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  1. Thanks Ben. Yup, sweet corn. Nope, not hair rig but on the hook (or shank at least as per http://www.canberrafishos.com/Articles/Improving-Your-Carp-Results.pdf) - never given the hair rig a go (keeping it simple to start). By prebait do you mean burley - in which case yes. Stinky maize: now that's a new one to me. Hear what you're saying on the metabolism etc. So yes, be good to know the time window... I guess maybe in the afternoon they're probably spent their day doing any eating they planned on, so maybe I should be trying the morning for starters. Thanks again, and I'll keep y
  2. Thanks guys! From what I'm reading, probably should leave Lake Tuggeranong at the mo' and move to LBG. Also, at some point I should give Isabella Pond a bash. But most importantly, if going for either of those accept the carp will be lazy and let the food go to them (so maybe a running sinker not the best rig for that). Cheers, Oz.
  3. Thanks admacdo. I've often thought of giving Isabella Pond a go (used to live near there) but never have. When you say: "at the inlet of Isabella Pond" Do you mean the inlet into Isabella Pond itself, or from Isabella Pond into Lake Tuggeranong? thanks, Oz.
  4. Thanks Steve. Yeah, I just spent a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon, and another couple on Sunday afternoon with no joy - although I did get a minor strike on Saturday but nothing on the hook. Just using some sweet corn and basic running sinker rig. On Sunday I tried a bit burleying but that made no difference. Even got all my bait back across the two days other than on one cast. Mind you, later in the day I did go for a walk right up the northern end (one the east side) and the water was very still and it looked like some activity was about - but unfortunately it was time to
  5. Hey Guys, Just wondering if anyone can give me advice on good areas around Lake Tuggeranong? Also, is it too far in to winter to be fishing for carp? If not, do you have any recommended times? Thanks, Oz.
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