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  1. It is not clear what you mean by that question. The atmospheric pressure at the water surface will be less compared to waters at lower levels and will vary with current weather conditions. Hydrostatic pressure will increase with depth of water in the same way as lakes at lower levels. What effect from pressure are you worried about?
  2. I had a similar problem. I could not tighten up the rear drag tight enough. All I did was loosen the baitrunner drag as far as it would go then strip off some line against the light drag. I then reset it to it normal position and was then able to tighten up the rear drag enough after that, I have no explanation why but worth a try before going in.
  3. I am lucky enough to be able to collect them direct from the growers in the Valencia region of Spain. The bonus, apart from being able to choose the biggest and freshest tiger nuts at a sensible price, is they make a delicious milk from Tiger Nuts called horchata. If you are ever there on holiday i the region, I recommend you try some. It is so easy to prepare. Just soak then boil then let it stand for a few days until it is irresistibly gooey to carp. I have never tried ready prepared nuts but cannot imagine them being as good.
  4. As Yonny implies, there is no substitute for personal experience. I have also observed the same thing and have been using very short rigs for some time. From the millisecond the carp takes the bait there is a chance of it being ejected. I believe the longer the hook link, the more time you are giving the carp a chance to eject your bait. That is why I prefer short and active rigs. I seem to be out of step with the rest of you because I still use bottom baits in preference to pop ups. That may be more a failing of my pop up technique than anything else.
  5. Many years ago, I got banned from a well known trout water in Scotland where we were catching huge pike using trout as livebait. Our offence was not for mistreating their precious trout but because we returned the pike ALIVE.
  6. Food seems to be much more important to daily life in France than it is in UK. Checking out a new lake, I came across a couple of French anglers. “Any luck?” I asked. “Don’t be silly”, was the reply, “we haven’t even lit the barbeque yet!”
  7. A French guy stopped at as he was leaving the lake today. “Any luck?” he asked. “About half a dozen carp but nothing very big”, I replied “How about you?” “I was fishing for perch (for the table)” he said “but caught nothing” then he added “I see you are fishing English style “ “Why, because I am fishing on the bottom?” I queried. “No” he said “Because you are put them all back after you catch them”
  8. You have just highlighted the opposite of confidence. How many times have you heard people talking about fishing a “hard water”? I do not think there is such a thing. Different waters require different tactics. By describing a water as “hard” you are preparing yourself for failure.
  9. A little off the topic of confidence but a true story regarding hypnotherapy. Client phones up and asked how much he would be charged to quit smoking. "Right", I said, "work out how much you smoke in just one month and that's what I'll charge." "Well I smoke around 30 cigarettes a day and each packet costs me .......... blooming hell", he said "I can't possibly afford that", and he slammed the phone down.
  10. There's a difference between what I think of as confidence and recklessness. To be confident you need to try and anticipate every possible outcome and what the consequences are. I know nothing about horse racing but perhaps hard or soft going, form of your horse compared to others, what it had for breakfast etc. If you do this thoroughly you can nudge the odds in your favour but you will only see this over a period of time not on one race. Alternatively you could stick a pin in a list and live with the consequences. After a session of hypnotherapy to quit smoking a client went outside and
  11. Interesting points in your post Elmo. Your hypnotherapist is probably more skilled than you give credit for. Every client turns up with what is known as a “presenting problem” e.g. “I want to be a good gambler”. The therapist's job then is to work out what the real problem is. I think it is easy to miss the point about the significance of confidence. It is not really about what technique you are using when fishing, it is more about your own mind set. Confident people have more success than unconfident people. Read David Coulthard’s book “The Winning Formulae”. He confesses he w
  12. I agree very important. This is a HUGE subject and one that is difficult to comprehend if you have not experienced it. For my sins, I qualified as a hypnotherapist. The power of the mind is phenomenal. This not just some mumbo jumbo, pseudo-science speak. It actually works. For example, if you think you are in control of your own actions, try getting on a bike and forgetting how to ride it or try jumping into a lake and forgetting how to swim.
  13. That IS a good idea. I have tested it in a tank to see what happens and, with the collar on, it seems to be tangle free. However, when the world cools down a degree or two, it needs testing in a working environment.
  14. Did you actually see someone or just hear heavy breathing? I don't want to be funny but are you sure it wasn't just a hedgehog?
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