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  1. Well I have stow heads on some old cut down solar chains (instead of forking out for the whole lot) so the thread must be the same as solar/matrix ect
  2. You would think so the last time i fished there i just fished a spread of boilie and didnt tcatch one carp lol, just tench & bream
  3. As my club water is still shut for the closed season i managed to get out with the father in-law. He suggested Marsworth reservoir on the Tring reservoir complex, and it would be a good chance to test out my new spare set of roads Daiwa Black Widows in 3.25lb test which can i say for £30 each are fantastic rods handle brilliantly Now not having fished there for a few years i could recall a lot of bream and tench getting to your bait before the carp! I was right! well we had a fantastic days fishing i had to get through 23 bream between 5lb and 14lb but it was worth it to beat my p.b mirror twice in one day My methods were fishing large solid bags with crushed Pulse boilies and pellet on a 5" 20lb ESP 3 -tone hooklink, with a size 8 ESP longshank hook tied blowback style with a Pulse Dumbell topped with a white peice of corn, fished to a point of reeds where the was a small bar and the fact the wind was blowing right up to the reeds and the occasional carp showed was good enough for me. P.B 25lb 5oz mirror and then P.B 26lb on the nose the swim And a fantastic view of Startops Reservoir as we left Tight lines Mark
  4. I had this discussion with a guy on my water! he did not want to take off the plastic sleeves because they will get dirty ect. My question to him was why on earth did you buy cork handled rods then just to keep them covered, enjoy them the way they were intended to be used If they get wet let them dry out properly, cork last a hell of a long time i have cork handled rods passed on to me that are 35 plus years old and have been though wind, rain, snow, mud ect and are still fab
  5. I Have stayed there a few times havent had much out to be honest, A few carp to mid doubles on the little "specimen" lake. Mind you the father in-law had a 3lb 1oz roach out of that lake back in 2008
  6. Absolute quality!! I know people that would pay good money for someone to take such good photos of them like those. My misses for one, she thinks that they are all brill aswell Well done!
  7. Went out the weekend to try and see how my home made drop off indicators work, well....... They worked a treat two nice pike that put up wonderfull scraps shame about the pics left me proper camera at home the old iphones are not that great at piccys
  8. Get there early and try and get the swims nearest the end with the boats! It is deffo the most productive part of the lake. Fish pva bags to one spot build up a bed as no spodding allowed, i tend to use big baits to try and avoid the bream, But speak to Gerald the baliff he we let you know what baits working well ect. And DON'T forget plenty of change as tickets are purchased along with car park tickets from a ticket machine tha takes coins only
  9. Growing up as a child we never had much money, as a child in the early ninties all i had was tackle passed on to me by my Dad, Uncle and Grandfather (which was tackle they had brought through the seventies and eighties) WHEN i was experienced enough to target carp!!! My dad not letting me to fish in a specamin carp anglers way untill he thought i was ready although i had caught a few floating crust ect. I rember getting my Mum to help me make bobbins out of a cork a hair clip and a bit of string! and the excitment i got when my dad gave me his Optonic bite alarms. We used to be members of Leisure sports and fish Stansted Abbots 'ABBOTS LAKE' It was four lakes back then and cost £30 or something like that for the year not he price of a gold cemex ticket what ever that may be now and the ruddy waiting list to go withi it Any way i remeber being absolutley lost thinking what am i gonna do here looking out at 25 acres or so of water. I learnt a lot in the few years fishing there catching a few nice doubles and mid twenties which im sure are Big now but had to leave as the ticket price went up to silly money. There never used to be many people fishing it and the serious carpers that were looked on in amazement as i was pulling out carp on old beat up tackle they would have thrown away. Whilst they were blanking may i add I havent had fishing like that since and i miss it! Oh the good old days... What am i saying i'm not even Thirty yet!!! But i can totally understand where you (dare i say) older guys are coming from as even in my short time upon this earth have seen carp fishing change becoming ever more popular. Mark
  10. I just brought the heads £5 each and just shortend some old solar chains job done must admit they are the muts nuts so so sensative
  11. Ive always used this knot once you get the hang of it comes out perfick.. Also the line passes through the eye only twice rather than three times on the knotless knot syle of doing it... so it works with smaller eyed hooks
  12. I sometimes fry mine makes it really tough and i also chuck in some curry powder for good measure
  13. I personally use the Met Office app works for me
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