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  1. I have the extractor recon (?) net it folds up to the same size as the 6ft extractor rods
  2. You could ask on Nashy Facebook page for the reel position someone will answer it
  3. The stresses of modern life did ooze away and that’s all that matters
  4. So I am actually going to venture out tomorrow for the first time since they stopped us going at the beginning of the last lockdown Not actually feeling it yet either hopefully it changes when I get there…
  5. Plenty of male pigs though lol
  6. Liked by a lot of non anglers though
  7. I’m like Elmo only have the pro plus and that goes over my head lol and it stays in the shed most of the time
  8. Try the continental muggas if you want to stay with that pattern
  9. To catch the fish you must become the fish old Chinese proverb lol it happens don’t worry too much it’s been a horrible year
  10. For those looking he has re released it
  11. None in stock when I bought it at the end of the day it’s line
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