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  1. I bought a carry all thats 12" long seems ok for the 3£ i paid for it but for £3 i cant complain if it only lasts 6 months and some rod straps cant think of anything else though
  2. framey


    Enjoyd that thanks for posting it
  3. framey


    Nah enough room for both neither would want to spend huge amounts on a needless court case spomb probably realised that aswell so got out whilst they could ps i only use the spomb
  4. Rod license dont start of the wrong way
  5. framey


    There is a new thing on paypal now where you pay after delivery im sure all you do is tick a box
  6. framey


    Seen a few rumours on other places about them and tfg going but seeing as tfg is fishtec...
  7. framey

    Nash Fang Gyro

    HOW MUCH !!!!
  8. framey

    Nash Fang Gyro

    Love a bit of tungston dont they
  9. framey

    What is your newest purchase

    A set of fortis switch glasses dropped my oakleys and scratched them again so a cheap set are now going to be my fishing glasses from now on a pot of acid pear pop ups (why just why?) 5x cygnet 8" bank sticks wanted 6 typical 3 korda intelligent back lads. not sure whats so intelligent about them though maybe they will put the bait in the carps gob tomorrw night 86£ boom muggggggggggg....
  10. Easy solution carry on taking water if you want or use a filter system if you want lol i do both
  11. framey

    What is your newest purchase

    Those ones are nice the browny orangey coloured version by nescafe are rank unlesss you like cream in your coffee shame they wont do them in decaf already asked lol
  12. Watch the life save video lol its eye opening once you get your head around it its alright first time i used the lifesave i took the water from a green pond with no filtration in it came out as clear as a bell with no funny taste no different to everyday tap water thats all recycled think of the stinky winky thats been through lol
  13. Life save bottle weighs about a pound but lighter than 1 bottle of water.
  14. framey

    Back Leads?

    I use them on one water that has wind surfers on it
  15. framey

    What is your newest purchase

    i dont drink alcohol but i can keep up with a good drinker in a pub if i have coffee albeit decaf nowadays ps i have seen something that enables you to refill the small canisters so it wont work out that bad