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  1. Any source of open fire can give off carbon monoxide
  2. If I am taking my spod rod medium if I am leaving that in the van and travelling light I use a small one on my carp rod
  3. As nick helleur says what a load of b......x lol 🤪😅
  4. There is plenty of good videos out there now for beginners but there is nothing wrong with what you are using now. It will catch fish it will depend on what you are fishing over bottom wise as to what material you use as a hook link. a softer hook link will end up nearer to your lead than say a semi stiff or stiff
  5. I turn it over onto its top and it becomes a flame thrower with a couple of shakes lol. do you reckon gas bottles have a useful life. I bought a multi box as I’m sure mine seem to have less pressure in them at least it seems to be
  6. It does and if you follow the canister in the sleeping bag you can make the gas warm enough to get some heat for the hot water lol
  7. Rightly or wrongly if I am doing an over nighters I will put the gas canister in my sleeping bag overnight to keep it warm No worries for the first cuppa of the morning then lol
  8. Lucky to get 50 or 60 with a greys lol
  9. Apparently around 150 yards will be the max for most people terry Edmonds uses a shimano tx1 I think it is and it’s around 100£ a rod
  10. That garlic and mega spice one sounds lovely but garlic spice would be a better name lol
  11. What about orange tutti lol
  12. I have a korum landing net handle that has the cam lock on it Not sure if it’s the same type but there is a Philips screw on the lever that you tighten up or loosen to make the cam work better
  13. You can Chop the chains down easily but I think 6” are the perfect length
  14. Only problem is the pallet doesn’t make it very move friendly lol
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