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  1. Bait floss.

    ThInk I only paid 2 and 6 for mine lol
  2. Bait floss.

    You mean like unscented unwaxed dental floss?
  3. Bait, natural but different.

    Leather jackets which i think are daddy longleg larvae??
  4. What is your newest purchase

    Tin of maize ready to go out to,orrow as couldnt find any raw in time to make some special lol
  5. Carp care

    I find unhooking them in the net easiest as well .and they dont tend to thrash around at all. for some reason they seem quieter than when on the bank, ive done it this way for years with small singles upto nearly 50 and always had no issues
  6. War between Sonik & Greys

    Sonik change their line up alot as well tbf i had 9 sonik sk4 upto a few uears ago couldnt complain about them at all also have a set of greys stalkers as they were cheap good rods for the money but corks seem floppy but they are 3 or 4 years old now
  7. First rods

    Personally i think its hard to find a bad rod nowadays
  8. A good first bivvy?

    I always think they are missing a trick not making overrwaps a buddy of mine has one and an overwrap would be benifical for those who fish in winter
  9. A good first bivvy?

  10. A good first bivvy?

    Check out a chub s plus or modern equivalent cheap as chips and last ages
  11. Favorite bank side music?

    Depends on the mood could be anything but i only ever use headphones on my phone i cant see the point in taking a radio when i have my phone anyway tunein gets them all my buzzers are only on number 1 and i can still hear them even with headphones it is that low
  12. Aqua

    But they are not blue lol
  13. What is your newest purchase

    Couple of kilos of cell to try out tOmorrow just ground a kilo up into dust the other back in the freezer
  14. Older fox alarms (lxr,dxr,rx)

    I have a set of dxr bought 2nd hand with a rake of other gear this year as the guy was selling up £150 on my "other water" set up also a set of sx which i bought years ago new as i couldnt afford the dxr at the time and had them remote set up this year by dal i use these most the drop back noise isnt different anymore but i dont really mind that.
  15. Older fox alarms (lxr,dxr,rx)

    The dxr has a roller wheel sensitivity button and the other turns it to vibration sensitivity im not sure if it was the fox millenium carp fishing video or the first one that matt hayes showcased them can probably find it on you tube somewhere