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  1. thx guys drove down today not for me tbh didnt realise they were foriegn carp ill stick with muskam gravel pits
  2. im confused m8 with and they aint english fish (dont bother with the ''all carp are foreign''cos its gay)
  3. well guys just ive fished a1 gravel pits for like 2 years constant but looking for a more secure and properous venue and ive just got off the phone from the owner of cromwell carp fisherie and driving down there tomorow its about 40 mile i think for me anyone had any experience on it plz ?
  4. go for point m8 forget method your gonna pick up all the f1 things at 1-2 pounds put a zig rig out with fluro pop up or wagler with pellet 12 inc deep
  5. to beat your 12lb m8 go to bank end fisheries at doncaster you not gonna get a huge lump but i take 4/5 carp out on a day session at 12lb plus easily most of the time
  6. above all m8 have confidence in wat your doin
  7. gotta be maize and corn for me
  8. put mine on mi house ins only cost 6 quid a month for 3 grands worth m8
  9. thx hopefull got miself a bargain then
  10. guys ive had the sti bivvy for years and looked for a change for something a bit quicker at setting up ive bought the jrc stealth brollie system with tracker storm poles thought was a bargain at £124.99 and wondered if anyone been out in one in weather a bit on the ruff side and how it stood up ?
  11. tbh m8 after talking to my tackle shop owner cell has overcome active 8 so i gave it a go and on 2 day sessions put like 12 carp on the bank with it and with 2 of em high teens
  12. nice one m8 well done love the palm size one
  13. ive had big sucess m8 popping a fluro up on a zig just above the weed
  14. yea m8 i use the fox safty clips leads can be removed in like 2 secs
  15. crazycraig

    walk on water

    ah thx guys your right beza its a common seen ghostie now but she still was awsum
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