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  1. I live in hillsboro oregon its agenst the law to chum here for any fish in fresh water
  2. I just bought a thing of dynamite pop ups chochlate malt/ tiger nut flavor
  3. i use corn for bait. i live in OR. my rod is a 1/2 , 2oz. i use a baitrunner reel.
  4. nice pic's boys those are som big one love to see more
  5. i use 1/0 salmon steelhead hook and tie a egg loop with a extra long tag end.
  6. I can use any help i can get. I started carp fishging last year in the summer. I still have not caught a carp. I do catch and release only
  7. snowman rig I've read is best in the mid winter and I'm going to try it in the summer.
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