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  1. Ok so its free to fish, no day ticket prices...........the drawback ....your alone....very alone....12km to the nearest village !!!!. no pot noodles, no carpology no internet BUT THE BIG GIRL IS THERE (german and not uk, I apologise) SO really on your own, can you cope?
  2. Hi Roy, The Blue see near Bitterfeld Wolfen and Dübener Heide? 2 Weeks seems a longtime for a smallish water but there are lots of other places near. Including the Elbe and the Weise Elbe for cats and river carp. Most Importantly do you have a German fishing licence (2000 euros and all your kit if not). There is a way around it if you have a English rod licence, but I will have to look that up for you, perhaps tommorow. I will do a bit of homework and get back to you, its my neck of the woods. Gerry.
  3. My Wife says no, sorry. But it looks like your all going to have a goodtime. Will CC blog it for youtube?
  4. what about the Germans..... how many towels do we need to cover all possibilties.... does it help we are half CELTIC....... ok asking meine fraue morgan! but I dont want to be near Carful Carping....just seen his video on youtube!!!! He drives very fast (look at the post)....
  5. ok, so there is places free!!! paid for but I think people who take advantage of them should donate said amount to a good cause. Now that being said, I have to drive to Glasgow in Feburary ( from Germany), not a lot of room for fishing gear. But perhaps if some kind soul could post the final details of when and were. We could fill up the vacant places. I dont want to go looking through lots of pages to learn its not on the weekend I am due in CELTIC land.
  6. CC answers the spawning issue in the comments on his latest upload. Thought what JS stated smelt a bit of cow waste.
  7. To say the least, sounds like a total tool. Will be looking elsewere for some "eye of the tiger" inspiration before I go fishing in bad weather.
  8. Phew! Just got back from the river 2 bream so not a blank but very cold. I understand what your saying, but both anglers are well respected for different reasons. When I saw JS rant on youtube I was a bit shocked, It comes across as very aggressive. I had a "oh dear" moment. Just didn't expect that sort of behaviour from a "professional" angler. Not when I'm looking for inspiration to sit on the river bank for 4 hours in the snow.
  9. Just had a look on youtube before I head off to do a couple of hours river fishing on my day off. Need a bit of inspiration as its -3 grad. I like both these bloggers for different reasons: The CC, because he comes across as an intelligent, articulated everyday angler with a lot of common sense. JS, is just a machine that always seems to be in the zone. Always seems to get fantastic results. The latest JS update he goes for CC big style at the 6 min mark. I personally thought although completely different styles they had a bit of mutual respect for each other (after all they fish the
  10. A whole 3 mins from a commercial fisherys point, answer " think about a fence" .......hmmm well balanced programming BBC.
  11. So far, 20 mins in and its a otter cuddle party....If I carry on watching I will be selling my fishing gear on flea bay and buying Tarka videos
  12. can we not do something as a forum? Im a old man......I look at my 5 children, even when they want money! Papa knows weres honey! PLEASE PLEAS I put up 100€, pls make it happen.
  13. my hart bleeds a little more..........That is so sad to hear. I lost a good friend at the age of 13, because he wanted to do it all alone.... WHERE CAN I DONATE TO:
  14. So trying to get this topic back on track a little. My experience of "catching for cash and not the table". I live in the old east Germany, near a large town with high unemployment and Eastern Europeans on welfare. For years the fishing was good on the large lakes near and around the town itself. Just a quick recap for people: you must have a valid fishing (written exam and oral) licence and pay your dues every year to even be on the bank, massive fines for those caught breaking the law. People do fish for the table carp, pike, zander and perch are the most coveted. As the years go
  15. Britain entered the EU in 1973!!!!!!! As for the original op, will tell you a story about how cathing for cash killed 2 lakes near me within 2 years, after put my kids to bed. As for the bile.......the UK was built and profiteered from immigration. Lets just not go there.
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