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  1. Only because I worked nights last week and I couldn't sleep hahahahahaha
  2. https://g.co/kgs/y2ytE1 I love this song.
  3. Well done everyone. I am currently blanking. Been up since 0430 feeding mixers and they are having it but I cannot hook one for love nor money!
  4. Me neither but the coating is designed to break whether it is stiff or soft so was just thinking if it will actually work.
  5. GLM is expensive to be adding to a spod mix....or am I buying it from the wrong place?
  6. I have a small and large and they are rubbish! I've gone back to the spomb
  7. I know someone who got some for his lad but he doesn't rate them at all. Saying that the lad in question has had carp to over 30lb on them!!!
  8. Have you crimped in top of the coating or stripped a bit?
  9. I'm in a bit of a lull at the minute. I'm on the bank now but I was supposed to come on Thursday and I got here at lunchtime today. Just couldn't be bothered. Now I'm here I'm loving it but having the motivation to get here was a real struggle!
  10. I have used glycerin in the winter months to stop the rollers on my atts freezing. It worked but I never caught anything!
  11. Not a bad evening yesterday Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  12. I would say no. All you are doing is trying to stall the in line lead as the line is pulled through it on a take.
  13. You can use a float stop inside a bead and it does the same thing.
  14. The bead sits on the tungsten that is fused into the leader. Basically trying to get you to buy more Korda gear lol
  15. That was about 5 years ago at Cromwell hahahahahahahaha.....you've got some memory, didn't you catch an eel???
  16. Does the pcf stuff only come in shelf life?
  17. I only ever weigh or photograph a fish when I'm on a social. I fish alone mostly and can't be bothered with the faffing of self takes and wetting slings and what not. I have submitted 1 fish to the angling press and that was a 50lb catfish.
  18. Nothing big yet......did have a perch as big as my head though. Good fun on the waggler rod and centrepin!
  19. That line shape is supposed to aid distance casting. You must have all 5 washers under there for it to lie like that.
  20. You generally only get frap ups when using bigger reels and small rings so I wouldn't worry about. If you want to go bigger look at the Shimano baby big pits they might balance well on those longbows.
  21. First Carp I ever caught was out the Nene at the Wellingborough embankment. Haven't been down there for a while as I have been concentrating on the Ouse at Radwell most recently.
  22. There used to be 3 tackle shops in the town I live in now. And another 3 about 6 miles away. Now there is none that I know of. So I have to go to Northampton or Birmingham for bigger purchases. There are a few in Milton Keynes but there stock isn't up to much!
  23. I recently got a Daiwa SS2600 to go on my ESP floater rod and is balanced to perfection. Never been a fan of the older style Daiwa reels I had some 5000T's and thought they were awful but got the SS on some advice from the fat lad at Fosters!
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