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  1. A set of wychwood Xtricator 9 footers. Heard good things about them and for £140 delivered I can't complain! Itching to get out now.
  2. I know what you mean mate, so your giving your rod the ideal casting weight to suit the distances required. Im just pondering on weather upping the lead size for my application will be a help or hinderance. I would say distances would max out at 100 yards on this particular venue, I may end up fishing opposite ends of the spectrum on 2 rods when it comes to lead size and see which one does the business ( hopefully anyway ) Appreciate your feedback mate. Dan
  3. Afternoon all, hope your enjoying a better Saturday than me ( Im a stoke fan ) Im currently fishing a gravel pit that has a fairly unknown stock of fish, its fed by the Trent so fish do come and go during floods, fairly standard gravel pit, gin clear water, hard bottom with a light silty covering. The stock is unknown but the fish that are in there aren't really under that much angling pressure, it crossed my mind weather upping my lead size from a normal 2oz lead to something bigger 4/5oz even. This got me thinking about how different anglers have a different opinion on this sub
  4. Spot on mate, appreciate you getting back to me, really looking forward to getting stuck into it now. Il hopefully try to keep a bit of a running update going. Many thanks for your help Dan
  5. Id suggest maybe trying something different for a bit mate, I had a wobble about 18 months ago, so I started fishing the rivers for chub and barbel and really enjoyed a new challenge, through winter I then started targeting perch using u/L spinning methods catching fish to just over 2lb, I then moved over to the canal during the close season just fishing for bits, then hooked into a canal carp, successfully landing it. The carp fishing buzz is now back for me and as strong as ever, im now preparing for a autumn/winter campaign on the canal, which again is a totally new challenge. It all
  6. Appreciate the reply mate, some cracking info there which I'm going to implement into my fishing. Iv only done 2 sessions targeting the carp on the canal in my life so its a nice challenge for me and something totally new! What would be your reason for baiting the baron stretch of canal? Opposed to the stretch with near and far side cover? Main reason I ask is the 2 fish sightings/captures have come in the central section of the stretch that is the most tree lined and has the most overhead cover, this is where I was thinking of starting to bait, the main reason for me is access, I drive over t
  7. Afternoon all, I spent the close season fishing the canal, after fishing the rivers for a season, targeting the perch mainly, with some good catches of perch around the 2lb mark, with loads of fish over 1lb. During a later session, torrential rain for most of the morning, after a succession of smaller perch, which were causing me some issues swallowing the hook ext, I thought il target the better fish, out comes the size 10 hook, 4lb bottom with 5lb line on the reel, bunch of maggots fished at 1 1/2 foot over to the far margin, shortly after I cast in the float shot under, upon striking the bi
  8. Afternoon everyone, back after a session on the river churnet, had a selection of small fish including, grayling, dace and brown trout up to around half a pound, used a standard Avon rod and small 3000 Shimano reel, this setup did catch fish but I felt like I did lose a fair few fish shortly after hooking them, it was also a huge battle through the undergrowth carrying a 11 foot rod, I wanted to know if there is a smaller softer rod on the market that would suit this sort of fishing? Fish don't go much over 4/5lb in here, I will be mainly float fishing/trotting and using a single shot and feel
  9. Evening all, looking at kicking in with some river fishing this year, always wanted to start but never have until now, so at the moment I'm just looking at getting some kit together. The only item I'm unsure about is the rod choice really, everything else I can cobble together from the other gear I have. Weather it makes a difference to what rod to use or not but I will be mainly targeting the Trent, Dove, Severn. Iv been looking at the free spirit barbel tamer 1.5lb/tc?? Weather this is suitable or not test curve wise? Any input or feedback would be ideal, any general pointers with river fish
  10. Evening chaps, haven't fished white acres for 4 years now, just looking for any info on nelsons pool which is normally my preferred lake choice as pats is very heavily fished. Just some general info would be ideal as i can't find much info on the internet. Condition of the lake, any weed ext? Heavily fished or quiet as the last 2 trips were in the middle of summer and this time last year and we virtually shared the lake with a couple of lads? Bait pointer, what quantity ext? Any help would be appreciated, just to give me an idea of what tackle to take before going. Thanks, Dan
  11. Iv never really felt confident using the setup to be honest, maybe I'm stuck in my ways. I will be taking the lead choice onboard. For the majority of my fishing iv used the lead clip arrangement and changed the rig to suit the situation, maybe its time to give the helicopter a go? Fish that on one and my standard setup on the other and compare the results. Dan
  12. Afternoon everyone, just getting a few bits and bobs ready for a fishing trip in the next couple of weeks at cuttle mill. I did a day session a few weeks ago which was my first time at the lake, no fish landed but had one take which in which i struck into nothing. Because of the silt i had dropped my lead size down to 1oz and fished a standard rig lead clip style, id normally use a substantial lead 3-4oz but id reduced the size to combat the silt. This got me thinking if id used a larger lead would this of set the hook more than the 1oz, i know that once the leads plugged into the silt it weig
  13. Afternoon everyone, did a day on cuttle mill last sunday, had one run but struck into nothingness, its been back open after being shut for 2 years for 12 months now. No fish were caught but id like to get some more sessions in on there and was wondering if anyone has some prior knowledge on the lake as i can't find much about and the site gives little if any info. Any info would be much appreciated, if its areas to avoid, depths of the lake, popular methods ext. Any pointers would be great. Many thanks, Dan
  14. Hello everyone, just had my shimano ultegras back from a shimano service, iv spooled one reel up and it the taper of the line is tapering from low at the back to high at the front of the reel. Hopefully the picture gives you a better idea, i was wondering if there is a way to adjust the taper to match the taper of the spool itself as the spool is full at the top and under filled at the bottom. Cheers
  15. This was the shot of the lightening. Couldn't fit it in! Dan
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