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  1. Well done that man! Cheers Ian
  2. That's a very kind comment but I was fishing in a shallow area full of the smaller fish while the other guys were tackling much harder circumstances with larger fish obviously getting ready to spawn. Cheers Ian
  3. Well guys I am glad you all enjoyed Steves social and it was very nice to be asked to be involved. I enjoyed meeting you all again or for the first time (delete where applicable lol). I can only apologise that work forced me to leave so early today, trust me I would have happily stayed. I was asked to list the catches up my end of the lake. 23/5/17 18:50 19lb 4oz mirror 24/5/17 05:20 13lb 5oz Common 06:25 24lb 5oz mirror 07:25 19lb 1oz mirror 10:30 19lb 3oz mirror 12:45 21lb 5oz mirror 16:30 16lb 3oz common 22:45 11lb 4oz leather Apart from a couple of losses that was a great result for trying conditions. The fish photographed didn't display the packed belly look of female carp about to spawn and only one was expelling milt this is what lead to my theory about male/female separation in this lake. I would love to know if I am even close to being correct but I appreciate it is unlikely we will ever know (isn't that half the charm ?) Many thanks to Ian for photographs and I will forward the pics of your fish to you in a minute. Above all thanks guys till next time ?????? Cheers Ian
  4. I had 1 last night and just lost a mirror at the net. I don't think Iain or Johnno have had anymore but I will update later if people are interested. Cheers Ian
  5. Guys It's been good fun but Colin the carp is getting ready to go home. Cheers Ian
  6. Only posting this one as a thank you to Greekskii for his assistance. One very stroppy 21lb 5oz mirror that wanted to visit every weedbed in the lake. Without Viks help I would probably have lost this one. Cheers Ian
  7. I am enjoying myself this morning but I am worried that I may be upsetting IainIain as he just kindly photographed this 19lb 1oz mirror for me. Genuinely grateful for your help Iain Cheers Ian
  8. Well I now know CM has had at least one fish during the night. So I thoughtI'd better get another so here she is a lovely 24lb 5oz mirror caught at 0630 now hopefully I can get that coffee finished lol. Cheers Ian
  9. Good morning all Nice start to the morning a little 13lb 3oz common. Actually not so common in here as it is mostly mirrors. Don't know how the others have done during the night so I shall get the kettle on and await news. Cheers Ian
  10. Well done that man! I hope you are carrying cash lol Cheers Ian
  11. And that would be worth how much? Just lost 1 at the net Grr! Same rod only back out about 10mins. I wouldn't mind but I had done the hard work and got it virtually under my feet and we had seen it. Cheers Ian
  12. Off the mark with a lovely19lb 4oz mirror. Thanks Iain for doing the pics. Cheers Ian
  13. Quite nice at my end of the lake! No fish yet but happy watching the crows agrivating the bunny out of the buzzard trying to roost in the tree opposite me. Cheers Ian
  14. So far just Cyborx and myself here so don't fret. No fish yet and very bright Cheers Ian
  15. Well had a little look earlier when Vic was there. Looks nice but I would hazard a guess the fish are still quite well spread out, which if I am honest I think will make for a better social. Still we all have to deal with high pressure but I think everybody will be in with a chance regardless of where they end up fishing. My other half the Frog has volunteered to do a chip shop run on the way back from work on Wednesday if that helps (I am happy because if she isn't fishing we all have a better chance lol) Cheers Ian