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  1. I've got a couple of bags of this in bag at the moment .. Seems to work well
  2. I've been getting on well with my jrc x-lite chair for over 2 years now folds flat and is very lite I just clipper an old bag strap to it and barely notice it on my shoulder. Adjustable legs and mud feet and plenty comfortable enough for sitting in all day can't remember exactly how much it was but around the 40 quid mark I think. Damn site lighter an more compact than some I have seen Just my 2p worth
  3. although that said I notice you already have wellies .... and socks
  4. I dont know anything about these boots per say. However I do have some TF Clothing and its really not all that ... ( the waterproof jacket isn't and against all probability the thick fleece appears to have no thermal properties to speak of ) they have been relagated to my outdoor DIY clothes. This seems to be the general feeling on most of their kit and I wont be buying anything from them again. I suspect that you would be better off spending a bit more on a more "respected "brand, or failing that a decent pair of socks and some wellys Not sure if that is helpful or not
  5. I have found the bug type with the longer plastic ears worked best for me ( not withstanding my recent post about trying swingers ), I had the metal type when I first got back into fishing a few years ago. I found that on several occasions the balls held onto the line too tight and when I was lifting the rod it was harder than it should have been to free them from the line. Whilst you can widen the gap I found it difficult to get it "just right" with mine and so switched to the bugs which have done me proud ever since. I appreciate you said you mostly fish tight, the bug ones do also give you the option of traping the line between the ears if you are fishing slack which is sometimes a usful thing. IMHO *edited for horrible spelling and grammar*
  6. Blimey, posting at 3:24am! Were you just getting up or just going to bed. Shift worker .... The rest is a state secret
  7. For online stuff Erics's all day long, ordered my first rods from them at lunch time on a Monday and they turned up at lunch time on Tuesday. Thats the kind of service that gets repeat business ! Always been friendly and helpful to me. Locally I've got 3 that are within 40 mins of me Cheam angling : they have a very good selection of baits and so many glugs and liquids that half the shop looks like an off licence, however the chap who runs it is happy to take your money but other than that doesn't really like interaction , this tends to put me off. Sutton Angling : ideal if you are a match man and friendly enough but not a great selection of carp kit ... I once dropped in there for some hooks to find they had literally no barbless hooks at all, also what they do have is mainly Korda and personally I tend to prefer Fox for a lot of my end tackle. Gerry's of Wimbledon : Largest of the 3 and my personal favourite as they have the largest selection by far ( not just carp they also cover pretty much anything else short of spear guns ). Their prices are shamed by Erics but I guess that goes with the territory. The staff are very friendly and helpful and don't seem driven to sell you stuff and are happy to chat. Their customer service is very good and on the rare occasions I have had a problem they have sorted it with no issues and quickly ( they also have very nice toilets ) But I guess most of that is useless unless you live down here , and I think most of you don't
  8. Have jut received the following text from my Dad : " your mother tells me I have to go and buy swinging foxes for you for Christmas, I assume this is not right ?" Oh dear ...... Heavens knows what I will find under the tree in a few weeks
  9. Keenook .. I've used hangers for a few years now and yes I like them, however in the last few months I have been concentrating on a seeming wind trap water and the hangers have been blown all over. I am hoping that swingers will cut this down. That and I fancied trying something new and learning a new technique just so I understand it. ( and the wrinklies are paying )
  10. Right now I've got your attention Sorry not that sort of swinger I am looking to get a set of swinger indicator, probably fox micros as I like Fox kit generally. I have a stupid question though .. How do they attach to your bank stick /alarm ... Is the termination of the post a collar like you got on dangles or do you need to get ones that fit your alarms... I appreciate I could go to a shop and look but work is mental at the moment and the parents are getting them for me and all the shopping appears to be online .. I can't find a picture that shows the attachment clearly ... Hope some one can clear this up for me Thanks fellas
  11. I going to include this as tackle as its in the bag .... New micro gas cooker and dinky primus half litre pan/mug ..... Just the thing for heating up lunch for one in the winter.... A lot more useful than some of the things I have brought
  12. Mate of mine has the fox warrior and he loves it ... Easy to put up and down and works well enough just a good basic brolly. I appreciate you said £80 but I have just got the supa (sp?) brolly which is the canine dangles !! And would be more than suitable for mild overnighters.
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