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  1. If I could find one of the rucksacks nashy did for the snide rods with the flap the rods went into I could be set lol
  2. Bait boxes in the single bucket may work lol this is for a small bucket with pockets so I can grab and go with necessities snide rods fit in the unhooking mat and it does up perfectly 🤣
  3. Army Andy custom bait bucket bag 🤫 total camo carp custom rod bag 🤫 Andy was the only one who would make the bag or could that be only one who could make the bag lol and I tried them all. Andy wasn’t even phased when I showed him pics and measurements and only a couple of days turn around rather than 14 days for a rod sleeve lol
  4. What I usually do is get one shot spools of something like 100 yards maxima in 20lb and then just wind line over the top do you have a line guide for measuring the backing on?
  5. try these it doesn’t say out of stock unlike most of the others I have looked at https://www.hullanglingcentre.co.uk/index.php/fox-eos-1-man-bivvy-skin.html
  6. I bought a set of 3 daiwa infinity super slim 12 foot in 2lb test curve but have never got round to using them lol i tend to use a set of 2.75 shimano compacts if I need 12 footers as they bend through but can cast a bit if needed its not always about the test curve it’s the action you want.
  7. That’s what the manufacturers tell us we want. you will probably need to get a set made Harrison do lower test curves https://www.harrisonrods.co.uk/carp_rod_selector.html https://www.harrisonrods.co.uk/rods and blanks/webblanklist.pdf
  8. There’s still not a lot that’s any good in there lol
  9. The go outdoors in Harlow has a fishing republic inside it as does Milton Keynes the Harlow one actually has some fishing stock in it now lol
  10. Within an hour.. possibly albans lakes is doable southend farm New lands hall manor farm is a good shout
  11. Anything goes until they don’t eat it you might find a winning combination I didn’t mean it for etiquette I meant it as in don’t let them fish your spots lol
  12. Don’t bait when anyone is fishing lol
  13. Nah they do it my receiver and alarms went sticky
  14. ? explain please I was referring to an email I received from deeper explaining their premium service and one of my club waters on there
  15. I would just go and see what I can catch in fun sessions to start with using 2 or 3 rods depending on what the rules of the lake are each with a different bait worm casters maggots maize pellet hemp etc groundbait using all the above at least then you have all bases covered on the boilie front 1 quality bait in the correct area will outfish 3 or 4 rubbish baits in the correct area after a while. you need to have a balanced bait that ticks the fishy boxes doesn’t matter if it’s fishmeal nut vegetable insect or milk
  16. Personally I can’t see any problem with anyone who wants to use a camera it’s their fishing and how they decide they want to enjoy it is down to them I’m not a fishing nazi I have french pb and I have English pb and the 2 can’t mix how any one else wants to classify it is up to them On another note I see deeper have issued a premium service which shows details of lakes I noticed one of my lakes is on there that has a publicity ban I wonder how deeper can be allowed to put them up lol im going to now have a check on some other lakes in the valley lol
  17. van MOT count as a purchase???? could be out tomorrow 🤫
  18. Who is it made by tfg must have just been peddling it out then like Korda did with the deeper
  19. TFG have gone now though so if it goes wrong you may be a little knackered
  20. Not really needed unless you want it all to match Just don’t move the distance sticks if you use them keep it the same whether you use 10 or 12 foot just use the wrap as a number i have a spare spool for my reels with braid on if I need to mark up and just swap about and just use my fishing rod
  21. My uk pb carp came to the Christmas cracker pop up
  22. I have some elite baits direct Christmas cracker pop ups the tutti fruitti type flavour wanted some other bits but they never come back to me luckily I can get some of their bits from a semi local tackle shop same people? Or the other party involved in the split? is it magnum baits?
  23. Won’t catch many in the jar Elmo lol
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