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  1. mine arrived at about 7.30, opened it to find this
  2. Wronguns

    ???? 😕 😕
  3. What is your newest purchase

    had to check the posting date on your other post,, both sharpie and dal in one post and dal not been seen since xmas 16 lol
  4. Wronguns

    i would pm frank, seems to know his stuff where differing breeds originate
  5. just purchased, £5.85 Amazon
  6. Thought for the day.

    after extensive reading on the subject it transpires that the TOTAL yearly cull figure is decided by Natural England (an independent body of cat loving do gooder lefties) who do a head count and then decide how many they are prepared to lose year on year, you have to tell them how many you are going to cull and after a bit of negotiation (where the threat to withdraw your license tends to curb your enthusiasm) your cull is knocked off the available total. this only applies to over wintering pairs and from 2004 to 2010 was an average of 1395 roughly equal to 10% of the population, for some strange reason this figure jumped to almost double (2596) in 2011. the effect of culling in the uk tho? winter population from 1998-2002 was 8,355 breeding pairs, 2004-2009 18,000. i would say that the 2004-2009 boom was about the time that the cormorant presence started to really impact on fisheries, at the moment there is a guestimate of C38,000 breeding pairs on the uk inland waters,, culling? not working while you have people involved who are not affected by the flying rats.
  7. Dropping leads and it's impacts

    haha!! just read all the ducking and diving on here ref the pallatrax stonez and had a good larf. the vid was posted presumably to refute what people were saying, I.E. "you cannot cast any distance casts with pallatrax stonez". nailed it for me,,, pallatrax stonez can be cast 140 yards, end of. i dont recall any mention of 'your average joe' or 'gotta have proper distance rods' or 'hitting the mark consistently' and yet all this and more has been brought up as 'proof' that it cant be done,, why? all talk like this does is put people who COULD use them off using them because they are reading comments by people who should know better. my finding is this, stonez are a workable replacement for lead weights but be warned,,,if you want to yark em over the horizon you will need to spend a grand on ancilliary equipment and casting coaching. sensible use is advised
  8. Carp Syndicate

    now i am confused, after visiting their facebook page and going for a long walk and a chat with the lads on there, i was informed that the stock ran into the hundreds and included various 20s, 30s and at least one regular 40lber so my £100 dep went in. are you seriously saying that numbers have been massaged and a little false advertising is going on? btw, not saying that your wrong but looking for confirmation about stock before withdrawing from the list. unfortunately i would too
  9. Nash - Cultured Hookbait

    jelly tots are a killer but dont spread it around cos old K N will be bangin out 10p packets of Haribo for £15 and getting away with it too
  10. Nash - Cultured Hookbait

    frankly yes but then they would be an overpriced ripoff
  11. Nash - Cultured Hookbait

    gotta agree with that sentiment, wasnt trying to knock yours in any way tho, just surprised that nash can take an idea thats already on the bank and make it their own then charge the earth for it,,, and pull it off too 👿
  12. Nash - Cultured Hookbait

    one year i spent the whole summer taking them off the top while using anything but normal baits, i used strawberries, blackberries, chewing gum, rabbit poo, malteesers, ciggie filters and mini mallows to name a few. they all caught but the malteesers and mallows were the most prolific, who knew carp had a sweet tooth eh!!
  13. Nash - Cultured Hookbait

    not really Phil, in fact its a nice looking mirror and not a blemish on it. as good as some of the fish that i had last year without an overpriced boilie, but that is my point.
  14. Nash - Cultured Hookbait

    ooooh! £18 for 35??? sorry bud but that smacks of desperation to me 🙁