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  1. The neoprene covers are for the alarms not the reciever. they also have a piece of metal in them the same as the plastic covers so the alarms turn off
  2. 24 sounds about right for the cases the neoprene covers are about 5 or 6£
  3. No problems at all I’m not bothered about the longer beep on the first sound either as it’s not the upgraded receiver
  4. Had a set of 3 since they come out,use 2 on my 2 rod set up and one spare never had a problem except for sticky cases and the batteries last ages
  5. Keith’s gear is greatbut you will have to wait for it so don’t expect it NOW order it and forget about it until he contacts you lol
  6. But they are a long shank with a subtle curve lol i bought a pack but not used them yet but they do stick in your finger if you want to try lol
  7. Don’t like it myself lol for the same reason might as well just go whole hog and get a kamasan b.... and well you know lol
  8. Same water as above max hook size is an 8 but I don’t mind you going up to a 7 or a 6 lol WHY !!
  9. I pinched a couple of *name removed *lead clips from a mate on Sunday as we were fishing a water with a leader ban and thought they were dodgy as I struggled to get the lead on it. maybe a use and avoid section on a reviews forum would be a good idea and reasons why it should be avoided not in a bashing way but it might make some manufacturers think about their products more.
  10. Decaf tea or coffee 99% of the time but always have a bottle of water with me I’ve been tea total since my 18th birthday
  11. Have a look at the bcr rigga
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