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  1. Update to this thread! This lake is now producing seriously big carp , lake record is 65 plus with several other big sixties including grass carp to 65! Loads of fifties and forties hardly anything under 35 lbs! Really hush hush, a few big names in the know , operates through a secret Facebook page! Best thing ( or worse lol) is they only Allow 7/8 groups every year .... So hard to get a week but worth it for the quality of fish, like English fish not pale French lumps
  2. Interesting thread!! Of course the exact reasons for this happening may be many and varied! In brief... Having come across this problem in the past, fishing on very silty venues where the fish appear to have much softer mouths than say gravel pit fish....the single most effective measure was the correct choice of hook. In that without a doubt the short shank , wide gape in turned point hooks are far superior when this problem arises. Back in the day when I first had this happen as a teenager ...After a lot of experimentation I came across the old original owner spades.....which quite
  3. First thanks for replies! Try to reply to some of your thoughts! Would use my Delks but they are getting on for 20yrs old a bit unreliable these days and no remote box!! Ok for emergency use !! Have tried the indicator on the other side yes!! But obviously not ideal! Braid is a major contributor to this problem as is the roller type of alarm I agree, but my mate has new nash alarms that didn't go off as much , also guys with fox alarms didn't have as much trouble ! I have examined one tonight and i think its possible to 'tighten' up the wheel as someone suggested as it is very
  4. No, it's happened at various times during two different weeks fishing on all rods that were in various different spots!! Also it ceased when another make of alarm was used!! It's something to do with the slack wheel movement caused by high wind that hits at a certain angle! During both sessions when the wind changed slightly the false bleeps almost stopped !! I know it's an extreme case ( braid at 200 yds plus) but really annoying when your alarms are going off every 10/20mins ... No sleep and ur mates alarms hardly bleep at all!! We examined the nash roller on my pals set up and it's not a
  5. Thanks for replies!! Yes all genuine att's as they came out of the box!! Had them three years with no problems on 'normal' lakes and rivers...started having problems when fishing lac du Der south basin last May !! 200yds plus in heavy cross wind caused a real problem! Had to put my old Delks back on and they were ok ( only occasional bleep which in these extremes are usual) my mate had new nash alarms... Again they were fine, just very odd false bleeps!! Att's were going off every 10 minutes at least!! It's something to do with the wheel moving too freely as like I say in a heavy wind you ca
  6. All four!! Yes that's what I thought the first time it happened!! Then I thought it was a battery low signal!! Alas it wasn't! Lol
  7. Help please!! Alarms...ATT's silent head....!...Fishing situation.....Big venues ... Long range with braid, large leads, tight line, clipped up, heavy or springer type bobbin etc etc..... However when a cross wind blows hard in a particular direction ... false indication ( bleeps) become a nightmare!!?? On inspection the wheel / magnet on the att's seems very loose and in a strong wind the wheel keeps moving?? Any thoughts ?? Cheers ( footnote, been fishing 30 odd yrs , have tried loads of different things to remedy situation, also use the least sensitive wheel)
  8. Lol.... Yes some sad people about!
  9. It's the same as most methods .... Right time, right place etc A bait boat is another string to the carp anglers bow , if he/she chooses to use one! But even then you have to use it properly, and still manoeuvre it into the correct position etc there are no wonder methods lol I think most problems with bait boats occur on busy waters due to inconsiderate users! Shame because they are useful at times!
  10. Re weights..... Yes of course fish can go up several pounds easily!! However my reference was to fish that at their top weights were only just over 19 lb ( mostly 18lb actually) but said individual would claim 20lb plus for fish that in some cases were caught the week before at 18+ and the week after him at 18+ ..... So the point I was eluding to was he obviously for what ever reason exaggerated the weight ( and the numbers but that's another story lol)
  11. Re the batteries for digi scales.... Good question !! As I have only just got them I haven't changed battery but I have heard stories of them becoming inaccurate when the battery life starts to go?? I will keep a close eye and keep my dial scales handy until I have full confidence in the digi ones!!
  12. ?? I think you misunderstood my point.... Which was there was only one 20 in the lake ..... All the 'bigger' fish were just over 19 lb for everyone except when the guy in question caught them they were always 20plus .... Hence my point that some people weigh their fish incorrectly, some because of incompetence some because they are economical with the truth!!
  13. Have to say this is exactly why I gave up fishing on lakes in the UK!! Makes me shudder thinking about it....too many anglers and not enough space?
  14. lol...some good stuff on this thread!! Only just bought my first set of Digi scales after nearly 30 years of dial scales ....and have to say although they are good and appear to work correctly..its hard to trust them completely!! I still weigh the bigger fish on my dial scales (just to be safe!!) as I am always worried about an incorrect reading!! lol As for anglers not weighing fish correctly....that's been going on as long as I can remember!! lol...on a doubles water I fished as a boy the biggest fish in this lake were all 19lb something except the biggest in the lake which was a 21
  15. Lol,some good posts here!! In reply to the above bait boats are mostly useless on the mega big euro waters as most of the time the waters far too choppy and they would probably sink!! Lol most people use proper boats!! Was at lac du Der recently and a guy who fishes the lake alot had an angling tech, boat but said he can rarely use it because of the chop!! Nearly 30 yrs I have fished with no bait boat, but have to admit that in certain circumstances they are very good! I don't fish in the UK much so I can only imagine some of the problems they ( or the people controlling them!!) cause on t
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