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  1. The Cheating Thread

    haha!! sorry bud, the old skool was a reference to the lack of tech as you say about goog maps, and not a ref to your age
  2. The Cheating Thread

    welcome to the forum RB, old skool angler eh? dying breed
  3. What is your newest purchase

    i just ordered twelve at a fantastic discount of 25% in blue to match my maver waterproofs
  4. Unknown Venues, do they still exist?

    s'ok bud, you got there in the end
  5. Unknown Venues, do they still exist?

    there are quite a few unfished and well stocked waters around me, just look on goog and they jump out at ya, i know at least one that you take your life in your hands to fish and not cos the locals but the ratties, they grow as big as cats and will have your shoe off as you step over the fence. there is more litter than your local council dump cos its behind an american takeaway but it has some absolutely mint fish, i stood feeding them bread flake one warm day last year and there were mostly large Koi, ghosties, and other ornamentals, golden tench and such, there was even a fan tailed golden koi. nothing above 12-15lb but still not worth the risk. we have chillington hall too, cant find any word about a club with rights since the 60s but was told by an old timer who lives local that the best thing to do is stay clear as they dont like 'guests' he reccons when he were a lad the keeper caught him by the lake and locked him up in a cellar for a day and a half to teach him not to come back
  6. Unknown Venues, do they still exist?

    that wouldnt be the one behind a certain infamous take away would it buddy?
  7. The Cheating Thread

    my last club gave a gamekeep membership at half rates on the proviso that he kept the rat population down in his spare time, he once said to me 'an otter looks just like a rat if you look quick out the corner of your eyes while blinking', we never had otters
  8. What is your newest purchase

    wots this, no bed and bag??? 😱 he ripped you off bud 😂 😂 😂 nice one
  9. The Cheating Thread

    and THAT is why i insisted on driving to the south of france the last two years, instead of the instant gratification of flying there in two hours
  10. The Cheating Thread

    now thats what i call a red letter day 😂 😂 😂
  11. Warwickshire Avon

    if your salford priors way have you tried the Arrow? there are some really tasty looking stretches alongside the bypass. i fished the upper stretches once but it was too fast a current for me cos i prefer a nice sluggish flow but there has got to be some lumps of one species or other
  12. Warwickshire Avon

    i used to fish a stretch just out of the town center a few years ago and did quite well on maggots, boilies and luncheon meat. i parked at the hampton ferry car park and walked up the bank to the left (back toward town), the section just before the bend for a couple of hundred yards was the most prolific. i found a few holes (barbel and chubb) and a few area's of pads (carp) that were good, my pb's on that stretch were 9lb 5oz barbel, 17lb 3oz pike, 4lb 0oz chubb and 21lb 6oz common, and the biggest surprise was a 6lb 3oz golden tench. terminal tackle used was open end feeder stopped with bread and filled with mags and meat cubes with a cube topped with a couple of wrigglers on the hook and method filled with my own spicy groundbait and boilie crumb with a 10mm tight to a size 10 mugga. so as long as your not trying to break any records should be quite an eye opener
  13. Thought for the day.

    hi and welcome to the forum muftyboy2, we had someone else by that name but frankly he was a bit of a nutter. ho hum, what else can i say,,, oh yeh hi, and welc,,,oh! done that 😂 😂 😂
  14. Catching at night.

    liked the first one better
  15. Catching at night.

    dont that third rod get a tad messy vic??