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  1. He certainly doesn't lack confidence. Tim Richardson on X factor
  2. The equinox is just a single moment of the year so can have no effect at all. The seasons which follow from that event have a huge effect on fishing so could conceivably have some bearing on what type of carp you catch. IMHO whether the moon has an effect or not simply depends on how cloudy it is. Or, to put it another way, how much light is being cast on the lake during the night.
  3. Since this thread started I have been looking again at self takes again. I tend to use my phone for a lot of photos and there is an app which you can read about here which gives you both an intervalometer so no need for fancy remote triggers BUT also exposure bracketing so you can get several shots at different exposures and choose the best one. I will be testing it this weekend.
  4. If you have plenty of time to invest but no cash I recommend looking at CHDK This is some free software that you can load on to most cheap Canon cameras. You just save a script on your SD card then , then when you switch on your camera it starts running that script. There are plenty of free scripts to download including several intervalometers working in various ways. I bought a cheap Canon Ixus for £5 about 10 years ago and spent a weekend working on a script for self takes. All I have to do is switch it on, there are no settings to select, it just starts taking shots every 5 secs
  5. I seem to remenber,when I made my own boilies, if you microwaved them instead of boiling them, you can turn them into wafters or pop ups depending on time they were zapped. However, you do need an understanding wife.
  6. You can be xenophobic and still tell the truth but it could explain why Andy is not getting much feedback to his original post asking for opinions. Surely someone can help a new member asking for help?
  7. ... I would but it would be far too impolite. Stopping freedom of movement works both ways so if you don’t want Europeans going to UK you can hardly expect to be welcomed with open arms to the EU. The cost of Brexit so far is around £200 billion i.e. more than 45 years net contributions to the EU. I really do hope you get the cheaper or more available housing you think you voted for (but don’t hold your breath). But as you say this is off track and a fishing forum. Andy, you seem to have done your homework. I hope your business plan works out. I only mentioned the Ebro fishi
  8. Your project of running a fishery by the sea sounds like a dream job. I am not sure if its success is commensurate with your comment “don't really want to work very hard”. (I presume that was said tongue in cheek? 😀 ) The comment “With the EU playing silly beggars on Brexit and threatened to stop all travel to them from our shores” is a rather misleading statement. I understood it was Priti Patel who is hell bent on stopping freedom of movement for people. The EU travel rules are very clear. You will be allowed to travel to the EU for a total of 90 days in any period of 180 days. In 202
  9. Australia has just announced national donut day. That is 24 hours without a single new infection in the whole country. They had to impose very severe restrictions in August but they do seem to have worked. If everyone sticks to the guidance and avoids contriving excuses for ignoring them then perhaps we can have our own donut day.
  10. In a normal world, I would usually order stuff to my daughter's address in UK then pick it up when I visit. So I am probably not a representative case.
  11. I am not sure if you are aware of this Reedy but your web site cannot be accessed from France. If I use a VPN and pretend I am in UK it does work so it is not a problem for me but it could affect some potential sales for you.
  12. I think I have posted this clip on here before but it does show an alternative way of getting a lot of bait out quickly. If you are prepared to experiment you can get a large amounts of bait out quite a long distance with very little effort. On the lake shown in the clip, I was using it quite regularly at 70 metres. (which is where the fish were not its maximum range). It costs next to nothing to make.
  13. It is not clear what you mean by that question. The atmospheric pressure at the water surface will be less compared to waters at lower levels and will vary with current weather conditions. Hydrostatic pressure will increase with depth of water in the same way as lakes at lower levels. What effect from pressure are you worried about?
  14. I had a similar problem. I could not tighten up the rear drag tight enough. All I did was loosen the baitrunner drag as far as it would go then strip off some line against the light drag. I then reset it to it normal position and was then able to tighten up the rear drag enough after that, I have no explanation why but worth a try before going in.
  15. I am lucky enough to be able to collect them direct from the growers in the Valencia region of Spain. The bonus, apart from being able to choose the biggest and freshest tiger nuts at a sensible price, is they make a delicious milk from Tiger Nuts called horchata. If you are ever there on holiday i the region, I recommend you try some. It is so easy to prepare. Just soak then boil then let it stand for a few days until it is irresistibly gooey to carp. I have never tried ready prepared nuts but cannot imagine them being as good.
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