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  1. wamps

    Help with rods

    my choice for that money would be free spirit ctx or avid traction in 3.5 tc
  2. wamps

    I find this strange

    use old line or cheap line as backing or maybe buy multiple 100m spools that are continuos (if thats still possible).
  3. wamps

    how good do you think you are?

    Having blanked for the last 7 weeks i've come to the conclusion that i am just an expert camper!
  4. wamps

    sufficient control?

    i thought it was a well known fact that 3 or 4 years ago someone was prosecuted by the ea for sleeping while fishing. They won the case and said person was fined for this along with not having a licence and trying to give a false name. i think (but not sure) the ea's reason was that he had no alarms so was not in full control of his rods,
  5. wamps

    Viv Shears and Costessey stocking

    i've got no pictures left from anywhere as i had them all stashed in a box back at mothers and the silly old bag binned them all when we had an arguement
  6. wamps

    Viv Shears and Costessey stocking

    Nice looking fish, should grow on well in there and with the existing stock hopefully the once excellent no.3 lake will be back to its former glory after being decimated by otters a few years ago
  7. wamps

    New rods, what test curve?

    I don't know whether this will help but take a a look at the bivvy tv test curve vid on youtube
  8. wamps


    So what happens to all the oils we are throwing in lakes in copious amounts ? do they break down or just stay in the water like salt ?
  9. wamps

    Hollow Glass Spheres

    amazon ...type in microballoons
  10. wamps

    pebble drop off system

    i think you have hit on a really good idea here as like neal said they will soak up attractors so can be left in glug pots ready for use
  11. wamps

    Help regarding wychwood riot 65s

    i personnaly can't see how a shaft could bend like that from being clipped up unless there is a serious flaw with the metal so as nick said deffo not fit for purpose
  12. wamps

    Cradle/Unhooking mat

    that looks like a pucka bedchair for my dog
  13. wamps

    pebble drop off system

    the pebbles are a really good idea just as long as you are short range fishing because i think a 3 or 4 ounce sandstone pebble might be rather large and therefore less aerodynamic losing yards of a cast
  14. wamps

    Budget underwater video?

    sorry , yep my bad, i read it wrong and it does only focus up to 80mm sort of no good whatsoever for chucking in a lake then
  15. wamps

    Budget underwater video?

    focal length is in fact the distance between lens and sensor so nothing to do with how far it can actually focus. as an example with a dslr camera the lense lenghts actually mean focal lenght i.e. standard 50mm lens = 50mm focal lenght. also anything under 50mm is classed as wide angle so the camera you mention goes from 30mm wide angle up to 80mm zoom, hope this helps.