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  1. Don't no weather there will still be any space but try Alberts it's small for France and has plenty of fish varying from grasses to some nice thirties four tied and fifties but keep it simple and you should have something nice I reckon I think that's key to going abroad just stick to what you no unless the like owner says it's a must to Change
  2. Looking for some advice on Chateau lake France such as do you have to cast 150 yards to catch do you have to wade out to cast is it silty or is there gravel spots any info would be appreciated
  3. Can anyone help I'm working in Leeds/Bradford I'm looking at doing a session on a lake but don't no the name or even if I can fish it any help wold be appreciated it's in pudsey Leeds and is next to a McDonald's on pudsey road and tongue road
  4. Thanks for tips lads going to put a few pints out and see how I get on
  5. Cheers mate looks class that they glow in dark?
  6. Just posting this to see what everyone thinks the out and out best method for maggot carp rig is from maggot clips to bait floss?
  7. Cheers I may give the hemp a mid this time mate due to the weather I'll consider this in future session and yeah I'll give that maggot rig a try do you use a small rig ring on the hair or ish it chod style because I was planning on using the chod rig with fake maggots and maggots soaked in a fizzy drink so they float do you thinkt that would work
  8. *can anyone help me out or no any info on fairveiw lake near selby anything would be helpful and also just wunderd if anyone could recommend some good methods for this time of year maggots are obviously a good choice but any rigs what could help me snag a fish on the first cold 24hrs fishing of the year
  9. hello carpfishers of britian i am a young carp fisher from south yorkshire who loves to night fish but i have fished and caught in all the places that are local and imm looking for something with bigger fish in but because i am only sixteen most big fisheries wont let me night fish what do you recermend ??????????????/
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