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  1. Fox are selling a bunk bed chair for their new bivvy
  2. Fag butts fit aswell lol they do now have a sensitivity thingy built into them as well as the wheels
  3. Will be perfect the longest ones I use are only 9”
  4. framey


    Old rods for bean or pea poles lol
  5. I have a few bags laying around so I’m going to find one around the right size which will probably be a scales pouch to put all the extra metal ware in and keep them in the barrow to lighten the bag up winter is almost over so the tutti pop ups can go away again until next winter lol the 3 rod bars will now have to be swapped with the att 2 rod set up now it’s April until next October
  6. It is it’s very good but could do with being possibly 2” longer sometimes but then if it was 2” longer we’d want another 2 on top of that the piledriver is lighter than the 2 jag excavator sticks I used to carry
  7. The red thing in my pictures is a jag palm saver that has a level in it lol one of the kids bought it for me as a Xmas pr3sent a couple of years ago
  8. Thinking about this it isn’t fleet that do the alarms it’s south custom reels
  9. Buy it if you feel it’s cheap enough and run over it with a marker if you feel you want to have a different colour
  10. I had a set and sold them to my mate as they were older ones even paid fleet micro to do the upgrades and put att back on them fleet micro do the remote versions really cheap if you want them
  11. 3x3oz 3x 2.5 oz or 2oz can’t remember 3x1 oz Well 4 a rogue one I found whilst emptying it out 1 grappling lead 3 back leads and 3 captive back leads not that much but necessary I think bells are used most of the time rather than the alarms. more spare stuff is stored in a bucket that stayed in the van just in case
  12. I’ll swap for 2 pairs of thinking anglers scissors lol
  13. So before the v hit apart from a flask and the rods and net this is what I carried. going to thin it down again whilst I have the chance I now have the wychwood x bars so I don’t need to buy a pod for certain swims on a couple of lakes But I can change to what ever I need to at a drop of a hat bag is a thinking anglers unhooking mat is the korum fast mat unused lol
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