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  1. I moved away from my previous supplier as I love 10miller and he won’t make them
  2. I’d like to see them try that one in court the judge may just throw the book at them for even trying it
  3. The gravel it’s a different animal to the atomic version
  4. I found a brand new old jag file Vice and red and green stones in my shed last night from when they first brought them out. it’s different from the new ones Seems like a finer thread does that count as a new purchase lol and I did buy a spool of pb jelly wire and Their hit and run clips I think they are called.
  5. you really are taking your sonik allegiances too far lol
  6. Welcome but do you not think that digging a lake will not become a job then lol
  7. If that suits your fishing then it’s fine
  8. Pop the line out before the end of the shrink tube yes it’s a pain to do but it works better im sure I used to do miles better years ago using a proper line aligned set up
  9. Depends sometimes I will use 1 even on a 3 rod water sometimes 3 isn’t enough and I could easily use 6 or 7 if I could lol
  10. had one of those as a kid metallic red it was couldn’t play it like him though lol
  11. And I always ping carp hooks in a sharpening vice lol
  12. When I used to tie flies we were taught to ping the hook in the vice before tying on them if it sounded dull throw the hook away and don’t waste time they were always the weak ones and it surprising how many are weak when you ping them
  13. My last 3 slip ups ups changed to lead clips from helicopters gone from 9” Ronnie booms to around 5 hook size 5 trighammers from curves lol
  14. Spotted fin have gone into partnership with one of my clubs so members get a little discount on their products not quite sure what it is though
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