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  1. The Predation Action Group has been formed to address the issues of predation in angling and fisheries, notably from otters, cormorants and signal crayfish. http://www.thepredationactiongroup.co.uk/index.html An article has been published recently in a couple of the carp mags and is well worth a read by anyone concerned with these issues (includes a view on petitions and forums!). It explains what has been done so far and looks at the best ways forward to resolve the issues, and is reproduced here: http://www.thepredationactiongroup.co.uk/images/Leader_CW257.pdf
  2. Hope you enjoy your trip, but bear in mind that Linear can get very busy so you might not get the swim you want. It's always a good idea to have a Plan B, just in case
  3. I fished my local river over the winter and it was at the levels you would expect at the height of summer. The lake I fished on Sunday looked a foot or so down, even though it has an inflow. Droughts declared already in some areas plus a number of water authorities (ours included) bringing in hosepipe bans in April (April!!!) if we don't get a considerable amount of rain in the next three weeks. I believe they stopped canal traffic in our area this winter as the levels were considered to low. Rivers are the real problem. In some areas fish have had to be rescued from rivers and moved as the level has been so low. Plus the more the levels drop, the more the silt builds up as there isn't enough flow to carry sediment etc down stream.
  4. Spent the afternoon on the bank yesterday. Glorious day and a 12lb common to start my carp fishing year off, caught on a 10 mil popup in the margin. Never ask a random passer-by to photograph a catch for you
  5. Isn't that where the northern social is arranged for? If so, have a look at the thread for it as there's some info on the lake in it edit: you beat me to it Graham
  6. Good luck. I'm off for my first carp session of the year on Sunday. Just a day sesh on a local water.
  7. Welcome to the forum. Love the colours on that second mirror. And look at the size of the tail on it, must have fought like a demon!
  8. Some nice fish there. That last one looks well fed for this time of year. I'd guess at 17lbs
  9. Because holding the world to ransom with a high tech weapon is so much easier during daylight hours
  10. ^^^ What he said, plus you could try small spinners for chub & perch
  11. You don't have that avatar for nothing then! I'll probably be able to add to this thread after the coming weekend...
  12. Little tip for tying pva bags is to put your bait in the bag then cut down the middle of the top of the bag then use the two sides to simply tie a knot. Make sense? Seen so many people twisting the bag then trying to tie string round it. Top tip Studley. I struggled for ages with string before finally perfecting it, only to find out now I needn't have bothered!
  13. Fantastic, Mr Fox! Good effort.
  14. .. Is that how it works then, lake owners are licensed to shoot them,? and is that licensed through the E.A.? .... I just thought his choice of words was very Iffy..... He made it sound like your run of the mill angler, out for a days fishing where just topping them everytime a one is seen...... Isn't that what we are doing? That aside, it's good that this sort of thing is being covered on national TV
  15. bart2000


    Top angling. Any pics?
  16. There a number of fish named Two Tone, but the British record one was in Conningbrook lake in Kent
  17. A mirror called Big Girl was caught in November at just over 60lbs and is thought to be the biggest carp in the UK at the moment (unless any Secret Squirrels know any different!). Don't know the name of the fishery, but it's somewhere in Kent. As for how it would be referred to I suppose you could call it the 'current biggest', but the actual British record (Two Tone at 67lb 8oz) will retain that title until it's bettered (probably by me sometime this year )
  18. I remember reading one of those underwater tests in a mag last year where they used maggots in a swimfeeder. They were surprised to find how long it took the maggies to get out of the feeder, and also the fact that they didn't go far once out. Might be worth trying that in your pond or in the margins to see how far they go...
  19. A link to the EA's most recent survey on otters, carried out in 2009/10: http://publications.environment-agency.gov.uk/PDF/GEHO1010BTDJ-E-E.pdf The reports summary includes this: "Another consequence of the recovery of otter populations has been increased concern about predation, particularly on specimen fish in still water fisheries and rivers. This creates a challenge to all those involved in river, wetland and fishery management to ensure that the successful return of our top freshwater predator is not seen as a long-term problem for fisheries but as a symbol of a healthy ecosystem." So they acknowledge the problem, but are not doing anything about it! There is also an increase in fish being taken from garden ponds. This could be a good thing as no-one outside angling seems bothered about otters killing specemin fish, but if they increasingly take peoples pond fish this would lead to increased awareness of the problem and a better chance of action being taken
  20. Probably is otters, sorry to say. You'd be surprised at the size of fish they will take, and they're known for leaving part eaten fish. You may not have heard of them in the area but they are spreading fast and there have been reports of them in your neck of the woods. If it is otters then it could be disastrous. If you've found three there may be many more gone that you haven't seen
  21. Spot on. Some water authorities lose up to a third of their water through leaks. You fix that and no more water shortage. And they're not going to fix them, therefore we need the rainfall!
  22. The south east is now officially in drought, and there's a good chance the east and midlands will follow. If water levels are low now then it's looking very grim for the year to come, unless we get some prolonged rainfall in the next few months we're all going to suffer. I think it will go beyond hosepipe bans this year, and the fishing could suffer as well.
  23. A lot of people, me included, would recommend Daiwa Sensor brown mono. It's cheap but surprisingly good! Lots of other ideas here: http://www.carp.com/carp-forum/viewtopic.php?t=28523&highlight=bloomin
  24. It's a shame not all tackle shops are run by friendly, helpful types. My local shop is a pokey place where you can barely move for the boxes stacked up everywhere, and the staff are like Jekyl & Hyde. They're old school matchmen and if I go in to buy bits for general course fishing they can be quite pleasant and chatty, but if I'm buying carp tackle I get a frosty reception and the silent treatment! I also know for a fact that they sell there stock on e-bay for less than they charge in the shop...
  25. Well in mate. Did you paddle across to the island?
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