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  1. is it dodgy fishing in bagwood lake? im going with my pregnant girlfriend and i dont want no one hassling us because i will use force and possibly drown the B45T4RD5!!! and no one wants a daddy in the nik
  2. im pretty sure they had a mess up at that lake, i have fished there before and never caught i was thinking of fishing bagwood lake does anyone have any good tips? i know cell works well there and im gonna try some robin red pop ups. lets see how that goes dont think il attempt the surface yet tho.
  3. looking to fish bristol or close to bristol as we dont have much money for that bloody fluid they call petrol grrr i have got all the bait just need a good night fishing venue, anyone have any suggestions?
  4. hi all me and a friend are going to shearwater next weekend and was wondering if anyone has been there recently for carp and did you catch much? also have they put the prices up? im planning on doing a 24h session cheers
  5. i didnt go in th end, took my lil boy out to zoo farm. best sie to fish is the right side, try get the po right next to the crossing(crossing on your left, lake on th right) there are some big tunnels here joining th 2 lakes worth baiting and there is a patch of lillies on the right worth baiting too
  6. I'm going fishing on saturday day, looking to go to bagwood lake. Has anyone fished there recently? Last time I went there was prob nov for a look round and 1 chap caught at least 8 fish so he said. Let me know guys gotta prepare my hemp
  7. Won't be going this weekend mate,me and the missus are going away maybe the weekend after, I might cook up some hemp and just add some chilli with it. Does anyone know a good fizzing/floating groundbait? I'm gonna try it with my zig rig
  8. Well I was thinking about just fishing cell boilies with a few pva bags of cell pellets maybe a method feeder, I got shed loads of hemp and maize to start cooking up but was thinking of saving the maize for spring time. Also gona try 1 rod on a zig?
  9. Hi peeps I've had enough now of waiting to go fishing for carp, basically where I live the weather is getting better getting upto about 12 degrees Celsius. I'm going to fish at shearwater lake which is very big and very deep and probably going to spend a night there, does anyone have any tips apart from wrapping up warm? Is it worth me going or is it a bit crazy fishing in feb??
  10. Ok I'll go for both tactics, I was gonna try using a method feeder with floating bits at bottom of zig and try other one with the spod. Thanks guys
  11. Ok sounds good but a bit annoying having to spod mite try just caty loose particles instead. Does anyone have any good zig lines to use or can I just use my normal 8lb line, as long as I got a good pop up shouldn't matter should it?
  12. I'm looking to start fishing zig rigs at my local water, could someone write me a list of past experience floating particles etc so I can try create a column in water if I attach a pva bag? This lake is at least 10 feet deep. Maybe bind some floaties into some groundbait and whack that out with the rig too. So far I have crushed dog biscuits and flaming hot monster munch lol Thanks peoples!
  13. Ok I might just get one of them then. Big daddy chair for me I'm actually doing a bit of a spending spree. Gonna get a nash padded mat, sundrige alarms and now the big daddy chair. Gonna get a new long range caty um.... Oh 2 new buzz bars and some gardener bobbins think that's it lol
  14. Now all I need is a decent comfy armchair only have about 50 pound tho
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