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  1. Edit. Tedtom has left the building. Somedays, i love my job. Stoogi.
  2. I'll tell you what you can do fellas: You can miscontrue what I say, not realise I'm kidding, misundserstand/slate my forums, patronise me, then hound me out of your forum via a witchunt if you like. I'm new, and you guys seem like a REALLY nice, funny, lighthearted bunch. thanks for that. I haven't got time for this I really haven't! See ya!
  3. Is that right? I guess the sea salt and sun don't have much respect for line! 18lb test though.. should take a bit of stick if the resistance is as good as they say.. and I'm careful.. always checking up the line/cleaning it.. Anyone tried Krystonite? Rate it? Edited to remove swearing. Last chance. Stoogi.
  4. I wanna know how I can save money on my setup.. I wanna use the same setup for bass. I made a rod 'holdall'/tip protectors out of old plastic tubes, bike handlebar grips (perfect spigot protector for 2 rods), and socks/tape. I got two Bruce Ashby Mirage 3lb on preloved.com (great site) for 50 quid each, wahey! Not having second hand reels, goin for Shimmy Aero GTE C 1000, seem the best value at higher end of range.. (70-80 quid).. Bigger size for strength/sea.. Went for 18lb Krystonite mainline, thinking if it's abrasion resistance is as good as they say, it should last..
  5. I dunno.. I aint tellin no-one online where I live unless they've got money or goods for me! ha ha
  6. My posts aren't a 'wind up' I am seriously asking you how to make an unhooking mat!! I have very limited funds. My posts are meant to be funny too. I don't take life too seriously. Thanks.
  7. How did I patronise in giving an opinion? I was saying I thought receivers were an unnecessary expense, and that I was under the impression that they were for people snoring away in their zipped up bivvy.. Then you people enlightened me about various reasons why you use them. I did not know that you used them when I started the thread, and did not appreciate that they have a worthy place for some of you.. That is the point of 'discussion', and my thread was/is lively. I made the point that my type of alarm does away with the need for a receiver, and someone laid into me 'suggesting' that
  8. You mean you think it's ok to patronise people as well, and not just laugh at their self-deprecating humour? Right so.. errrm..
  9. And no, I was a scrumhalf, so I'm not a big lad. Still I'm 34 years old, not a 12 year old who's scared of ghosts. I was JOKING Something which all too often seems to be an alien language of some sort/something that people have heard about/quite unsure how to go about engaging in on here. Lighten up, and be a bit more welcoming, everyone.
  10. No it isn't a 'veiled threat' It's a response to being deeply patronised.
  11. LIKE I SAID There's no accounting for tastes. LIKE I SAID there's an LED like a foglight at wembley on my TLBs LIKE I SAID I like to stay awake at night LIKE I SAID I plug a filter into the speaker so my alarms are quieter than a mouse fart LIKE I SAID I am an ex rugby player. I'm also the quietest, most considerate angler you would ever (not) meet. I would hope that you don't say things like that to grown ups in real life, really, for your sake. Really.
  12. Yeah!? Bit small aren't thry? I think I've got a bit of old foam lyin round the place.. gonna go on the hunt for that tommorow.. There'll be no stopin' me savin' money once I get an idea in my head! I'd make my own rods outta garden poles if I didn't know just how rubbish they would be!!
  13. heh heh heh I used to go fishin with me mate and his Dad when I was 15.. his Dad was always on the right wind-up about ghosts, werewolves n' such, guess it stuck with me!
  14. Good luck mate.. Tried fluorocarbon yet? Remember to hang well back from the edge and be mega quiet.. I'm obsessed with quiet.. I treat every swim as if I'm stalking, and creep about the place.. it aint noise as such that's the problem, it's vibration.. try and plop the lead in real gently/use as light as you dare! Hope this helps!
  15. Sounds like you have the 'sense' I'm not blowing my own trumpet here, but I've got it too.. I know where the fish are pretty quickly on any carp water..
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