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  1. cyborx

    Gardner tackle suspender float.

    have a read of this bud, goes in depth a little
  2. cyborx

    how it used to be ;)

    a step back in time for the purists out there Ooh Look
  3. cyborx


    i believe i am right in thinking Barbie is a Blonde?
  4. cyborx

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    me too Ian, i have just fired off an email to Sensas saying as much and asking for an explanation. see what (if anything) comes back
  5. cyborx

    Would you rather........

    well now! given the info you have posted Yonny, it would be a no brainer. i would take the pool where the local cowboys were herding the carp into a quiet area while they threshed the pool to foam. personally i like to be somewhere quiet with maybe just a couple of other anglers but as you say, that can be detrimental to your fishing so in all it totally depends on what you want out of your day on the day.
  6. cyborx

    Baylis pools shifnal

    seems to have dropped off the map bud but hey ho!! welcome to the forum mitch, telford is a bit out of my area but i did find this post with a few alternatives for you. again its a bit old but should still be good. tight lines, Jon
  7. cyborx

    A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    gutted for you Gaz, had many similar experiences myself but none of them have prompted such an outpouring of angst as yours bud. must be worse reading about someone elses let downs than my usual shrug, grunt and move on
  8. i have to admit that the pole in the wrong hands can and quite often is bad for the carp, but the qualifier is 'in the wrong hands' if a match is arranged on a water known to hold carp in the doubles then most of the fault for damaged fish is down to the event organizer. as most of you know, i often use the pole (among other methods) for surface fishing for carp and yes it can get hairy but no more than on a rod if you know what you are doing. for one thing Nick, the pull on a large fish should NEVER be up unless you are filling the net with carpy goodness, i personally ship in two sections then drop the tip under the surface, this not only exerts the pull to the front side or rear (whichever way the carp is pulling) but also aids the elastic to behave more like a flexible line. while landing fish up to low 20s i have only ever lost one and that was a ghostie who TBH was too close to an overhanging bramble. my set up is an 11mtr Leda Assassin carp with #14 elastic and 4ft of 8lb bottom to a #10 wide gape barbless, this ensures that the bottom is way weaker than the main as it should be and given the flexibility of the main and pole it should be the weakest link. my pennyworth anyhoo
  9. cyborx

    Getting big carp out of the water safely.

    as above, ditch the rod as its done its job, detach net arms and roll down. get your waders on and go to the fish if need be.
  10. cyborx

    Any other motorcyclists on here?

    unfortunately not bud,, hairy boss thought it best for humanity that i was restricted to 4 wheels cant wait till i get my mobility scooter
  11. cyborx

    Any other motorcyclists on here?

    my 33yr old baby, and the reason i returned to fishing,,,, much safer at my age
  12. cyborx

    Swan syndicate Hatfield peverel

    WOW!!! wot an ugly beard,, GET IT OFF. the little ladies is much neater
  13. cyborx

    River season

    as a nipper i was always down the chalk stream on my grand dads farm, early morning trotting a worm downstream for the trout, holding it back from the lip of the fall off till you could see one showing a little interest then dropping 4-6ft of line and swooping the worm past the trout just to see it chase after and grab it. enough to set your adrenaline boiling matey
  14. cyborx

    Hatfield peverel, Heybridge

    was Basil there? Basil Vaulty??
  15. cyborx

    May catch reports................

    as i learned long ago bud,, we dont do it for fun, we dont do it cos were curious, we dont even do it cos we love the little woman. nope, subconsciously we do it as pay back, its like ' that will teach you not to crisp my bacon up eh!!'