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  1. This fella and a couple of smaller commons tonight. I'm on a roll in the creek ! This rain and subsequent dirty water seems to be bringing them on a bit
  2. Nice fish Steve much bigger than my little creek fish. You can definetly come and have a fish in the dam when I am satisfied with its stocking levels Chris. I am always hunting the creeks for mirrors to wack in there. I had a quick fish up our local dam last night with my fingers crossed I could bag a couple of crucians. We'll I had no luck on them but a look about with the spotlight later on and I seen 3 one was around a pound and a half. I did manage this carp which will go to the larger 'specimen size' carp dam later this arvo Open for discussion guys, I think its a cru
  3. Well I manage to bag my first mirror in a while out of the creek yesty in a busy session I managed 4 and had a fair few more bites. She got put in a farm dam which I am hoping to stock with a few more mirrors in the future.
  4. Yeah it has been dead in my neck of the woods to. Friday arvo session in the local carp pond I ended up with doughnuts but dropped a few on floaters. I think I will have to get some bolt bubbles to convert better hook-ups. Carp in the local creek have done there business with the warm weather from the last few weeks and I have been pulling a few small hungry ones but the mirrors in there are eluding me. I have a trip planned to one of the local impoundments tomorrow to try and catch a few crucian carp so will keep you's posted .
  5. Yeah we have some good carping spots here although their not quite alpine. Not many people realise that Tumut is considerably lower in altitude than Canberra! I have fished Burrinjuck quite a few times with Techo on camping trips and its a top carp spot as he showed me. If you ever get the chance to head up this way I have some awesome spots I can show you.
  6. Hi Guys, Just like to introduce myself my name is Grant and I live in Tumut about 1 1/2 hr drive from Canberra. I am a fairly keen carper and have got the bug the last few months buying some cool gear like rod pods, alarms and stuff to make some of them fancy rigs from the UK. My PB is 18lb and I have caught a few more around the 15lb mark. I usually fish a pond close to home but with a few fish kills the last few years their average size and condition is average to say the least. We also have a few creeks and a local river with some double figure fish in it. Blowering dam is our
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