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  1. He's gone over to the dark side ---- sea fishing.
  2. Yes you are correct. It is the catenary effect and it becomes more significant with heavier line. As a surveyor, when we wanted to measure a distance accurately, we needed to measure the tension in the tape, know its weight and do a complicated calculation to work out a correction to take off the measured distance due to sag. A stretched line will always sag a bit.
  3. It has been a very long time since I went to school but if I remember my Physics lessons correctly, the line is not held down by water pressure. Water pressure acts in all directions on the surface of the line so there is as much upward pressure as downward pressure. For example, when you weigh yourself, you do not have to allow for changing atmospheric pressure. Depending on the type of line being used, water pressure could reduce its buoyancy by compressing the material slightly. However, I agree with Yonny, very tight lines are the way to go.
  4. carpepecheur


    I understand the theory of a COG lead. i am not convinced it is the way to go but if I did, I think the Fox version is much simpler and safer.
  5. Do you mean something like this:-
  6. Ooops sorry peeps i got confused. Not an uncommon occurrence chez nous. I think you asked him a question Yonny and someone else answered or perhaps I have lost the thread of this altogether.
  7. It is possible that when the lead hits the water, the momentum in the lead pushes through the lighter contents of the bag and sits on top of your rig. When you retrieve the lead, it pulls clear and everything looks normal. Of course if your fish spy tells you your multi tangle rig 😀 is normal then you have a different problem. Does it not give you any other clues what might be happening like fish shying away or picking up and dropping?
  8. Are you saying that you put the lead inside the PVA bag as well?
  9. I wasn't planning to try it as I am happy with my current rig but that sounds like a challenge. I was just trying to give a helpful suggestion BUT will have to give it a go now. I will tank test it first to see how it sucks up. There are a lot of variables - length of whisker, stiffness and thickness of whisker, number of whiskers, angle between whiskers. I have a mental image of it being a bit like having a small fishbone stuck in your throat.
  10. I agree that the feeding situation needs to be created. There is nothing is like the 100% confidence you get when you see bubbles coming up from your patch. It seemed to me that the tone of this thread was to suggest improvements to the anti-ejection properties of a rig rather than just accept current rigs. IMHO, I think the problem with a lot of rigs is that the hook simply hangs below the bait. All the carp has to do is to open its mouth and let it drop. I think the solution is to try and make the hook move away from that position once the carp stops sucking it up. This is why I do not fish my boilies on a hair BUT, because the hair is a very tried and tested technique, I think the “Savay” idea may be the way to go.
  11. I tested that idea some time ago. The idea is that if the hook slides along the side of the mouth those arms turn the hook into the flesh. However, it works against you if the hook is on its back.
  12. Watching similar videos I came to a different conclusion. When carp are feeding the food is wafting about in the disturbance. Anything attached to a line behaves differently and stands out like a sore thumb.
  13. Yes I did wonder about using two diverging whiskers. Any idea why this is no used more? It is such a cheap and easy mod if it works.
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