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  1. No worries, will give it a try. Cheers all
  2. Thanks guys. Is it best to soak and the boil(in same water or fresh?) Or better to boil them first then leave to soak?
  3. I've never used chick peas before.........any recommendations for using them and are theyany good for fishing in winter?
  4. I've had a look on eBay and not been able to find any on there.
  5. Planning on a first attempt at rolling my own boilies. Has anyone used and got any advise on CSL liquid? Cheers all.
  6. I recently bought a 2man Chub Cyfish Bivvy, but unfortunately it didnt come with a groundsheet, does anyone know where i buy one from? Help is much appreciated guys Thanks all.
  7. Ok will have a look, thanks for the info.
  8. Planing a fishing trip to Chard Reservoir in a couple of weeks, has anyone fished there before and give some feedback and advice on the venue pls.
  9. Thanks Welder, I have just ordered x3 micro bobbins with betalights. Hopefully they will work perfectly. Slack lines.
  10. I've been looking at these bobbins recently. Has anyone used them before and can give me some feedback. Not sure which size to buy as they come in 4 different sizes. 1 Micro 2 Mini 3 Mega 4 Maxi I sometimes fish tight and sometimes fish slack lines, and ive heard these work well fishing either?? Cheers all
  11. Apparently Wychwood are not know for making quality reels, ppl have said the Riots aren't reliable, and having faults after 4-5 session usage.....screws coming undone, clutch tightening itself. But then on the other hand ppl have said they are good quality reels and have no problems at all. I guess there is always the risk of faults with whatever you buy.
  12. Thanks for the feedback busdaddy. I've ordered a pair of TF Gear V8 reels instead of the Wychwoods, as I've heard and read quite a few mixed reviews about the Riots.
  13. Thanks guys, definitely glad that I've ordered these rather the the Wychwood Riots.
  14. I rencently posted a thread about Wychwood Riot Big Pit Reels, but have received mixed reviews from ppl I've spoken to. I've ordered a pair of TF Gear V8 Distance reel. Has anyone got or used these before? Feedback is appreciated. Cheers guys.
  15. looking at buying some new reels(Wychwood Riot Big Pits) Anyone used them before that can give some feedback??? cheers.
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