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  1. You don’t need to add a screw, ring or anything just use floss.
  2. What like the German lol thats about as simple as it can get
  3. Lol yep really going to bend the buzz bars they are sitting on for 99% of the time
  4. Fox do a couple korum do a couple sonik do a couple jrc do a couple wychwood do a couple
  5. This should help the blue is the main line hook the rig on the crook the opposite end and the wight on the arm of the clip
  6. The line ties direct to the swivel on the lead clip with whatever knot you want to tie. a palmar is a good reliable knot and the tail rubber pulls down over that. do not add another swivel into the set up it’s is not needed I would possibly add about a foot to 18” of tubing if the lake requires it
  7. You do 15lb is pretty much standard I still have a set of spare spools with 10lb on them for open water use
  8. You will also need a decent sized net and unhooking mat The kit you have listed will get you going and last personally I would up the rig size to a 6 and 8 and forget the 10’s
  9. Just put a cork ball in it saves all the headaches
  10. One of my local proper carp waters is about a 20/30 minute walk with gear or 10 minutes by bike 2.5ish miles the other general fishery is a 5 minute walk less than a mile with gear as I used to do it when I was a kid before I could drive lol. i won't be going this weekend but I am getting to a point where I may need to go I have a couple of days work next week instead of being on furlough so may go later in the week if I need to if I use boris’s 7 mile bike ride as local I got loads I can go to lol
  11. Anyway."............. back to fishing who’s out this weekend lol
  12. Wouldn’t be much different with any of the others lol they are all self serving dipsticks
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