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  1. Me too ! A secure car park would be a dream ! I cant see it happening there mind that's no reason not to float the idea. I appreciate what Steve says about them not being keen when approached before but people change there minds on things every day so a reasoned proposal is always worth trying. Cheers Ian
  2. Hmm Until they put reflectors on the side of cars if you think I am going to park at 90 degrees to the flow of traffic on an unlit country lane in Northants you are having a giraffe lol. I value my motor and have seen the way some of the locals drive (I am local myself so speak with some knowledge Hee Hee) Cheers Ian
  3. No problem at all with having my name added if it helps. Also it may be an idea to offer to survey the membership to see how many of us are first aid trained or other relevant things that might put there mind at rest. Think the most important bit is the foc comment personally. Cheers Ian
  4. Vik If you think it may help I can offer to oversee subcontractors risk assements and method statements or construct our own, in case that steers them to letting us do something. I have 30 years experience construction and demolition jobs and hold current certification including appointed persons mobile lifting equipment (cranes lol). Feel free to stick my name in your email. Cheers Ian
  5. Tree ? I am hearing rumours of another tree down on the island at the estate, is this true? I am only worried as with the downed trees and the massive lilly growth there isn't room for half the membership to fish and I can forsee problems ahead unless something drastic happens. Anyone know anything? Cheers Ian
  6. Shame for the fish if true Yonny but in my opinion that's almost murder by the owner. Possibly a controversial viewpoint but he did effectively force feed the thing ! Cheers Ian
  7. Hi Chill Ironically I first met Peter at Anglers Paradise quite a few years ago ! We were introduced by Len Gurd and as the drinks flowed some of the strokes pulled by those guys were seriously ott! Cheers Ian
  8. I have a suspicion contacting Peter could be a bit difficult ! Cheers Ian
  9. Relax man ! You are married so you know whatever decision you make will automatically be the wrong one so just do whatever you wish, its all the same in the end. (I speak from bitter experience lol) Cheers Ian
  10. If that's supposed to make me jealous it works lol. Cheers Ian
  11. I'll tell you next time I see you. Suntan lotion used up so hiding in the shade. Cheers Ian
  12. Sorry just M! I hate predictive text lol
  13. Name of the water starts with an MBA actually. But it is hot to say the least. I have lizard tendencies but even I am sat in the shade of a tree. Cheers Ian
  14. Think I may well melt lol. I have seen more wind in an Indian resteraunt, but it does look nice don't you think? Cheers Ian
  15. Am I getting a sense of dejavu here lol Didn't we have the same tc versus action conversation last week? I am in agreement with David feel of a rods action is paramount. Cheers Ian