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    Nice result mate, loving the last pic
  2. Lol Lovely looking fish there mate, well done!
  3. Nice shots mate, are they bracketed or just one shot run through photoshop?
  4. Another vote for the Nash micro here. As said before it packs down quite nicely, and when the other half wants to come, it can be loaded pretty high and still be quite stable. Just stick a couple bungee cords on, and its good to go!
  5. The fella in red bought me some fox scales, and some new boots Just got round to trying the boots on and one feels smaller than the other Anyone know of any boots similar to the wychwood solace?
  6. I recently bought the attx transmitters and receiver for me Delkims. Very pleased with them, and it worked out a bit cheaper than the Delkim alternative. I got the 3 transmitters, and sounder box, all in a hard case for £173. Not sure what the deal is with posting links, but I'm sure if you google it you cant got far wrong:) Hope this helps
  7. I have the 50d, wouldn't mind knowing the seller you got it from, as this looks fun
  8. Checked today mate, as I said Shane has sold all but Godney, which he now runs, and that is full for this year. Apparently Shane still has a bit to do with the old place/new owners, and my mate thinks there are a few spots left @ £450 Hope this helps
  9. Nice pics! I wouldn't mind knowing how you achieved the underwater shots as well. I certainly wont be lobbing my Canon in the lake anytime soon
  10. He's sold it mate. I can check tomorrow with a mate, but I think he has sold the big lake, and the couple other little ones nearby (cant remember the names of em), and he just runs Godney now. I know Godney is full this year, as I applied a couple months back, but was told so. Like I said, I'm not 100% but will check with the guy at work who is on Shane's syndicate at the mo
  11. Hey all, I'm looking for somewhere up to about an hours drive from Taunton, I did mail velocity angling about 3 weeks ago, but no one has got back to me, and appprently bits of it are up for sale, so I dont know whats going on there. My budget is about 300 quid ish, but could maybe stretch to a bit more for the right water. Would be good if it was a nice secure place, toilets/water etc. Any advice/info appreciated guys
  12. I'll second this. A mate gave me a leatherman skelton or something like that for me birthday, I chucked it in my tackle bag, and I seem to find a use for it every time I fish
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