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  1. If you use a bait boat Davyd, you can tow the deeper behind and watch progress on your mapped area on your smart phone or tablet. You can then drop exactly on any feature you wish. I have attached a photo of my set up. The tablet fixes straight on to the bait boat controller. The Deeper has a line attached to a spring clip to quickly attach it to the bait boat. The plastic box has velcro underneath to also attach quickly to the bait boat.. If I want to map beyond wifi range I put the tablet in the box, buzz up and down in the bait boat, then review the mapping afterwards.
  2. I envy your opportunity to observe carp. Most of the waters I fish are large deep reservoirs and the opportunities to observe carp behaviour are limited. I do have access to a smaller private gravel pit where I spend much more time watching the carp than I do fishing. Its horses for courses.
  3. Yonnie said “It's a personal thing at the end of the day. For me it's all about the sense of achievement when you work it out and the journey that takes you there.” I think that is all that needs to be said. If you like to use a sonar then do, if you don’t then don’t. I have to smile when someone criticises the technology in a Deeper and then uses the latest high tech rods and reels (which have had far more research and funds invested in them than in the Deeper) to get out to their fishing spots. Then Yonnie said “Nature did not intend for us to see what's under the surface.” Is that why water is transparent? 😉 Bait boats never interested me until I got arthritis and could no longer reach my spots by casting. When I bought one, it soon changed my prejudices. Now I use it for every cast, even if it is just a pub chuck. I bought a Deeper when they first came out. Why people refer to it as a fish finder beats me. It is an echo sounder. If it happens to pick up a fish that does not mean it will be there when you cast. Conversely, if you see no fish, it does not mean they are not there. It is best used to find features. Used in combination with a bait boat it is a very useful tool. For example, I recently fished a very attractive eddy in a powerful river but lost a large fish in snags. The Deeper revealed that the eddy was a magnet for sunken trees. I changed my technique to fish locked up downstream of the huge snags and managed to catch. Without knowing where the snags were that would have been difficult. As far as I can tell, the new version of the Deeper just adds a third, very high frequency transducer. I cannot imagine how I would be able to make use of that feature and for an extra £70 or so it does not seem like good value to me. At the end of the day – just enjoy your fishing your own way.
  4. Welcome to the forum. In answer to your question it is certainly possible to do what you suggest. It is simply a question of measurement skills and casting ability. Whether you can or not is, of course, down to you.
  5. I came across a very distressed lady whilst walking the dog. Her dog had picked up a treble hook in its paw. It then tried to bite at it and ended up with his paw tethered to its cheek and was in A LOT of pain. We whisked it to the vet who sedated and operated immediately. He said dogs picking up discarded hooks was quite a common problem.
  6. That is understandable Yonnie but it is one of those things you have to experience to understand. I was shown around a local farm because I made similar comments. In my mind, the ducks love the force feeding. In the old days the farmers wife used to use a gadget with an archimedes screw, sit the duck on her lap and force feed it with maize. Nowadays, the feeding tubes are all automatic but come feeding time they are queing at the gate to be let in and fed. When I was there, one duck got left behind at feeding time and it created merry hell to be let in and fed. Of course I am only talking about local, traditional methods. I am sure there are are industrial sized units which are less kind - like any form of animal husbandry these days. Like everything on the internet, it is hard to separate fact from fiction.
  7. Yonny said “No arguments, this is a healthy debate lads” I totally agree with that sentiment. Surely this is what forums are about – sharing ideas and experience. But he also said “I think we're all agreed that unprepared particles are a no-no all the same.” And I can’t agree with that statement. I will say that where there is doubt, err on the side of caution and soak and boil but I would also like to see some evidence of raw maize doing damage to a carp. A farm near me supplies foie gras using a system known as “gavage”. Ducks are force fed maize to make foie gras. To the best of my knowledge no ducks have ever exploded and died due to the maize swelling up. Nevertheless you will read heaps of stuff on the internet with people, who have no actual experience of what it is really like, telling everyone how bad it is for ducks. So much so that foie gras is now banned from restaurants in California. OK ducks and carp are different creatures but I hope you get my point. JH92 said “I left maize soaking for about 2 weeks and it was the best looking maize I’ve seen. about 3 times the size and would squish in between your fingers, I boiled it and completely ruined the batch, it blown basically all the kernels so no good for a rig. I do wonder if you soak it for long enough, do you really need to boil it? “ I have never observed maize expand to three times its size but if that makes it mushy isn’t that the point. All you can be doing is adding water to the maize. So if it expand 3 times then two thirds of it is water and nowhere near as harmful as a raw grain three times its size. There seems to be a mis-conception that a swollen maize is just as harmful as a hard raw maize. But in my opinion the best idea posted on this thread was by Oscsha who said “Maybe we're doing it wrong by using boilies that meet a carps needs , as they may eat less due to their nutritional need being fulfilled , this leading to the fish being on the feed less. Playing devil’s advocate a little” If the carp have to keep eating and re-eating raw maize to get any benefit from it, it keeps them feeding longer and makes them more catchable. That is a VERY interesting and original idea. The big question is – is it safe?
  8. I share your concern if true but where is your evidence.
  9. I understand your point Oscha and because I am uncertain, I do soak and boil the maize. However I have scoured the internet for any factual evidence that raw maize swells up inside a carp and kills it. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence but no hard facts. I did read that a well known carp fishery in Eastern Europe fattens their carp with raw maize although again this might be fake news. Who knows these days? Try this test. Put some raw maize in a jar and let it soak for a couple of days and then measure it and tell me how much it has swollen up.
  10. Wow, things get really complicated in UK. I use straight forward maize (used for animal feed) at 30p per kilo. I do boil it but I am not convinced even that is necessary. The main requirement is to use lots of it over a long period of time. It also makes a good hookbait with 4 or 5 raw graines fished on a hair. It is quite resistant to crayfish.
  11. I had one a while ago which dived into my landing net. UUrghh
  12. Here it is called a couleuvre but basically it is a grass snake. At least I hope that is what it was. I am told that if they have round eyes they are safe - if they have slit eyes you are already too close! Either way I feel very uncomfortable when they are about.
  13. The good thing about crayfish is they make VERY nice eating. I make a crayfish bisque to die for. I put out traps whilst prebaiting the night before a session and then collect them at the end of a session. Today I had a surprise catch.
  14. carpepecheur

    Dogs and fishing

    I have a well-trained border collie and could not contemplate fishing without him. I only have to say the word “fishing” and he is at the door wagging his tail. He will sit and stare at my rod tips all day long. He knows I have a bite before I do and lets me know. I was walking around a local lake yesterday and got chatting to an angler. Dog barked like mad, angler looked up, realised he had a bite, and caught a small perch. His reward is always a swim at the end of a session.
  15. Isn't that idea a bit like going to a carp fishery?
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