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  1. Yes It’s here there and everywhere at the minute
  2. I would love a beagle but wouldn’t be fair on it to be out of the house all day
  3. There’s a syndi on the “kingfisher on the quays” water in fleet the guy was advertising spaces last year
  4. I use a white pen to mark a foot on all my rods edding 780 paint marker
  5. Terry Edmonds changes rods more than Jim Shelley changes bait lol
  6. IF this job comes to fruition I might buy a bic sports yak and electric motor
  7. What size bed is it going on wide boy standard or compact?
  8. Shows how different we all are I can put a bait a long way out with a straight stick but a curved one it goes in at my feet or not far at all lol even modifying the way I use it I can’t get a bait further than 20 or 30 yards lol Johnson Ross still have it listed but not in stock
  9. Or the Harrison stick £30 and it’s carbon so won’t break the bank you could get a piece of 20mm electricians conduit and Cut it put a plug in the end and make it yourself total cost will be around £5
  10. Take a photo of it and keep it on your phone and I also have a contact in my phone as license number
  11. Be interesting to see your review as it looks like it will cast like a bag of spanners I have the Gardner version and they don’t cast too well
  12. What’s the weight of the rake ?
  13. Try using a method feeder or a throwing stick lol
  14. Pain in the rear to get into the gates in any thing bigger than an astravan unless they have changed it
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