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  1. Exactly, each to their own. Last year I lost a large fish in snags on the River Lot. Using my bait boat and Deeper I was able to locate a huge, completely submerged tree and could then find a spot where I could fish without endagering the carp. How would you do that with a marker float and weight in that current? As Yonny says it is the way tech is used that is the problem.
  2. You are lucky you do not have severe arthritis like me.
  3. I think it is misguided to dismiss modern technology out of hand. How come it is OK to spend a shed load of money on the latest design of rod blank developed using the latest space age technology or whatever but criticise the use of echo sounders which have been used by water users for decades? It should be horses for courses. I fish a lake of 110 acres with depths of 30 feet. It is very rare to see a carp showing. The banks are only accessible in a few places because of dense undergrowth. I see nothing wrong in going out and mapping an area by boat to find a likely spot where the undergrowth can be cleared in order to reach it. I would love the opportunity to stroll around the edge observing carp movements. On the other hand I sometimes fish a smaller lake where I can do just that and have never needed an echo sounder.
  4. Wow that observation could be taken straight out of quantum physics theory! 👍
  5. If you read Davyd’s posts you will understand that the main answer to understanding the results displayed by the Deeper is experience. The more you use it the more you understand. In response to Elmo’s straightforward question “ does it show … “ the answer is an unhelpful yes and no. hence this rather long post. The only information that can be gathered from a SINGLE ping of any sounder is the strength of the returned echo (reflection) and the time it has taken to be returned. An echo is generated when the ping hits a change in density surface. Generally this is interpreted on a screen as a colour pixel corresponding to the strength and it is shown at a certain depth depending on the time. Remember the ping is not a single point that is sent down and returned, it is actually a wave front that has three dimensions – usually referred to as a cone. There is NO information as to where in that cone – e.g. front and back or side to side – the echo is coming from. So within that cone you may get many echoes which will show on the screen on a single vertical line of coloured pixels (colour depending on strength of signal) The size of the cone is usually described as the angle it subtends at the surface. A higher frequency ping has a narrower frequency cone. That is why you have a choice of two (or even three now) frequencies. Imagine you are sounding over a flat concrete bottom. You will see a pixel representing the exact depth of the water. Vertically below that dot, you will see more pixels caused by signals coming from left and right and fore and aft. These will APPEAR to be deeper – i.e. lower on screen – than the first echo because it has travelled a further distance. The hardness and the texture of the bottom will have an effect on the strength (colour) of pixel received. There is another property of the ping which also depends on the frequency. A higher frequency ping is absorbed more quickly than a lower frequency ping. This means a lower frequency ping can penetrate more. For example it may hit some weed and return a weak signal shown as green then it may reflect off the bottom and get a stronger echo shown as black. You may then think that green represents weed and black represents a hard bottom. Remember this explanation only represents one ping. In practise you get many pings per second. Then you introduce movement to the transducer by dragging it through the water and the interpretation of what you are seeing becomes a lot more complicated. So to answer Elmo’s question, you should understand all of the physics involved in the sounding process and then apply it to direct experience. Calibrate your observation with what you can actually see in the water. IMHO People who say fishfinders remove skill from fishing are missing the point. Fishfinders (echo sounders) give you a chance to apply a whole new area of skill and experience. It adds to, rather than relaces, other hard earned lessons.
  6. I am a sucker for gadgets and use a bait boat/deeper/drone all the time but here is a product that combines them all into one product. It costs around $750 but am not sure if it is available yet but I know I can't afford it..
  7. For many years now I have been getting my varifocals from this company. https://www.zennioptical.com/ You simply get a prescription from specsavers or wherever and design what you want. Mine are varifocal (progressive) which darken with increased sunlight. Takes a couple of weeks for delivery but worth the wait.
  8. Bizarrely, here in France rod lengths are measured in feet! https://www.pacificpeche.com/canne-a-carpe-daiwa-mission-df-c-2300-12-3-60m-3lb.html
  9. The UK went metric in 1965. It is quaint to see people pursing our ancient traditions.
  10. carpepecheur

    August catches

    You have to understand Mach that this is France and they have a different attitude to regulations. For example it is illegal to drive your car without a breathalyser but there is no punishment if you don’t. In fact I think the AA in England is the only place you can buy them now. I was read the riot act (but with several garlic shrugs) by a garde de peche when he caught me with a bucket of live crayfish. And this is what he told me. They are a great carp bait, live or dead, and excellent when mashed up and mixed in with your ground bait BUT this is illegal (garlic shrug). You can only catch them with a rod and line (max 4) or a balance (max 6). The latter is a short 2 ringed keepnet that you bait and lift out when a cray goes for the bait. Any other method is illegal including catching them by hand. You must have a fishing licence (costing nearly €100) to catch them Returning a live cray to the water or taking them home alive is illegal and liable to a fine of €20,000 (no garlic shrug but a very serious frown)
  11. carpepecheur

    August catches

    They are a great carp bait but it is illegal to use them in France. 😎
  12. carpepecheur

    August catches

    I know crayfish get a bad press on here but there is one good thing about them. They are delicious to eat. Caught this one this morning.
  13. Nice photo. There are some very large carp in the Lot and also some big catfish - if you like that sort of thing. I have fished it perhaps a dozen times in the Cajarc region. However, I am more of a lake angler. Good luck with the fishing. I won't mention Brexit. It gets me banned everywhere 😁. Best place to get all the information you need is the international carp forum at Montlucon which is around end of next Ferbruary. It is ahuge event and I think not far from you.
  14. carpepecheur

    August catches

    This is what fishing is all about for me. A neighbour had her grandson out for a visit. He is keen on fishing but never catches much. I offered to take him to a local lake to see if we could catch him his first carp. Mission successful.
  15. If you have a motorhome you can stay in our village park beside a lake for €4 per night including water and electricity. I could be persuaded to tell you where the hole in the fence to the other lakes is. First trip with small float rod saw several roach on maize then lost a large fish straight into tree roots because clutch was set far too lightly. Second trip 15 lb common on boilie Third trip was a blank but did hear a VERY large splash. N.B. my trips are only for about 4 hour each so plenty of potential yet.
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