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  1. Naive ,I wouldn’t say that as I said I have never seen it happen. however , as you have said I have seen casting into the same sort of “danger areas” Maybe I’ll go back to bait boat club rules lol
  2. I’ve never seen it happen which is why I asked. question is what was under the set of snags as it may only be “snaggy” above water if it’s clear under then no problem if it’s snaggy under then yes he is a complete idiot.
  3. Does that really happen though honestly ? or is it bad mouthing the boat I can say I have never seen it happen
  4. I have a micro cat mk3 but I haven’t even used it yet I have lent it to someone to go to France twice though lol
  5. Tie on a hook god forbid…
  6. They get into the lake that way sometimes so can’t see it being a problem they can live out of the water
  7. 20000 lol that should turn night into day
  8. No worse than plastic or cork baits 🤪
  9. framey


    Keep them all the same Set the sticks up at 12 foot doesn’t matter then if you use 13ft rods or 6
  10. Years ago we used poly balls to get a nice balanced bait that we could get to go really slow or just enough to take the weight of the hook out of it I'm guessing you can still get them
  11. Cork balls and wrap the paste around them
  12. I think in a rod the main thing is action ,will it be able to get you to where you need to fish if it does,it doesn’t matter if it cost 50£ or 500£ until the last few years I never spent over 120£ on a rod as food and clothes for the kids came first then sonik came out and I could then afford to get 3 as it was always a 3 for 2 deal. Now I can afford nicer things so can upgrade the rods I still have 2 sets of infinity rods also have a2 sets of free spirit cosmetics mean nothing when all said and done people rave about Alps seats “I” think they look stinky winky cheap and bulky I still havent paid over 250£ for a reel though lol and most are under 100
  13. As a professionally trained rod builder why would you buy a pre made rod instead of making it I’m blooming sure I wouldn’t
  14. Do it when you leave as long as no one else is fishing a similar area log it somewhere then remember for next time you get in the swim this time of year is pretty good for it as no one/ hardly anyone around
  15. Is there such a thing then lol
  16. Who’s Steven white ? problem is once you sift through the commercial stinky winky whether it’s a podcast book magazine or video it does all only boil down to 1 finding them 2 something they want to eat 3 a sharp hook on whatever rig you want. Last 2 can be either way around lol everything else is what we think fish are animals and will do whatever a they want to do when ever they want to do it they haven’t read the articles the so called stars have written
  17. The million $ Question there is no right answers and fish will do what they want on any given day the only given is you need to go and find them as they won’t move far in winter then fish something that is in their eye line as moving uses energy finding them will tell you at what depth that will be and then you can decide on bottom bait pop up or zig
  18. All waders are sweaty horrible things unless you want to buy a set of breathables
  19. You could ask any of the custom manufacturers to make you one to whatever size you want
  20. I forgot my dymag stalkers bought before lockdown 1 should have got the net then as well hind sight huh…
  21. Absolutely I have gear by a few of the custom cottage brands Defiant daves danglers ccp Total camo carp army Andy to name a few it wasn’t a derogatory comment lol
  22. I do like how these little cottage shops make them selves sound larger than what they actually are “our brand manager”
  23. Carp don’t necessarily shut down if they are fed throughout the winter may be harder to find though lol i like fishing for them in winter more than any other season as it’s more of a challenge and therefore more rewarding well it is in my twisted warped head
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