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  1. yeh mate I'm an AT funny you should bump this thread, I've only had two fish since then, Hunstrete is a tricky venue; in my defence I have spent 6 months in Kenya in the mean time and been fishing other waters I'm out on tuesday and wednesday, on the running rig!
  2. thanks for your views guys the top rig is mine, and is uncoated suffix silt braid; it's not obvious from the picture, but the eye of the swivel on the leader is "oversized" and passes (very) freely over the leader knot
  3. What do you think of the setup on this running KD rig? The rig is connected via an ACE quick change clip covered in an anti tangle sleeve; this quick change clip sits inside a Korda safe zone running rig stem Would the rigidity from the bottom of the leader across this join to the top of the rig help or hinder the anti tangle properties of the rig? Compare and contrast with the obvious "hinge" at the same point in this rig:
  4. Really? For what reasons? £27 a year to use 2 rods is good value I think. Let me just wind my calculator up........ £27 a year or £2:25 a month or £0:51p per week or £0:07p per day. As for my latest purchase, I've just renewed my lake membership but upgraded to a day & night ticket rather than just days. I imagine 7p is about how much of it goes towards anglers!
  5. well in mate, love the hat!
  6. rod licence, worst value for money item you can get in fishing
  7. All day breakfast is the best! Jamie Oliver could do no better
  8. Daiwa Mission Day Shelter does the job for me, fits in my quiver and is up in about 30 seconds
  9. sell the design to "Spomb", the marketing does itself!
  10. well done joe! you moved on from hunstrete now or fancied a change? and you may have had no responses cos the weather is lovely and everyone is out dangling! no such luck for me
  11. Yeh mate that was Hunstrete from a swim on the car park, dropped in the margins
  12. I've hooked a duckling on a zig, a foot under the suface! Then had it's Mum go mental as I reeled it in and got it back in safely while getting flapped at and pecked!
  13. bloke lost his delkims and basias on brasenose 2 last night
  14. Cheers for the local knowledge! I was posted down the road from Bracht at Elmpt (used to be RAF Bruggen and the depot at Bracht is closed now), lived out in Germany for 4 years and loved it!
  15. I'm off next Thursday for a few days, I'll take whatever peg is available really nice spot of the badge btw just tracked down some info off a mate who rang the bailiff: Seems pretty standard.
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