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  1. That up wilby way? By mcdonalds ? Hi Mate Nice fish is that Carr's fishery at Sedgefield area mate... Jamie
  2. Hi all Just back from Pendleview lakes near Blackburn and to say I'm gutted is a understatement had a couple of takes that I lost... Then we were just about to pack up and I got a cracking run, got it right to the net and lost it... I knew it was a decent fish but one of the lads that was watching me and me mate said it was at less 25lb - 30 lb but all I know it was alot bigger than my PB 18lb and I'm gutted... Thanks Jamie
  3. Hi Cobleyn Well done on your new PB on the Cat....I caught my first ever cat last weekend at 5.5 lb and I was chuffed to bits m8... Jamie
  4. Hi Guys Yeah its Oakland waters m8... Graham could be the same session as you no carp but 5-5lb catfish my first cat or should I say kit The 2 that you caught were nice fish,even if you woke me up at 4.30am Cant believe I missed that run on the first night due to how tired I was m8... Did you sort them dates out of the next trip m8... Thanks Jamie
  5. Hi Jules Thanks for the information mate...We've got pegs 2 and 5 booked so we are a bit off the mark a bit luck we might get in the pegs you mentioned mate.. Thanks Jamie
  6. Hi Guys... Just wondering if any forum members have fishing this venue me and graham1969 are doing a 48 hr session very soon here... Anyone know if any baits work well on these waters or any tips you would like to share with me Jamie
  7. Hi all Just a quick question I will be shortly going for my first all nighter and I was wondering if any member uses a lantern in there bivvy... Many thanks Jamie
  8. Hi Guys Just like to know who uses PVA funnel webbing and what sort of baits do you use in there along with your hook bait to match?.... Many thanks Jamie
  9. Class m8 well done quality video... Jamie
  10. Thats why its a nightmare to load on to the reels I'll know for the next time. Jamie
  11. Once forgot my License and my wife drove nearly an hour to where I was to drop it off
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