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  1. I love that Elmo. It is obviously an allegory for Enoch Powel’s Birmingham speech where he was brutally demolished by the media. He never ever said “rivers of blood”. He only quoted from a poem by the ancient Roman poet Virigil, referring to blood in the River Tiber in Rome. His media massacre was so comprehensive however that now, 60 years later, he is only remembered for something he never said. He had a brilliant mind which made people afraid of him and he is probably the best Prime Minister we never had. I totally agree. I think the reason that is possible is that none of the posters on this thread are pushing a party line in the manner of supporting a football team. I have a theory that all party politics (the mechanism for exerting political will) should be made illegal. Alongside this I would ban all forms of taxation (the source of political power) and replace it with an automatic levy on every single pound whenever it is withdrawn from a sterling account. This is the cheapest way to raise government finance without an opportunity to avoid it ... and would be much less expensive for plebs like me. I think "rivers of poo" is a good description of politics today.
  2. I totally agree. As Miliband said today, we need a statesman not a party leader. Best on the horizon at the moment is Tom Tugendhat.
  3. It does bring a whole new meaning to the game of poo sticks.
  4. Yes, disruption to the supply chain was widely predicted before Brexit but, had UK stayed in the EU, the pollution of rivers would not have been allowed and nobody wanted the EU telling them what they can and can't do!
  5. The fuel situation in the UK is starting to improve, PM Boris Johnson has said - as he urged motorists to stop panic buying and fill up their cars in the "normal way". ----- BBC I think Boreas is just panic lying now.
  6. According to a government spokesman, there is plenty of petrol for everybody ............... it's just not in the right place.
  7. Yes, as well as exploring new waters , that is a good way to use it. I am almost persuaded to stick with the Pro +. I was just curious to find out if anyone has shelled out more than £100 for a chirp version and if they found any extra benefits The Deeper makes a complex technology really easy to use. The Gemini ARC lead system makes a simple technology really complicated.
  8. I think you are quoting the cone angle rather than the frequency Elmo but I understand your comment. However it is not quite what I was getting at. A CHIRP pulse, instead of sending out a single frequency pulse, sends out a pulse which changes in frequency during the pulse. I used a lot of echo sounders in my working life but I retired before CHIRP technology became available. My query is really to understand the difference between a CHIRP sounding and a single frequency sounding. Over the depths we carp anglers are likely to use does it make much difference? I understand that the CHIRP can be switched on or off. Has anyone with one of these new fangled gizmos tried this and was there a practical difference?
  9. Thanks for that Carpbell. I noticed the shallow spec in the marketing blurb but I seem to only fish deep water around here. Very interested to hear experience of actual use especially if someone has used new and old versions.
  10. I bought one of the very first Deeper sounders as soon as they became available. I have to say it is a miracle of technology and have been very happy with it. Now the GPS does not work and I can only use it in “boat” mode using my phone’s GPS for position. I want to buy a new one but see that now there are a lot of options (with prices to match). I understand the science between different frequencies and I understand the CHIRP technology. However, I cannot find my way past the marketing speak on their web site. It seems to infer that you can use all three frequencies using CHIRP technology. Surely it cannot scan all three frequencies in one pulse? It would make the pulse far too long. So am I right in thinking you have to select which frequency you want to use (100, 240, or 675). If this is the case does the CHIRP technology work on each of these three frequencies? And, for the frequency it works on, what is the range of frequencies in the pulse? This might be listed in the manual under specifications. If anyone has used one of these new versions, it would be interesting to hear if it makes much difference in normal fishing situations.
  11. Grovelling apologies but I gave some incorrect information. The "Tousanticovid" app that acts as your "pass sanitaire" (vaccine passport), CAN be downloaded in UK. (My friend said he was referring to another attestation needed in connection with his residence permit.) Don't worry, it is in English and is easy to use. There have been rumours on Twitter that the UK QR code is not always recognised. If this should happen, simply take it to any pharmacy and they can change it for the European QR code. Just to underline the point, it is OBLIGATORY in all restaurants, bars and cafes.
  12. Can I add some useful information without it being taken as political. To enter many places in France you will need a pass sanitaire. You download an app called Tousanticovid from Google play. You then scan the QR code you were given at the time of your vaccinations. However a friend has reported that this can only be done once you are in France (unless you use a VPN set to France) as it seems to detect your location. Bon chance.
  13. I would have thought that border problems were relevant to persons wishing to fish in France. If any of my comments have offended anybody then I apologise. That was never my intention. I only like to set the record straight where I think misleading information has been given.
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