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  1. best and cheapest place to get it is holland and barrett. offer on atm buy 2 x 460g packs for £9.46 bargain! http://www.hollandandbarrett.com/pages/product_detail.asp?pid=86&prodid=49
  2. interesting they don't mention pike or perch there. In a recent restocking by the ea in our area, they said that they wouldn't stock pike or perch as they would eat everything... Surely we need them for the natural balance of a fishery?
  3. No mention of it on their website or twitter feed.....
  4. Pigeon conditioner, it's basically parti blend, but a fraction of the price
  5. Got my non-mint floss from poundland last year, i suppose they still sell it, if they do i'll have to stock up!
  6. If you're using tea lights, use them in an empty jam jar
  7. I currently fish with 3 rods, but i'm considering going down to 2. To be honest most of the waters i fish are fairly small, so sometimes struggle to accommodate 3 rods. Does having a third rod really give you more of a chance? What are peoples thoughts?
  8. Great tale, i love the old school stories, just reading Carp Season by Tim Paisley, plenty of Darenth stuff in there too. Keep 'em coming
  9. The CK one comes with winter skin for £100
  10. I've heard it's a really easy read, as most women just flick through it......
  11. What's the mallet by the unhooking mat for
  12. Mate, Creedy closed for the winter in November and doesn't open until March http://www.creedylakes.com/
  13. I don't think it really matters Basically, for £30 you're getting a slim, smart, well actioned rod, from what i've heard/seen, they're as good as rods twice that price - go for it
  14. Hi mate, there's quite a lot of info on chard on one of the other carp forums - search for chard on carpforum.co.uk Worth the effort - some nice fish
  15. I think they're a bit thin on the ground around here mate. There's HBS fisheries just outside Taunton, I don't know much about it though. Not much help am I There should be some further afield - hopefully someone can help
  16. Hi mate, i went there last month for a day. I had 4 out, 3 off the top on dog biscuits, the biggest was 14lb, which i hooked literally about 2inches off the bank I wouldn't rush back, it gets VERY busy, the problem is the fishery is made up of 3 lakes, all less than an acre each, separated by a narrow bank. I got there early, and the 1st pond (with the biggest in) had 4 anglers one in each corner, they all had 3 rods out and there was nowhere left to cast, SO i fished the 3rd pond, BUT when i left at 5ish, there were 7 guys on that first pond I Left earlier than planned, as a noddy arrived, and preceeded to shout from one pond to another to his mates, talking really loudly into his mobile, all this right next to the bailiffs caravan. It might be better earlier in the week, as i went on a friday. Only a fiver though
  17. I fished there last week on big hayes, after a -5 frost, i was the only one on there! I hooked into one carp all day (and lost it ), but I did catch a 19lb pike when reeling in my pop up Cell is the main bait on there, as has been said. Have you booked, because i enquired about going there on friday and there's only space left on little hayes, which is a bit too barren for me. Good luck
  18. Drayton res has got some big fish, but it's in daventry, not tamworth , you probably mean borrowpit lake, next to the snowdome, which you can see off the A5, there's a thread running at the mo about it
  19. I'm fishing all day tomorrow, but tonight they've forecast the first frost, has anyone got any advice, should i keep to the deeper areas, i was planning on using boilies, should i try something else - any ideas Thanks
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