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  1. tacklebox SMD utility rod i have one myself and its taken some stick and my terrible casting technique no bother.. been using dot spod and even 4 oz marker lead setup.. still trying to find the perfect reel for it tho
  2. That's great news I have a analogue set I want to send in for service too
  3. I have one of these buckets with them weird plastic bits too interested to see if anyone finds their purpose
  4. I'm in Cumbria more than willing to pay postage and a few beer tokens too as I won't be changing the pod for the foreseeable future thanks your a gent
  5. Hi many thanks luckily the buzz bars seem ok well 2 of the 3 fittings do on one of them, if you do want to let them go I would happily make a contribution for them as they will definitely be handy hope and yes I agree it is of substantial weight at least it is not likely to be flimsy lol
  6. I've shortened the multis down a bit I won't get to fish til next week now due to work and such so hopefully get to put them to the test soon
  7. Been a few years since I tied rigs just starting to gear up to get fishing again and just wanted feedback on both of these pointers and hints would be great as just want to be sure in doing things right obviously one is a multi rig and the other is a blow back rig both of these provided me success on the water I'm going to be fishing last time I was a member the blowback worked best with a wafter and using a pva nugget on the cast as it's a bit silty in places but only a small ish club water so don't want to be lobbing a lead about too much disturbing fish and it's what used to work and the multi worked well near the island margins previously as there's a bit of debris around the edges and it got the bait noticed more. any feedback would be great as all my confidence is gone with not fishing for a few years
  8. I only have daiwa3500 reels and the bars are adjustable I nearly have enough bank sticks to use if I need to
  9. Only reason I need one is my club water has about 50/50 mix of concrete and normal swims and sticks won't be of any use there one of the concrete platforms is my most producing peg from the past and very under fished as it takes patience to cast due to overhead trees , this one the legs don't unscrew and even the buzz bars have a cam style fitting on them and use a screw to hold them in place on the pod
  10. Thank you everybody and the advice I have received not shown on this thread I have most of a set of gear now just waiting on permits and bait then a day off and back to the bank..
  11. It was dirt cheap and will get me back on the bank just one leg is slightly damaged and won't sit straight I could possibly make something but if there were a part that would fit I'd be tempted to buy it if it's not silly money
  12. Hi as some will have seen I'm acquiring gear to star lt fishing again and I got this pod with some gear just wondering if anyone knows what model it is and wether you can get more normal style legs for it thanks in advance for any help or advise
  13. My littleun wants to get in on the act and my mrs has said get a 2 man bivvy etc and take him along so ive found a abode 2 man bivvy that can be changed down to a 1 man by removing a panel, there is a overwrap available too and it would come in at around £200 or i could get the JRC contact 2 man and wrap for around £150 ish would this be a better option ? And lastly im going to need a barrow, would love a fox exlporer as ive used one in the past and its great however its price puts it a bit hard for me to get with needing extra kit for little fella. any one any ideas please
  14. I'm looking to come back to carp fishing after having not fished for a few years. so I need a full set of gear again I don't have a big budget which doesn't help I'd also prefer 10ft rods as one of the waters I plan to fish is a bit of a wilderness however 12tt rods would be fine if the cost is right. probably going to build up day session gear then add to it for overnighters. Cost is my biggest issue the cheaper the better. thanks in advance for any advice
  15. I'm a cheap skate and got myself a Samsung ex1 and a remote control for under £80 through eBay it's a great piece of kit with the flip round screen, and I use a bank stick adaptor instead of a tripod
  16. I have the Cyprinus magnatex 5 season sleeping bag and it's superb also have the older twin rib bivvy that's similar to the chub s bivvy and that's brilliant too especially the stitching I've not found fault with any of it
  17. I have a dwarf net it's as big a net as my full size one just the handed shorter and the net head is a pain to put in the spreader block
  18. My mate blanks everywhere because he over complicates stuff and doesn't think !! Such as he gets lots of liners but no bites so instead of moving his rig nearer to where the fish might be he will stay where he is and put more bait on a spot where the fish aren't etc...
  19. I have a right mish mash of tackle the few NGT items I have are very good but their only small things like a boilie grinder and a tackle box the weigh sling is good value too
  20. Well I'm using 2 types of boilie for now and happy with both of them The cc Moore live system works very well on cell dominated waters and the Essential B5 I have been using a mix of both chopped in my loose feed and swapping about which one is on the rig and they are both doing amazingly for me with me being well ahead of anyone else on my club water for captures. The 2nd club I joined seems a little more difficult but the only time I seriously fished it the wind swang right round changed direction and the fish had moved through the night and I lost out as a result although I did get my PB. Bream of 12lb 2oz
  21. Went to a commercial last weekend with a mate as he still wanted his 1st carp I managed 4 without having put any real effort in to be honest just cast a rig out with pva nugget to protect hook and threw 3 or 4 loose boilies at it , not my idea of fun however their specimen lake looked good and you had to work that so if there's a next time I'll go there and my mate can blank on whichever other one he wants to fish lol !! Last one was my 1st ever chod rig capture and after playing that fish I won't be using it again i don't like the feel when playing a fish
  22. Gave them a bell £14 for replacements from Nash the postage will be nearly as much tho lol thanks for the advice
  23. Well I got myself a Nash dwarf setup from eBay and one of the arms for the net has a chip missing out of it where it goes into the spreader block. I don't know if it was like that when I got it or I did it when I put it together probably me that did it as its blooming hard work to do. I know it will be ok for a while however I was wondering if anyone knew where I could source a pair of replacement arms or another net head with arms the same diameter as the ones on it now (my JRC landing net heads arms are too fat to fit the block)
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