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  1. carpdudesteve

    Newbridge Lake, East Yorkshire

    Hi mate welcome to the forum.I've only fished it 3 times and have caught on zigs each time.The lake is really deep in places(see the map on the website),had no luck on the deck so tried zigs and caught.On my first two visits it was quite cold but sunny and noticed lots of carp sunbathing on top in the middle of the lake(it's long and narrow).It's a nice mature lake with lots of carp to go at.My last visit was in august 2010 looks gorgeous,lily pads galore and plenty of weed at the shallow end.Lance and Michelle are the owners and are really helpful.Good luck on your session and let us know the results mate.
  2. hi to everyone on here(only my second post).I have just bought a new chub outkast plus spod rod and a second hand daiwa opus plus 5000 reel to go with it.problem is the reel doesn't fit snugly in the reel seat and moves about.why would this be? will I have to buy a different reel? any advice welcome,thanks.
  3. carpdudesteve

    spod rod/reel fitting

    Thanks for the reply mate.I bought the reel from a guy on ebay who had been using it for spodding and as I'm new to spodding wasn't sure what size i'd need.I've measured it against my shimano 6010's which fit perfectly,and the arm that fits into the reel seat is slightly longer and wider(the spool is a lot bigger than my shimano and has quick retrieve,so should be ok for spodding).being quite handy and not paying much for the reel i've just made it fit by cutting a tiny bit off and filing down.if this doesn't work and I take to spodding,I'll have to get another I suppose(any recommendations ?).thanks again for the reply,gonner try out my new spomb tomorrow.
  4. carpdudesteve

    Anyone fished Stubbs Hall recently?

    Hi,this is also my first post.I wondered if anyone on here fished this place.Last year I fished here quite a lot,blanked a few times but had some good days too,namely 16 carp in a day session last autumn and 11 the week after using peanuts over a bed of prepared seeds.Now for the worst part,the place is an absolute disgrace....toilets you wouldn't dare go in,most of the pegs have collapsed into the water,uneven road around the lake(lost my exhaust early this year) overcrowded,loud music,drunken behaviour,motorbike noise from nearby fields,weed smoking and fires....need I go on.do yourself a favour mate and find somewhere else to fish.also heard rumours that some european chaps had been removing loads of carp for the dinner table,(used to be a runs water by all accounts,not any more)