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  1. Hey Guys and Girls Has anyone fished moreton-fisheries? I was thinking of doing a 24 hour session at Cudmore this weekend, however all I have heard are bad things really, also this complex is about 25 minutes closer to me so it sounds all good Has anyone every fished here? or heard anything about it? Any help would be very much appreciated Thanks, James
  2. Hey Guys an Girls I am thinking of doing a 24 hour session this weekend coming and after having a look at a few places I think that Cudmore looks to be one amazing place I know it is more of a match style of fishery but after checking out the website it appears to have a few reasonable sized lakes for specimen fishing Can anyone tell me anything about this place? with such things as which pond to fish? is it worth me going? (this time of year etc) methods? etc. Just any help would be great I do not want to make the travel if it is not worth it If anyone could give me any help at all I would be very great full Thanks a lot James
  3. Does anyone on here fish in St Helens, Merseyside? Just thought I would ask James
  4. I'am sorry to here about that fella , never nice to hear about Where was his tackle stolen from mate? is this a house insurance or garage insurance job? James
  5. The one thing you should do here mate is keep it very simple as the rig will be nicely secured in the bag you do not have to worry about tangles or the hook point being covered, so that all good you just want a nice short simple knotless knot rig with a braid hook link of course so it lays nicely in the bag, with about a 3-5 inch hooklink should do you hope this helps James
  6. I think I will have a look at those shimmano's thanks for all the help guys James
  7. Hey guys and girls I currently own 3 shimano areo baitrunners, which are okay for the fishing I am doing now on a fairly small pond/lake, however I am going to be tackling a very large mere soon and I could really do with some help? Some of you may have seen my last post about the test curve of my rods as I was worried I would need to buy three new rods with a higher test curve but after all the amazing help I have decided I don't need to just let, but I am very sure I will need larger reels Any reccomendations? I am not looking on breaking the bank but I want a quality reel which will last, I was thinking of another set of shimanos as the ones I have been using have served me well I will only really be using these reels on a large mere but I need them to be up to the challenge of most waters in the UK, such things as big pits etc Thanks for the help James
  8. Total Carp for me everymonth or sometimes Advanced Carp Fishing both really good mags carnt go far wrong with them If it had to be one though it would be Total Carp simply beacuse I love the style and overall attitude of the articals James
  9. Thank you very much guys for all the amazing help it means a lot just stopped me going out and buying three new rods Thanks again much appreciated James
  10. omg I can already see it debuting on the next korda freebie DVD THE KRAPPER hahaha absoulte quality
  11. Posts like this make my day, Thank You Something else for you, that I didn't think of at the time; A pop-up rig in most cases I would fish the bait tight to the hook shank, whether the fish suck in or mouth the bait you want the 2 close together to be taken in, yet with a bottom bait you may find that a large separation is better Thanks very much for all the great help mate and why is that on the bottom bait you would have a large seperation ? Thanks again means a lot James
  12. Thank you very much for that to be honest amazing! help it has really helped me a lot, I think that I will play around with my rigs and change them to each individual water or circumstance I think this will help me learn a lot more, rather than just following the rigs that are "popular" saying that of course I will still get ideas and hints from them of course but my rigs are always going to be just that "my rigs" Thanks again guys James
  13. Great read that fella great angling! well deserved ! hope to see your new pb up on here soon James
  14. Thanks very much for that mate great help ! and no worries with fishing at range here I never normally go over 50-80 yards Thanks again fella Much appreciated James
  15. Hey guys and girls I currently own three fox warrior elite rods at 2.75lb test curve and I could not honestly say a bad word about them great rods! ...anyway what I was thinking is 2.75lb test curve strong enough for all of my English Carping? I am currently looking on tackling a very large mere (Eccleston mere) And I am thinking are these rods up to the job ? I do know it is home to some large carp, I believe that the current record is 26lb any help guys ? Thanks, James
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