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  1. If it's a dry flavoring/attractant drain off like half the liquid then add it. If it's liquid flavoring/attractant drain off most of the liquid. BTW some tank test have shown carp prefer pink and orange to most any color. A friend of mine uses shoepeg white corn flavored with R&W Red Peach and tears up the waters. The corn turns a nice pink color.
  2. I have a recipe that rolls great. My question is when making boilies (steamed actually) for hookbaits do I just up the quantities of attractants in the recipe & if so how much? I'm thinking 50% more. Thanks in advance for any help..
  3. Scopex or a buttery smelling Vanilla Butternut.
  4. It depends on what part of the country you come from as to what is sold to you as sweet feed. Out West it looks like pellets and assorted grains with molasses added, east coast it is dark red/brownish pellets. We get the pellet type here. If the OP gets the grain type of sweet feed he can check out this video for help... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqUDWdopnDI
  5. All I've ever caught on boilies is catfish and suckers. When I prebait I notice that the bite is much slower than if I use just packbait or method mix. I think less is more is the key. I have found no benefit in putting down a bed of bait. Just a little bait near your hookbait is all you really need. If the carp are there they will eat. If you load the place up, the carp will come, eat their fill and leave. These are my opinons on the waters I fish. YMMV
  6. What are you using as a hookbait? If you're using a corn puff, just add hot sauce to the puff. It's not a common practice in the US to spice up your packbait, but hot sauced sweet corn or puff is a good deal!
  7. 60 oz. Cracked Corn 60 oz. Layer Crumbles (Chicken feed) 90 oz. Sweet Feed Flavoring ¼ cup Sea Salt ¼ cup Brown Sugar Soak cracked corn for 24 hours, add a quart or more of water then boil for 30 minutes. Take off heat and add flavoring of your choice (8 oz bottle of Superior or 3 oz of R&W/One On is about right) sea salt and brown sugar and mix well. Put it in a bucket and add sweet feed and layer crumbles and stir well. This will make a lot of packbait/method mix. It freezes well, so you won't waste any.
  8. I'm looking to make a doughball/paste from trout pellets. I do not want it to be mushy and soft but able to hold on a hook and not break down quickly. I've heard and seen videos that all you need to do is add hot water, let it sit for 5 minutes or so and you have paste, but it looks too soft to me. Anyone have a proven additive or recipe that will stiffen the dough? I want to be able to cast the bait not drop it from a paste pot. Thanks in advance.
  9. Quite a few folks have raved about pop up corn glugged in Betalin. I tried both glugged and unflavored pop up corn on the river I fish and barely got a nibble. I think it was sunfish trying to eat it. LOL
  10. I'd like to try that recipe, but there is no recipe! LOL
  11. Citric Acid- 1 tsp per pound of bait Sodium Benzoate- 1/2 tsp per pound of bait Potassium Sorbate- 1 TBSP per pound of bait
  12. I'm not sure what they use but an American company that sells bait making supplies sells potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate and citric acid as natural bait preservatives. I have used that combination for making homemade shelf life boilies and they lasted for 6 months or more with no special care.
  13. If they catch carp. So far I have not found a boilie that works for catching carp in my wild river swim. I have found that in my swim Betalin flavored anything only catches Fallfish, Dynamite White Chocolate Coconut Cream boilies catch Channel Catfish, Golden Redhorse Suckers, and Fallfish. K-1 boilies don't catch anything at all. LOL
  14. I prepared my first batch of tiger nuts yesterday. I was wondering if I should refrigerate them or leave them at room temperature? I want them to get slimy as I've heard that's when they work best. Thanks in advance for your opinions.
  15. I use oats, always. I fish from late April to end of October. Just my preference, as the other stuff is harder to source.
  16. While I've never used imitation bread, my idea was what you came up with. A piece of white pop up corn would make the bait stop alot harder to pull through the imitation bread.
  17. IMO Wychwood Signature Alarms are hard to beat for the money.
  18. I just want to clarify that N-Butyric Acid AAMaize is gelatinized maize (similar to cream style corn) with N-Butyric Acid added. So my 1.5 tsp. use is mostly corn and a little NBA.
  19. I use it sometimes in my doughball recipe. I use Wacker Baits N-Butyric Acid AAMaize. It stinks like puke, but in small amounts (I use 1.5 tsp of AAMaize per 1 pound of bait) it has a mellowing effect on flavors. They smell smoother and more natural. For example I bought some Lorann's Plum Candy Oil and it had a chemical smell to it, not at all natural. When I made the doughball I added the NBA AAMaize and it smelled exactly like a fresh plum.
  20. I'm assuming "pack & puff" is ready made puff pastry Can't say that I know what the other two are though No no pack and puff is packbait (method mix) usually oats and cream style corn plus flavoring, and for a hookbait puffed corn cereal (not corn pops) usually flavored with Lorann's Cinnamon Oil or some sort of Hot Sauce. Some folks pack the packbait around the hookbait, but in a river situation you need a little heavier weight so the packbait is packed around the lead. Kinda dicey what the difference is between packbait and method mix. My definition is packbait goes around the hookbait and method Mix goes around the lead. Sweet feed is a pelletized horse/livestock feed. Range Cubes are large pellets (like broomstick diameter) that are usually used as a supplemental cattle feed.
  21. Chum is what you throw in other than your hookbait. It's a difference in terms. Chum can be corn, maize, pellets etc. The Brits call it particle or bait, most US folks call it chum. Chum doesn't have to be fish bits, it can be any grain also. I've found that Sweet Feed, Range Cubes and Boiled cracked or field corn (maize) is the cheapest and best way to go for river fishing. As for hookbaits sweet corn, flavored sweet corn or maize, pack & puff and doughball works in the river I fish.
  22. buzzbomb listed all the usual USA suspects. You also might want to try Bank Fishing Systems
  23. Not very helpful advice for fishing a paylake Where the fish are in the swim (the area you are fishing), there's no point having the best bait if it's in the wrong place A paylake is basically an overstocked mud puddle. LOL
  24. You can wet your hands. That will help the paste from sticking to your hands. If they aren't doughy enough add a binder like maize flour/corn meal.
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