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  1. framey

    Broken receiver

    And probably cheaper than a new one as well
  2. framey

    Beginning of a decline do you think?

    Whys that? i was fishing the old deep lake at willows farm or rather bowmans in hertfordshire as it was then 2 of them came round and as they came close i had a run and they said its ok we can wait. and thats the last time it was checked time before that i was over fairlands in stevenage and it was the old NRA ticket or whatever it was then i cant remember cant remember before that so lets say twice in 25 years but to be fair most of my fishing is on club waters so whether or not they actually can get on those i dont know
  3. framey

    Beginning of a decline do you think?

    Kids dont want to leave the house as they all want to play on the xboxes or playstations. Probably more people not buying the license as well. if you look around the time they are due to be bought theres loads moaning about the price and saying they wont be buying. i havent had my lisence checked in nearly 20 years
  4. I was walking around a lake and found one in a bin that looked new lol.. its in the van waiting to have a look at it lol
  5. framey

    What is your newest purchase

    Didnt matrix do one where to release the rod you pushed a button ???? found it https://johnsonrosstackle.co.uk/matrix-innovations-blackout/19196-matrix-innovations-lock-in-butt-rests.html?search_query=Matrix&results=109
  6. I use a korum net and pole a 36" net is just the right length fox did a traveller or explorer net that the arms broke in half and a telescopic handle that is pretty good but havent seen them for years
  7. framey

    What is your newest purchase

    My buddies gone through 5 sets of batteries since february
  8. framey

    What is your newest purchase

    They eat batteries
  9. framey


    But what about the third rod lol
  10. framey

    Could somebody please enlighten me????

    A german is just tied to the hook a ronnie uses a million pieces of metal lol
  11. I have a set of bug bobbins i also have the swing arms for them And extra weights for my grab and go set Does most of what i need it to cover
  12. I bought a carry all thats 12" long seems ok for the 3£ i paid for it but for £3 i cant complain if it only lasts 6 months and some rod straps cant think of anything else though
  13. framey


    Enjoyd that thanks for posting it
  14. framey


    Nah enough room for both neither would want to spend huge amounts on a needless court case spomb probably realised that aswell so got out whilst they could ps i only use the spomb
  15. Rod license dont start of the wrong way