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  1. Does he work for Korda? If so, you should drop what your doing in an instant...... even if you are catching.......... and do what he says NOW! Or you will be forever thought of as a naughty boy and outcast and put in exile, to the uncool group, of people, who wont be in the clique! WHY RISK THAT??? GET ON WHAT "THE GUV" (as they call him!) SAYS! or your not worthy!
  2. Hit the nail on the head there cobleyn..... but I figured that maybe.... If he cant find the carp, as we "grown ups" sometimes cant find them.... then things like that would atleast put him in a good position, rather than picking any old featureless spot on the river then getting disheartened, if he doesn't catch At 13years old, for me, 11 years ago, I turned up at a lake to catch carp (I was hopefull ), with my first pack of boilies (richworth strawberry), I had sufficient tackle.... rods, reels, line, hooks, scales nets, mats, etc....... and ended up walking away with a 4.5lb tench (only my second ever tench) aswell as a 8lb and 5lb bream (my first 2 bream ever aswel!) and I lost one (dunno what it was though!), I had a brilliant day, and I kept going back to that lake for 4 years! In the end I didn't catch a lot of carp from that lake at all (6 maybe.... over the 4 years!) but I had a shedload of bream and tench (aswell as a few big roach, rudd and perch!)and a few pike aswel....... as it happens...... that particular lake has given me my PB's for Carp, Tench, Bream and Pike Because of that lake, although I see bream and tench as a bit of a nusance, I dont mind if I catch them! I quite welcome them as it happens! I tell you, no-one will ever catch me treating a bream, or the like, like dirt and dragging it up the bank thats for sure...... and thats because when I was at that impressionable age, like conner is, I learnt not to be a c**t So, I figured, if he isn't catching carp, then atleast he can catch something.... also..... if there are fish in the area feeding, it will bring in the carp eventually anyway, he will just have to learn to wade through them, if you will. And if he manages to land a double figure barbel from a fast flowing river, at any point (if they're there!), then that will put him in good stead to fight 20lb carp and pike in lakes Thus, helping to make a properly educated angler, regarding fish welfare, watercraft and fishing ettiquette everything! Its better for him to go fishing, out in the big wide world, than him wasting his summer holiday, sat in a dark room, shooting imaginery characters on a consol game! Trouble is, is if he (you connor!) desperately wants to catch carp and only carp, then it may make for a disappointing next few weeks if he (you connor! ) dont go at it, with a completly open mind! Connor....... as cobleyn says though, to avoid the "small nuisance fish" (roach of a 1lb or so.... etc.) try to use bigger baits, with pellets and boilies being best, but, your freebie boilies you give 'em, will probably, go for a swim down river! But, any bait will do though! just keep an open mind with regards to what you catch though, whilst still aiming for carp! Besides, since your 13 connor, I'm guessing you dont have a lot of money to play with, if you get boilies, go sparingly, maybe find the fish, use 1 for bait and only chuck in 10 freebies! and maybe 4 or 5 after every fish! worms are free from your garden though! asda smartprice/tesco value sweetcorn is cheap 30/35p for a can, £1's worth will do you well, dont buy tinned hemp, luncheon meat or sweetcorn from tackle shops though! its a rip off! always go to the supermarket and get the cheap stuff! If its hemp you want, go to an animal feed supplier and get it dry if you can (and your parents let you use the kitchen) If your using groundbait, just get brown bread crumb! or buy a loaf of value bread, let it go stale for a few days, to the point where it turns to dust, and then stick it through a blender! (if you continually shake it, whilst its blending, it does it quicker!) If you rip the bread into 5 or 6 pieces per slice it goes stale quicker as the moisture escapes quicker than when its sealed by the crusts, and try to leave it to go stale, either outside or in the airing cupboard, as it only takes half the time than say left on the window sill...... keep turning it over aswell, that helps, and try to let the air get to both sides of it, ie. put it on long grass or stand it up against the wall in the airing cupboard if you dont have a mesh like tray!........and you can have a few kg's of groundbait, for the cost of 1 bag from the tackle shop! 50p a laof and like 800grams! Liquised (stick in blender) some sweetcorn, juice from can and all, aswell if you can and use that to mix in your groundbait instead of water! I find 2 cans of liquised corn to maybe 3kgs of groundbait, left overnight, still needs a bit of water adding to it but not much Also shhhhhhhh an apple sized ball of brown bread crumb (with liquidised corn!) kept a couple of hundered roach (about 4/5 inches long) grubbing about on the bottom for 2 hours, in a test I did in the margins of my local literally 3 weeks ago, about 6 feet from where I stood towering over them! So...... you wont need a lorry load of groundbait if its a slow moving river! Plus sticking corn in your mums blender is fine, as its only sweetcorn, and humans eat it ...... just dont tell her about any worms or maggots! and make sure its cleaned properly with boiling water
  3. sorry........ forgot to say........ what I mean is, spend hours...... days....... possibly even weeks....... walking up and down the ENTIRE stretch of river available for you to fish..... just looking for said targets...... whether barbel chub, carp or whatever..... I assume you know what polaroid glasses are...... GET SOME..... well worth it! decent pair for less than £20, any will do, dont have to be branded (only idiots care what brand of fishing tackle or trainers you got mate, but, when you are at school, like you are, having a decent mobile or trainers, saves hassle ie. nike vs mercury in the real world, NO-ONE CARES!)...... so since your 13..... if you hold back on that latest computer game...... THEIR DEFINATELY WORTH THE INVESTMENT! especially since with your summer holidays already here, you've got 6 weeks to learn the features of the river..... when no-one else is there..... which will give you a MASSIVE advantage for fishing in the winter as you will know where the deeper areas etc. are! If its fast flowing....... just "lead about" dont bother with marker float..... they'll end up like zigs! ^^^see my previous post^^^ dont spod chuck it in upstream..... or use a bait dropper or pva Also..... watch a few Matt Hayes and/or John Wilson programs when their on rivers..... and just apply what, and how they do it, to your own fishing..... if you get my drift Ie. I watched one where John wilson used a lobworm for perch, where two rivers met, in a "Y shape", if you know what I mean, but if there were carp in there river, they'd probably be a few there too, no need for boilies or pellets etc., as worms and bugs etc., was what was being washed down from both rivers anyway! K.I.S.S. means Keep It Simple Stupid. thats not me insulting you by the way Rivers are usually rarely fished so there's no need to use complicated rigs and methods etc.
  4. same as normal its how and where you fish that matters...... It takes what, half hour, to walk say, half a mile or so, around a 12 acre lake or so, having a good look, looking for fish,.......... the same expanse of water on a river in the uk, would be a few miles long, that you would have to walk, possibly in the wrong direction LOCATION IS THE KEY....... bait not so much.....on lakes, rivers or canals etc.! but remember boilies are likely to roll downstream, due to the round shape! and zig rigs will look like the leaning tower of pizza!
  5. At least I had the bottle to come back They treat him like a god on the Nene Valley Forum... GOD OR BHUDDA???
  6. What size though? (I'm guessing!) so what maybe 3 or 4 fish a kilo on 15's?
  7. I can too... Dead ones up wind!
  8. Last summer...... I woke up and my other half said, I had literally just 2 mins before, been talking in my sleep, about fishing..... only thing was, I had to itch my twins and realised, I was in a rather HARD situation to deal with
  9. TF gear ...... No, no, no, no, no....... KORDA KARP KOT!
  10. yeah...... eat croissants mate......... they're basically EMPTY pasties!
  11. It wasn't edible was it? like those edible underwear you can buy? (Ian Poole..... If your reading this.... I do like you by the way! You're a brilliant angler..... I mean the way you smashed up "Welly" all them years ago was truly brilliant..... BUT, you could smile a bit though! )
  12. Its not his fault, he just hasn't got enough rennees for the 2.7 tonnes of boilies he just shared with jim shelley Is it just me, or don't you think jim shelley looks like he should be playing darts! not fishing!!
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