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  1. That was brilliant far better than half the angling shows on the telly and well worth the watch well done Joe and friends my only criticism would be the sound quality in parts as it was a bit hard to hear what you were saying but thats all
  2. Always fancied a crack at Walcot myself good looking place just a shame its no night fishing on the BAA ticket
  3. I have been adding bird sand to fill in the gaps in my pellet bag mixes for a few seasons its bone dry animal friendly and has the added bonus of having oyster shell in it and an aniseed flavour, you could use that and add pva friendly dips or oils to it you can get it in your pet shop for a few quid.
  4. Hi all I am just putting this out there but what do you all think of the possibility that Hydraulic Fracturing could soon start happening at lots more sites around the UK and the adverse affect this could have with ground water and waste water contamination, are any of you as concerned as I am that this could pollute all of our waterways but especially our spring fed lakes and ponds. Have any of you read any of the reports of this sort of thing happening in the US and Canada?
  5. Hi my name is Ozzy and I am a tackleoholic, when I started fishing In my first year I had one tackle box which had everything I needed in it. Now I own five tackle boxes, two lead pouches and a tackle wallet some of which contain items of tackle that have never seen the bank and if I am being totally honest I also have secret stashes of tackle around the house, in the shed, in cupboards, draws and under the bed most of these were purchased on a whim and the combined cost is almost certainly running into quadruple digits. Please Help Me
  6. Pack of four snack salami's 99p three big tins sweetcorn 99p and a large garlic sausage 99p all from the 99p shop
  7. Thanks that's not one I have read but I will be looking out for a copy from now on
  8. That's a fair sized collection you have mate and I have a few of them myself but if you had to recommend just one book from them as a must read for every carp angler or your favourite one which would it be ?
  9. I'm sure this has been mentioned before on an old thread but I don't read into it too much noise is more likely to scare them off unless you are stalking and they are on the top then they can spot you as well as you can spot them.
  10. I can't wait this trip will be my birthday treat to myself and I am getting proper excited already I am looking forward to putting faces to names and having a laugh/drink with you all and will probably drive all my family nuts when its only a few days to go and also help raise money for a good cause of course.
  11. Brand new box logic tackle box rrp £23 bargain price off that site £12 I also got a bait bundle of palltrax ground bait and richworth pellets rrp £70 for £22 with delivery.
  12. I was going to say I hope you got it patented and if not I wonder which money grabbing company will rip this fantastic idea off first or be the first to claim they came up with the idea of the no tangle pva adjustable zig grenade.
  13. Hi esmin I personally have had better results using a large widegape hook with mono hooklinks I'm not saying curvshanks won't work but all the bigger fish I have had with mono have been on widegapes and no shrinktube when I have experimented between the two hook patterns, I think it has something to do with the way the eye of the hook is angled when you tie it knotlessknot style using mono it kicks the mono out this points the point of the hook down when you use a curvshank it almost over compensates and because you don't have the suppleness of the braid the hook wont flip round properly tie some up and have a look for yourself. In response to your question I don't think adding shrinktube will be dangerous but it might cost you a bite.
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