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  1. Older fox alarms (lxr,dxr,rx)

    The dxr has a roller wheel sensitivity button and the other turns it to vibration sensitivity im not sure if it was the fox millenium carp fishing video or the first one that matt hayes showcased them can probably find it on you tube somewhere
  2. What is your newest purchase

    I think i had one of those and gave it away to a junior a couple of years ago also bought one fo those korum self inflating mats
  3. What is your newest purchase

    i have the nash mk1 version just need to get round to altering it and flogging the design back to nashy its will be a winner lol
  4. The False PB Joints

    Let the noodlers have it along with the rh fish etc means more room everywhere else thats "proper" lol
  5. What is your newest purchase

    If we could do without an unhooking mat i would be laughing On another note i altered my dymag stalking holdall so. It goes on the back by extending the handles and added a waist strap its perfect now and comfortable i can even strap the aqua roving mat to it to leave both hands free to carry other stuff
  6. Favourite fishing tv programme

    Does any pne remember the match fishing show with jackie charlton
  7. You want a crotch strap on it as well extra security means it cant come off
  8. Leads

    Same as
  9. What is your newest purchase

    I bought one when they first came out i liked the rig safe with the compartments and the made up rig bit on it so did think it wouldnt take long to do this didnt bother with the bag though i do agree with leon that the price is on the heavy side but yeah its kinda worth it
  10. Curious....

    Like a kilo of bright orange tutti frutis you mean lol
  11. I thought i saw a video that said for the ronnie in mind when developed
  12. School fishing club

    The school my mrs used to go to had its own lake but leased it out to an angling club. All the school used it for was biology lessons If you could find one like that you could team up with a couple of other local schools and offer it up
  13. Could always coat it in factor 50 lol
  14. Whoohoo!!😀😉😀

    Well done