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  1. I have fx9 on TX compact 12 footers feels ok to me the TX is a slim rod
  2. I prefer the side cutter version to those end cutters so there should be something to suit all just make sure they are sharp some of the cheap nasty ones will leave a burr like a barb so defeat the object elmo the ones you were using are more for things like solder or fine wires not hardened like a hook
  3. Barbless Easy in easy out micro barbed for me but I’m happy enough to use a curve in barbless if I have to
  4. I can never understand why anyone would purposely go out and fish for bream myself and to try and get 100 lb of them. 🤮
  5. Ding dong the witch is dead the wicked witch the wicked witch.....
  6. I have the prestige one I sit under it when it rains sod the gear lol
  7. Good places for the barbel at Adams farm a few years ago if you knew where they were
  8. Anywhere they have overhanging cover will work.
  9. It was quite windy in my neck of the woods at the weekend put the tips under the water what alarms are you using
  10. May go for a few hours tomorrow afternoon when the wife takes the grandkids out. and then again on Sunday when she’s out with the eldest daughter but might just laze around on my own at home lol
  11. Seymo is another brand and easy to use them and you get 2 sizes on one tyer
  12. I may possibly spread the love between a couple of shops lol
  13. Just waiting for my ppi reclaim to arrive and then I’m gonna spend big all £2.59 of it lol
  14. Atomic jelly wire don’t bother to strip it if you don’t want to if you feel you need a hinge just use the teeth to break it above the shrink tube if you want to use tubing
  15. Can you use a leader ? i can understand the no swivel on mainline part then
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