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  1. Michael Kennedy landed a stunning 49lb Mirror on Monday using Crab boilies on a snowman rig. Maybe this is the year we get that elusive 50! [/img]
  2. Just to reassure anyone booked on with us that we are French registered and our siret no. is: 49258354700012
  3. Why not check us out! We offer 2 lakes with something to suit everyone and you can book the venue exclusive which gives you the option of moving swims during the week, so you can have a go at the big Carp in the Carp lake and the monster Cats in the Cat lake which is also a "runs" water with hundreds of Carp upto 35lb.
  4. We had 3 new lake records during 2011, Gavin Grimshaw landed a sensational 46lb 8oz Grasscarp in July. Also in July, Dave Povey banked a beautiful Mirror at 48lbs and John Ellerton chased a massive 94lb 12oz Catfish all round the Cat lake before finally getting it on the bank in April. For full details and pictures check out our website. Can't wait to see what turns up in 2012 [/i][/b]
  5. Hi Dan Check out our Catfish Lake, has carp upto 35lb and can be booked exclusive for the week.
  6. Hi Muscle20, why not check us out, 2 lakes with a choice of plenty of runs with carp to 35lb plus the excitement of massive Cats in the Cat Lake or big Carp to 48lb+ in the Carp Lake with the chance of a stunning Grassie.
  7. Carptrek runs trips down to us so check them out at www.carptrek.co.uk You can book Mike to do all the driving for you.
  8. Hi Andy, why not check us out, we have 2 lakes so a choice of plenty of Carp up to 35lb with a chance of a massive Cat on the Catfish lake or the Carp lake with fish to 48lb+ but a bit harder fishing. www.windmilllakes.co.uk
  9. QUINNEY PARTY 28 MAY - 4 JUNE 2011 CARP: 22.12, 27.07, 32.05, 29.09, 20 doubles & 20 lb Common. CATS: 53, 54.08, 52.07, 59.09 & 62.11 lb Good weeks fishing, difficult conditions, cold winds, hot & bright during the Day. Plenty of fish from the Cat Lake including 5 x 50lb plus Cats. Carp Lake tricky! Great food as usual and wonderful hospitality. Thank you Dave & Sue. ADAM, PAUL & TERRY 4-11 JUNE 2011 CARP: 39.15 Grasscarp & 50 doubles, CATS: 50 & 70 lb Good weeks fishing with 2 Cats, 1@ 50 and 1 @ 70lb Grassy 1oz under
  10. Hi All, Hope everyone is having a good season so far and that between the spawning some good fish are still being landed. Due to a computer crash we haven't been able to update you all with the latest catches here at Windmill but now that's been fixed here goes Mark Driver Crew: 23-30 April 2011 CARP: 28.2& 27 lb CATS: 52, 32.04, & 51.05 lb Fishing wasn’t the best due to spawning week before and high pressure’s. Food was fantastic, thanks. Great food, PB Cat at 52lbs Thanks. Nigel Baker Party: 30 April - 7 May 2011 CARP: 24.11, 32.04, 27, 28 lb plus 8 d
  11. This morning Proff. Paul Allen landed a stunning 45lb 8oz Mirror Carp using our lake bait, Baitcraft T1. See his picture on Facebook: Windmill Lakes
  12. These dates are still available, contact us for more details.
  13. Another group from Preston! Brian Cunny caught the first 40 of the week with a 41.14 Mirror but was beaten in the end by Mick Z who landed a stunning 43.10 lb Mirror but unfortunatly Mick got Brian to take the photos! (obviously he blamed the camera!) Final catch report was:- Carp: 25.02, 28.12, 36.10, 41.14, 29.04, 36., 21., 24., 43.10, 33.03, 36.02, 32.04, 37.08 & 38.11 lb plus 11 doubles. CATS:- 48.04 & 29.02 lb "Excellent fishery, fantastic food, my best week in France upto now. Will come back again." Check out the website for all the pictures.
  14. Hi Everybody The 2011 season if finally underway and what a fantastic start. The Paul White party were down from Preston on their first French fishing trip and they seem to have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience - so much so they are coming back next year! Within 24 hours Matt Balch had destroyed his PB of 22lbs with a stunning 40lb Mirror and followed it up with a 64 lb Cat, then he beat his PB again with the same 44.10 lb Mirror that came out earlier in the week to Vinny Balazs. Ben Snell caught the biggest Cat at 66 lb and Paul White had a 57lb Cat. The final catch repo
  15. Check out Domain de la Ribiere near Limoges, I think it ticks all the boxes. http://www.domainedelaribiere.com they even have a small petting farm with llamas & donkeys.
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