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  1. bishops bowl lakes at bishops ichington not far down the road from you Dog lane lakes at Napton again not many miles away have fished both on many occasions and if you go bishops then try the smaller lakes first as they are the best to start off, i did white bishop and walworth before moving onto mitre pool. white bishop is a runs water, long and narrow with a depth of max 6ft and in contrast mitre is a pit that goes down to over 50ft in places but has a shelf from 1-2ft at the bank to about 11ft depth at 15-25ft out, any further and you need waders dog lane, when i went the best pool was widgeon lake but my mate who still goes says that they have had a change round and grebe now has carp to 40lb. both good waters and both within 20min drive.
  2. and FYI i am a carp baron, thats a kind of lord init? havn't got the T shirt but i do wear my best shell suit on the bank (the camo one)
  3. now that even my wife agreed with, cant get better acknowledgement than that. we have truly missed your righteous input my friend
  4. sooo!! i am out on the bank on friday as a birthday treat and clare said ''you can go thursday and stop overnight if you like, unless you prefer to wake up next to me''. WHAT THE HELL IS A MAN SUPPOSED TO DO?? serious suggestions only please ps, i know you have read this babe
  5. varies from $269 in january to $818 peak season may to october, that is for a single angler for 1 week including b/fast and evening meal, that and full lake booking are the only deal on offer.
  6. not yet, too soon.
  7. cant comment as i will probably swear but on the flip side, welcome to the place of many answers Mo.
  8. yep!! poor poor soul
  9. NOW its gone off topic a tad
  10. haha!! you spelt that wrong, its sykedick
  11. no one has bud, you have to focus on the positives. buy now, sell just after xmas and double your money. you need to invest on at least 1000 shares if your going short term but if its a retirement thing and you have the time then half that and keep an eye on the market. move your cash around and buy short sell long as they say, i reccon if you buy 1000 of these and watch then you will double your money by feb, thats an extra 670 squid in yer pocket
  12. what makes you think that??
  13. be worth picking up 1000 of those then!! ta for the tip fella closed down 2p to 67p
  14. strangely enough, my old fishing buddy would often wear a sunflower yellow tee shirt, every time he wore anything else he would blank, also if i was stalking he would come up to me stomping and shouting hey you caught anything yet? he had the stalking ability of a chieftain tank but the yellow shirt worked for him. go figure
  15. oh yeh!! i had to squint to see her, that camo dress is brill