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  1. Right first off, i know its probs not in the rtight section, but there is no section for New Zealand. Basically, after just moving into the new house and getting a dog etc etc, the lass of 5 years tells me she doesnt want to be with me anymore but cant explain fully why. wimin eh! So Im facing like and man and running off to NZ to climb big trees {Im an arborist} and seek out an better career for meself. Ive done some searches but it looks like a land barren of nice big carp, just loads of koi's to average size. Am I looking at a good few years without carp or should I look harder?
  2. Just found this nice movie of some french fella fishing, really nice to watch...thought some of you might like it too... be warned, its all in french with no subs haha
  3. I went with Tigerline and I dont think ill be changing for a long time. Sinks at an incredible rate, tough as hell, cuts through weed and genrally casts well. I use the 16lb and have never needed to swap over to nylon to reach any fishing situatons, mind I dont fish massive waters but I can get a 2oz distance lead the full lenght of my lake with a good chuck. Landed a 30 common in france and thought my rod was going to snap before the line did, tring to avoid snags.
  4. salok - I had to think on me feet and I thought hali-pellet would be the best thing I had in me bag! lol If its in the summer I tend to just take a hammock and risk getting wet, Ive never once been bothered by a rat and touch wood never been rained on yet, the other fellas down the pond think im bonkas but at the end of the day if I need to pack down and move I can, which isnt common practise at the lake, most are static and wait for them to come round. Iberiancarpa has proper things to worry about!!! Although I once brought a black widow spider in to show me mom and dad when i was 6.
  5. I had a bloke try tellin me I need to move out his swim, he's been baiting it for weeks blah blah blah, you know the usual stuff. Went on all day to the point where he cast over both my rods twice! So before I left I walked round and told him I'd saved the peg for him, this peg is known very well with mr ratus so to get me own back for him pestering the life out of me all day about when I was going, I spread about 2k of micro pellet that were starting to turn bad all over the peg. I enquired if he Planned fishing anywhere else on the lake which I got a stern answer of NO! I went back a couPle
  6. Ian, do you have any pics of the bike, would love to see it
  7. I dont bait up if im fishing the weekend simply for the fact that if i get down on a friday, i wont fish until the night, rods out for the full day, walk round, climb trees and drink everyones coffee. I then cast out 2 hours before darkness and fire 15 dark boilies in, no more, no less and then wait. I will only ever put a bit of bait in if im fishing particle mid week and theres very few people been on the lake or are on. Its a very busy water and if someone goes and puts in more than 2 kg, ya might as well go home as it just seems to kill it off completely, hence the reason why im doing mo
  8. Champers corks - used for stalking floats when fishing in thick weed, attached with a lacky band so it pops off easy. On the rare times i want to know how deep im fishing so zigs are spot on in height, I use the cork for a marker on a running rig set up, take me rig off, attach cork to quick link, and cast out, job down, no need to spend X amount on a marker set up which gets used very little, i even use a small spod on me fishing rods, no spod set up either. syringe - popin up maggots, inject air into them, old fashioned match angling trick i think, or me grandar was into heroin?
  9. Wowza I was working down that way 2 weeks ago and thought about having a look in to this fishery! Glad I didnt, I made the trek to A1 Pits to see what all the fuss was about. Fished pit three, despite it looking like a trout lake with fishing topping, rolling crashing everywhere, I managed to fish to my full potential and blank once again. Got home at the weekend and had special branch from the cop shop waiting to speak to me, the MOD have been monitoring me for the last 2 weeks because I keep showing up at RAF bases to do surveys on the trees and they thought I was a spy or something daft. Th
  10. i learnt that moving onto fish is a cracking way to increase ya bites ten folds within minutes! i was casting over to showing fish and had liners and all sorts going on, then a coot finally picked the rod up and i wound in and moved, got the rod up and hadnt finished making a brew and it was off, that ended my 8 month 16 day blank and thats what i do ever since. No one on my lake moves. everyone has the time to spend sat in one place and for the size of the lake they say its not worth moving as its only a small lake and the fish will come round eventually, i havent the time to wait so i take
  11. a double take on the river bish?! that sounds like a right panic attack! haha which river do you fish?
  12. id kill for just 2 ft of weed, jammy git! Light leads and long hook links is what ive found works best, but the trick to help the hook bait rest on to of the weed completely is to balance it out with a pop up tied on with pva. Some areas of the lake I fish, the weed comes up to the surface, but if its sunny I try to find a spot where fish are passing over and place a bait on the top of the weed about 2ft off the surface, kind of like zig fishing but using the weed to your advantage. if you can get away with it, clear out small patches and keep schtum about them, feed them as and when yo
  13. that last one is a pearler!!! some cracking fish there fella.
  14. I had this happen in france,first rod went, and as i lifted and felt the weight of the fish the second one went. First one swam from one side of the lake to the other and threw the hook as it entered the snags and the second rod which was about 2 rods lenghts off a really bad snaggy area just sat there, moved ever so slightly but didnt run, pick up the rod, wond down and then the fish started its best efforts for freedom. Worst part about the whole thing was, i was the only person on the lake, my phone was in the back of the bivvie and by the time i could ring the owner the first fish had me
  15. cheers salok, im assuming that this is a tactic for when the rivers running clear or will they take in water thats dropping from floods thats coloured?
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