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  1. That's good. I've had a pair of Wychwood riot 65's for 3 years now. not bad reels for the price TBH
  2. Two handed strike...... one hand grabs the rod as per normal....'t'other grabs the spool to stop it spinning, slow it down, then with index finger of same hand adjust clutch until fish is under control. dont touch the handle until the clutch is set. After a few goes you get used to it.
  3. I tend to follow a similar pattern to Kierandocherty in as much as i prefer to do my own thing. TBH i couldn't bring myself to pile kilos of boilies in, i'd be too concious of the cost and would be rather miffed if i didn't catch. possibly to the point of snorkeling in and taking it back out if they aint gonna eat it lol.
  4. midlander

    Had to tell someone!

    Well done chap. It might only be a 10lb'er but it's your PB and that makes it special. Who knows how big your next one'll be. Keep at 'em... you do realise though that hat has answered a question that has baffled men for decades......"How do you stop a woman from talking" You could be onto a winner there
  5. tfi Friday Eh? Yup....Poets Day..... (Pee off early, Tomorrow's Saturday)
  6. Tight lines all. I'm Fishing a new water for the 1st time this saturday, then off to the Ricoh on sunday for the Carp show.
  7. Latest purchase.... Not new, Second hand off ebay A Fox Classic Unhooking mat to replace my 15yr old one. Gave it a wash and disinfectant wipe and it's as good as new. It came with a Daiwa holdall all for the princely sum of £17.20 incl P&P Bargain
  8. I had my 1st 2 Fish of the year this sunday just gone. Fished a local day ticket water or the 3rd time this year...previous 2 visits were both blankety blanks. Nowt massive.... 1st one was a Common around 9lb, which came to A Milky Toffee and white chocolate Snowman set up at 11.00AM after A 4 hour wait. The next one came at around 4.00pm, another Common around the 12lb mark which fell to a Robin Red flouro pop up fished on a Stiff Hinge Rig. Went home with a smile on my face and celebrated with a Whisky after Dinner.
  9. Wholeheartedly agree . You'll soon get used to it . +1 I used to have bait runners, but since changing to Big Pit reels and fishing a slack clutch I've found it far better. I can no longer get on with bait runners as i found out when i had to pick up a mates rod.....forgot to turn the handle to disengage the BR.....took me a few seconds to get my head round why the fish was still taking line even though the clutch was solid as i'd tightened it up on picking up the rod, ala big pit style. Had to slacken it of sharpish after i finally got the bait runner disengaged as things got a bit tight a bit too quick.
  10. I've had a pair of Riot 65's for about 3 years now.....Brilliant reels. Clutch is good, line lay is good, line clip is good. Have had them locked up solid in hit n hold situations and never had a problem. Looking to buy a spod & marker set up at some point and may well go for wychwood reels again on these.
  11. I shall be giving a classic a go tomorrow (providing i can drag myself out of that warm snuggly duvet) Chickpeas flavoured with curry powder. Looking to pop a couple up with a sliver of cork with a few freebies scattered about. as or sweetcorn....deffo only fit for fishing bait.
  12. It's a long time ago since 99, but i had both mine on 20mm Source bottom baits with a few freebies and pellets. Not sure o the crayish levels back then, but i guess there's methods that will keep the hookbaist safe a while nowadays (meshing etc.) I did prebait the spots or a few days beforehand, but kept things ultra simple bait wise. Mainly because next to no one fishes or the carp on canals. I did find that particles attracted bream like a magnet.
  13. Which parts of the canal through leicester are you looking to fish? I have toyed with the idea of doing the same for years, but knowing that there are some iffy characters about in the inner city stretches near the footy ground has always put me off. I have had carp out of the canal just south of wigston near kilby bridge having done a 48hr session there in oct. 99. This resulted in 2 mirrors A 19lb and a 21lb, 10oz. Fairly sure there are a few carp around the crow mills area near south wigston, but have seen some nice looking areas out towards newton harcourt.
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