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  1. Orchid Lakes, Marsh Pratley

    Really sad news to hear. Remember meeting him when he first took over Orchid smashing fella and not afraid of hard work. Cheers Ian
  2. lac de paix france

    Interesting idea Cyborx Wonder how many of the others up for it? Large van hire split between us may reduce costs as well and mean bait can be taken easily. Cheers Ian
  3. got to try this out

    When you said vibrator motors I wondered where this post was going lol. Cheers Ian
  4. got to try this out

    Providing you clean them off after collecting you will be amazed how quickly they pop out of the ground if you put a solution of Formalin on the turf. The reaction when a large number of worms are present has to be seen to be believed. Cheers Ian
  5. christmas wishes

    Hope you have a cool yule dude ! To all the other reprobates on here have a great time as well ! Cheers Ian
  6. Multi use rod (quiver tip and float)

    Good call by Yonny the original marketed by Ryobi and reputedly designed by Jill Foster formerly of Fosters of Brum. A few firms now do avon style twin tip rods and most are worth a look I am currently using some Greys prodigy barbell rods and absolutely love the so my Wilsons have been passed onto the wife who has continued to catch good Chub, Barbel and Bream from the Ouse using them. Good luck Cheers Ian
  7. The Cheating Thread

    Thanks for that guys I was just concerned people might think I was doing something dodgy ! As to fishing to that spot from the legal platform in the corner I would have issues with anyone who thought that was a safe way to fish. Another example of how text is never as good as speaking lol. Cheers Ian
  8. Baiting Pole

    Fantastic bits of kit wouldn't be without it and can personally say the two biggest carp I have ever caught in the UK were because the pole got me into the exact spot with a little bit of free samples and rig with little or no disturbance ! Cheers Ian
  9. The Cheating Thread

    Actually not correct if you fished from said platform to the spot I targeted you would be fishing with at least 3 trees alongside the line between rod and rig. As a result it is safer to fish from directly opposite and have less chance of losing or tethering fish! Rules are one thing responsibility for the welfare of the fish is another thing altogether! Cheers Ian
  10. The Cheating Thread

    Is that right Steve? I was told by the baliff that casting across to the out of bounds bank from where I was fishing was perfectly within the rules of the estate. I would be interested in Viks take on this ? Does that mean that all the swims past the last platform are out of bounds? Cheers Ian
  11. British Record

    Just in case you don't remember back in 1973 there was a self striking rod rest made in this country ! The club I was first a member of "Godstone Angling club " had their rule book changed to include "No self striking devices" I don't know for sure but I bet they weren't the only ones. Cheers Ian
  12. What is your newest purchase

    I was most amused when I walked into what was Simpsons a couple of years ago ! It has become an Asian corner shop but above the shelves the old sales signs for Solar, Nash, Kryston etc still stuck to walls and pillars. Cheers Ian
  13. e great Grayling hunt

    Well we got home yesterday and I am happy to report a total success ! She has now caught her first Grayling and it was smaller than mine lol. Fish about 10oz and caught on last day on float fished maggot. Cheers Ian
  14. Barking

    Did I once hear from you a description of riding a bike with a rod bag over your shoulder and a handling issue ?
  15. Barking

    I am fascinated by the twin engine triton could you please post a link ? Cheers Ian