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  1. carp were being raised for the table in places like the byzantine empire since antiquity (before records began) and the habit was taken to rome when they conquered it and thence to most of europe but it wasnt until the mid 1300s that it was seen as a replacement for pike and bream and so took off big time. Not the first time that carp grabbed mans attention, nor the last lol Doubtless there are other records but this is the only one I know of. heres a good read for you Buzz, titled 'the early history of the carp and its economic significance in England' by no means the earliest reference to carp in England but the most informative i can find just found the excerpt below on on the history of carp fishing uk ~ The introduction of carp to England and Wales began as early as the 1300’s when carp were imported from mainland Europe and reared in stew ponds.
  2. the thing is phil, carp have been imported into Britain to be bred in stew ponds for food since the 1350s. some of these would have escaped thru flooding or rescued by peasants to be bred in secret pools for the table and overlooked or just kept as a novelty by the upper inbreeds then loosed into nature as they moved onto other things. some descendants of that original stock should still be around today, now THAT is what i would call a native fish
  3. well, apparently not, according to frank anyway. i for one would bow to his widely acclaimed knowledge of all things carpy on the 28/07/2011 levispg said plus, a little light reading shows that Donald Leney stocked redmire with fish between 5" & 8" in length that were bred on by himself from breed stock he bought from holland hereforto known as Leneys. i may be wrong
  4. just say the word steve
  5. that fish would make me very happy today bud, i aint been out for 6 months
  6. I would apply immigration rules to that question nige, i.e. that fish would never be true English but its offspring would. it has been that way since the beginning of the great exodus that populated the world and is the only fair way of seeing it IMO.
  7. personally i would have gone with Vic's suggestion bud,( ) half the price and twice as good plus it is all natural too. throw in a tub of cotton buds and you are set for the next year at least, unless you happen to hook a load of carp with injuries
  8. oh c'mon you old reprobate, NO one loves you THAT much
  9. soon bud, soon
  10. or oyster sauce
  11. next week or so and the kits coming out of the shed, cherry blossom is showing and my border shrubs are budding. i have also had four posts on F/B from different lakes warning about the rise in temps and of the possible return of KHV, actually asking readers to be aware and warning that anglers with wet nets/mats will be turned away.
  12. KHV

    Being a bit of a maveric and not really bothered what others think of me i would grab up the ticket and fish the syndie, once you are in you are in. a complex near to me had an outbreak last year and they lost some good fish but they now have the all clear and they have a recovery plan in motion, the fish stocks look all good and are thriving now one year on. the one thing that will allow me to take this route is I HAVE A COMPLETE SET OF SPARE KIT!!! including bivvy and cook sets and that would allow me to keep my newer set for angling else where, one good reason for not giving your old stuff away y'know! if i wanted my smileys to revert to the written word after posting then i wouldnt go to the trouble of creating a smiley. I WOULD JUST WRITE 'WINK' MYSELF!!!
  13. hahaha!! yeh frank, i met the wives of two of them in the park the other day and they were telling me that as they sat feeding the ducks a streaker shot by. the younger of the two said "christ, i nearly had a stroke" the other said" you should have been faster, i managed it"
  14. yes, the requirement to possess a fishing licence is covered by an act of parliament BUT!!! and heres the thing, possession of aforementioned licence allows you to comply with the BYLAWS that cover the waters that you intend fishing. according to most bylaws it is an offence to place a baited hook where it may deprive the waters owners of stock or revenue (whether you intend to keep any fish or not) but the possession of a licence entitles you to negate this offence as long as you have the owners permission. in a nutshell, no licience = poaching = criminal act = GET A GOD DAMNED LICIENCE!!!!
  15. no custodial as its a civic offence and not criminal but that in no way entitles you to fish without one. heres a quick summary of something i read a few years ago: even if you own a piece of land, fence it off so the public cannot trespass over it, dig a hole and let it fill with water, put a few plants around it and stock it with fish. if you then sit by this pool with a rod in your hand you can be fined if you have no licence. you own the land, the hole, the plants, the fish but strangely enough NOT THE RIGHT TO ANGLE FOR THEM!!! if you are walking back home from a boot sale with a rod that you just bought, it didnt have a sleeve so you got it for pennies and you just sling it over the shoulder and take a shortcut home along the canal. if you get stopped by mr EA and dont have a licence YOU ARE BREAKING THE LAW. if you need to ask why you need a licence YOU NEED TO BUY ONE. if you intend to fish without one just dont brag about it on here cos friends you wont make, and very quickly too