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  1. hi mate, i personally wouldnt go there, its small and overly cramped, its not what i would consider a 'proper' carp lake. I would look at getting on catch 22 just down the road or taswood.
  2. i must admit i'm totally difffrent. i enjoy the social side. i like having a bit of banter, bbq's etc and not always being focussed on the lake. i know i miss out on fish because of this but i'm more than happy to. everyone goes for different reasons i realise but i really enjoy catching up with friends and being indoors and hopefully catching a few fish along the way.
  3. well done for asking mate. as has been said the best thing you can do is go fishing with older more experienced people as much as possible for the next couple of years. watch them and you'll gradually learn without even realising it. as a lot of the threads on here testify fishing alone is dangerous enough for adults let alone at your age!
  4. cnjnh - you are an idiot. nafy - really good post, i dont have any answers but it did make me think, i think there's definitely something in your theory.
  5. ha are there any with jonah takalua on?
  6. Australian of the year? i thought chris lilley had made that up
  7. hello mate, theres a great army surplus shop near me that sells all types, if you google 'hoopers kings lynn' you might find something suitable.
  8. nice video mate. cant help noticing you look a lot like rory mcilroy!
  9. love the look of those river carp, really muscly looking critters
  10. its the folding the handles that gets me, i've never seen it happen in good ol narrfolk. surely it could actually lose you fish
  11. hi all, i've been looking through pictures of peoples set ups and i've noticed that a lot of people have their rods set up ridiculously close together and with the reels handles folded, now i know this is frowned upon, but is there any actual reason for doing this apart from looking neat and tidy? i' have been thinking about it and i cant think what possible advantage there is to it, it seems ridiculous!
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