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  1. Blew the budget yesterday esp method feeder x2 lol
  2. https://www.maggotdrowning.com/forums/threads/peterborough-free-fishing.226488/
  3. I’ll carry on using my barrow just to save my back for the next 50 years lol
  4. I must be lucky my mrs fishes as well and even came with me when I bought my micro cat and told me to buy that one rather than a cheaper one lol. never had to hide anything from her yet. but she doesn’t like me buying bags that’s the one thing that gives her the slight hump
  5. Same as and I barely take anything lol and I still have a knackered back
  6. I would let them know tell them to send a courier to come and pick them up at a time to suit you then if they don’t come to pick them up they are legally yours. And your karma is still in tact if you don’t tell them you won’t ever catch anything on them
  7. We already have one of these that is always updated currently 250 odd pages lol
  8. Solar did some flying back leads which may help they were kind of like a drilled bullet slide those on the line above a leader if using one and Chuck it out the sliding back lead will come back about 20 yards or so fish a slack enough line and that portion will be on the deck
  9. So many variables lol tips up if fishing over weed or shallow water etc down if it’s really choppy or margin fishing back leads if I’m fishing a park lake that has beginner sail boards and boats free swimming and swans all the above on a couple of lakes I fish. Back leads do hinder bite registration but save many headaches
  10. Nah I had a transit custom on SDP however you need to start a new policy as you can’t transfer no claims bonus from a car to a van which makes it a tad expensive lol
  11. https://www.vetshop.co.uk/Vitalin-Original-Dry-Dog-Food-15kg?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIwM2K-7308AIV0WDmCh2F4AhWEAAYASAAEgISDfD_BwE
  12. If I found the need to drop the lead for some reason I would seriously have to think about using a barbless hook just in case of anything happening and definitely not a curve hook
  13. Correct all issues should go to the place you bought it from as you have a contract with them not the manufacturer. unless They go bankrupt or you bought it from the manufacturer direct
  14. I think i would be drilling and riveting it just in case the new one goes I don’t trust plastic on those kind of parts.
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