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  1. Bivvy recommendations

    Cyprinus look to be the ones to go for all the top brands without the mark up
  2. Mtchell match i think abu made a reel something like the 664 gt that you pulled a lever and the bail arm opened lol
  3. Angling Direct

    I dont mind paying the price like you do at johnson ross simply because they have a great stock of stuff and very rarely they do not have it in stock . even buying on the net they have a live stock list so if you put it in the basket it is actually in stock. if they havent got enough of it in stock ie multiple purchase of the same it tells you which means unlike other stores you only find out they dont have it when it turns up ive even been in the shop and couldnt find something and said i checked it on line and it said you have it in stock and they said no problem i'll go and find it that is my biggest gripe buying on line and why companies do not invest in that kind of software is beyond me
  4. Flick the Same as i think never really thought about how i do it as others say its automatic
  5. Using Leadcore leaders the correct and safely

    I used a retainer for the first time a couple of weeks ago and that was only because i called a baliff to come and check the growth of a fish as they like to weigh and photograph the a team normally i just put them back and hardly ever photograph fish unless its a pb
  6. Delkim TXI Plus

    Assuming that was mine but i didnt mean to Apologise if thats the way it came across
  7. Delkim TXI Plus

    Cash convertors in hemel hempstead has 4 MINT txi plus reciever old style with the circle on the front for 350 i thought that was expensive personally but my mate reckons it was a good buy he lovesa delk
  8. Using Leadcore leaders the correct and safely

    I will use leadcore if i feel i need or want to ie Lake and rules dependant cant remember the last time i cracked off or got broken up in nearly 40 years of fishing tbh if i was that worried i wouldnt throw a hook in the water just fish as safe as you can with any method and it should be ok and you cant ask for more than that
  9. A Question of Approach

    Usually i attach a stick of something about 1-1.5" long might be small pellets a couple of boilies or a couple of ground up boilies
  10. Secret Sneaky Guesting Venues and Clubs Criticism

    Thanks for the smiles it cheered me up no end
  11. Vaping Idea

    I think campbells supply some of the vape shops
  12. Oakwood angling in wgc had some in as i bought the 4.5
  13. The Reverse blowback chod rig

    I think i have Seen something similar to this in an old korda rig guide
  14. SK 3 Rod 3 lbs - 3.5 lbs

    i find the daiwa reels are not a proper fit on the sonik rod (sk4) take a reel with you to try as I do not know on the sk3 *tried to use broken english to try and help lol
  15. swinger cradles.

    setting them up in the position you have I would have thought they would have shown a drop back quite easily