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  1. There is now a website for anybody that is interested!! www.swarkestonesyndicate.com There is a few places left for March 2015
  2. Everyone starts somewhere! I used to be a member of local clubs but after 10 years i fancied somewhere which has similar minded people, who have the same sort of ideas that can make it a great place to fish, and that dont mind blanking sometimes
  3. The price is to cover the cost of the lake, insurance and to go towards future stockings! I can appreciate it is alot of money but it is a syndicate water and they generally are more expensive
  4. they are not planning on stocking loads of fish just adding fish to compliment the fish that are already in there! Not sure on how many are going in but i do know that it wont be many! As for the stocking they will be scaleys that they are thinking of introducing upto mid doubles. If you would like the contact number please message me Thanks Th
  5. i'm not sure if this is the right place for this, please tell me if its wrong. we are looking for 10 more members to join a newly formed syndicate water in derbyshire. the lake is swarkestone gravel pits and at present we have 30 members looking to get to 40, the lake is 76 acres with 5 islands, bars, plateaus and everything else you can think of. the syndicate has been running since march, before this it was understood there were only 40 fish in here upto high 30's, since march there have been approx 110 different fish caught ranging from 9lb to 27lb, the big ones are still to mak
  6. Swarkestone in derby has a new syndicate! Maybe worth a try.
  7. norgi just got back from a night down there. had a 12lb common and 2 small bream. its really a night water for the carp unless you are using zigs in the middle. but at night your best bet is the margins and get as close to them as poss. lovely lake though just bare in mind the social club has parties most nights so its not the quietest place ever good luck when you go and let me know if you have anything. james
  8. Im going this weekend hopefully!! had a look round last week and saw a couple of good fish so its a start! at least I know there is some in there
  9. Arl I have just sent it off and am just waiting for my ticket to come, was wondering more about the area than the fishing as it looks pretty good for a bite just dont want to be woken up in the middle of the night to find my gears gone.
  10. nobody fishes this? it looks like i will have the lake to myself
  11. I went and had a look around here today and thought it looked really carpy! I know it belongs to Notts AA but cant find any information of stock level and size, does anybody know? Also wondered if it is safe at night as its quite close to a housing estate and dont fancy havin my stuff nicked. I have tried to use the search engine first but couldnt find anything! Hope its not me bein blind any information would be grateful. james
  12. wouldn't bother with the wood side, agreed the field side fishes better, closer to the island is best Imo! nice lake with some stunning fish!!
  13. not used them but have smelt them when I was down there last! Are you fishing the moat or somewhere else? James
  14. I think you will enjoy them!! they smell great. james
  15. I bought some surf and turf last year when i fished the moat, they really are a good bait! I did 24 hours and caught 9 fish so was pretty productive compared to my mate who was using active 8! not sure whether this was due to be on their fishery and the fish are used to them so take them readily!! have had fish upto 22lb on them elsewhere. hope this helps james
  16. top angling coops! banging fish m8
  17. thanks guys. hnv that sounds like a top tip will keep that in mind where i'm fishing i'm lucky enough to have the place to myself as no one fishes it. I prebait 3 times a week with cell with good results but was wondering if any other baits that are as good or cheaper as it can be a little expensive. james
  18. thanks for the advice guys!! will have a look at pallatrax..
  19. was thinking of using this bait instead of cell as that is what everyone is using and I am trying to be a little different! do any of you guys use it or used it in the past? wondered if they account for big fish aswell as smaller ones.
  20. Brilliant story, didnt mean to laugh but I couldnt stop myself!! Hope you see the funny side in years to come
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