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  1. Welcome to the forum. I too am a fellow Scot who migrated to Melbourne eight years ago and found it hard to find good fishing near me. Im a fly fisherman but the humble carp in the local lakes saved the day.
  2. As you will know if you have read my other posts I have been carp fishing for about six months in the local lakes near my house. The first couple of months my family and I were catching lots of carp around the 2 kilo mark. Then after the bad weather around the time of the cyclone in Queensland’s we had no fish. Thankfully in the last couple of weeks and gradually normal service was resumed. We almost exclusively use a running sinker set up with a couple of pieces of corn on a size 10 hook at the business end. Although my son has had some success by free-lining bread, and even hooked one carp o
  3. Caught my first carp on fly rod yesterday. Had floating line 6 foot leader and size 10 hook with couple pieces of corn on it. Put up nice fight even though it was just under a kilo. Caught another 4 today same way almost on edge of the bank in the weeds was a nice bit of fun and a new expierience
  4. Just to let you know a couple of nights ago I saw quite a few decent sized carp cruising around. Managed to hook up to 5 but 4 of them broke me on first run and last one spat hook out. Tried again next night caught 1 at around a kilo and another at aprox 6 kilos. So it pays to keep trying. Seems the large carp are alwas the first to check things out you just got to be there at right time. Hopefully they will keep feeding for a while thanks to everyone for thier help. This is my best carp to date which was returned fit and healthy to fight another day
  5. Thanks for the input. I'll definately take what you have said on board. I'm looking forward to getting back amongst the fish. I'll keep you informed of what happens. Caught a few medium sized reddies last night so I have at least them to keep me occupied. Tight lines.
  6. Hi I'm a recent convert to carp fishing having previously been a keen fly fisher. I have been fishing my local lakes in one of the new estates in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. In January we could do no wrong catching at least a couple of fish every day smallest carp around a kilo and one nice fish of aprox six kilos, almost exclusively on corn but sometimes we freelined bread on the surface with some success. Hardly anyone else fishes the venue. We were also catching some nice redfin on spinners quite regurarly in some of the lakes too. However after the cyclone in Queensland we got lots
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