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  1. Liked by a lot of non anglers though
  2. I’m like Elmo only have the pro plus and that goes over my head lol and it stays in the shed most of the time
  3. Try the continental muggas if you want to stay with that pattern
  4. To catch the fish you must become the fish old Chinese proverb lol it happens don’t worry too much it’s been a horrible year
  5. For those looking he has re released it
  6. None in stock when I bought it at the end of the day it’s line
  7. I bought a spool of this a month ago for using as hook lengths for sea fishing I wanted maxima but they didn’t have any and this was the cheapest they had apart from the usual Chinese stinky winky 4.99 1000m spool jobs its seems very limp and up to the job so far
  8. I believe the kaptor range has been discontinued that’s why they are cheaper. To sell them off
  9. The balance needs to be more with rod,line and hook rather than rod and reel. in the case of carp fishing most of the time they are sat on buzzers and only used to wind in or cast. a floater rod and reel may be different however as you might hold that one a lot so having it as light in the hand as possible is a good thing
  10. Try an rc shop they may be able to help heres my localish one hertsrcmodels.co.uk
  11. Problem with tubing and tying a piece of line to the main line it may stop it all coming free so that can create other problems
  12. It depends terry Edmonds just broke the world casting record with a windcast 5500 before that he was using shimano 14000 reels
  13. Omelette I just tend to take some muesli with me on a day session Have you got a sandwich toaster?
  14. Glug in hemp oil betalin sugar syrup minamino etc couple of drops and roll them around then do it again and again and again
  15. Nope but he was one of the ones that helped create the market lol
  16. If you are going to sell them I would service them it might get you more money for them.
  17. Good in winter though lol i did a work party IN the river in January or February and I was roasting I think with waders there is a proper back to them and you need to start with them rolled down and step into them and then peel them on lol
  18. Depending how you have PayPal set up Try going through your bank. if it’s credit card claim on that failing that try charge back on your debit card
  19. Probably changed them for something waterproof by now lol
  20. Ahh in that case that’s different then 12lb it would be straight through Respectfully give the whole story and it’s easy to give a correct answer if you want to use a Fluoro or braided hooklength then go for it personally I would still go straight through
  21. Why do you need an ounce of lead for a float that’s just legering with a float. my go to has always been a peacock quill or waggler fitted bottom end only with a piece of putty near the hook and fished lift method 8lb line straight through to a size 6 hook and always fished as close in to the margin as I can and usually right in the reeds
  22. I got some Gardner stuff in the drawer but haven’t been out to use it
  23. I have a matching pair of yellows in the barbel bag lol i found a red one whilst walking around a local lake a couple of months ago
  24. Usually find it on match type venues
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