so in the meantime would you please refrain from calling for the return of the angling apprentice? YOU JUST MAY OFFEND SOME ONE
  11. hahaha!! willbecarpin COME ON DOWN!!! welcome to the nuthouse
  12. i still need some bits if that helps bud
  13. personally i really cant see the need for any fishing related technology other than the basic kit required to put one in the net. i am in reality a camper who fishes, i set my bivvy up for comfort and ease of use so that i can get the kettle on as soon as i decide i want a cuppa. most of my trips to the bank (after the initial scout round) consist of sitting just soaking in the environs, lapping up the peace and quiet that you can never find elsewhere, sitting out in the early hours just listening to the water and star gazing. if my buzzer goes off then 'bonus' i have a job to do in reeling in the daft bug ger that tried to pinch me bait and kissing its boo boo better before sending it lovingly home. WHY THE HELL WOULD I WELCOME NEVERMIND RELISH NODDIES BELTING THEIR BOATS UP AND DOWN THE LAKE??? TBH if anyone trolled a bait boat across my swim i would do my best to land a lead on it and the biggest one in my tackle box
  14. i can only say two things to this, how do you feel about self drive cars? what would you say if some enterprising idiot invented a homing football and the FA approved it for use in premier league games?
  15. i would love to be able to rock up to a lake and fish with just a mixer on a hook just freelined out everytime i went, if i could fish that way all year round i would be the happiest noddy in the world for two reasons only. 1) minimalistic fishing is what i love 2) it would mean the fish were on/near the top and so it would follow that the weather was warm all year round you are going to get techies in all walks of life and carp fishing is never going to be an exception, quite the opposite as there are more opportunities to computerize your carp tackle than any other type of fishing. just imagine an IT specialist sitting twiddling his thumbs watching a mixer drift peacefully around? he will eventually create an app to watch the mixer for him. you aint neva gonna stop progress!!