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  1. Thanks for all the advice guys its invaluable on a new venue and i look forward to trying the mentioned techniques, however it looks like i will be going to barby mill on my own initially, my lad decided he would rather go maggot drowning so we had a day out today pulling out silverfish. Ian.
  2. Hi Ian, No problems mate, thanks for your reply, glad we have established a better raport. I have watched countless youtube videos on pellet waggler fishing so hopefully have absorbed enough to make a good start. Predator angling is my main pursuit but i enjoy catching silverfish during the summer months. I am in Daventry and have only fished drayton for pike i dont intend to fish there again even though my lad is pressuring me to have a go for carp, i like a bit of seclusion My mate and i have visited boddington on a couple of occaisions but due to my walking disability it would not be
  3. Thats more like it, thanks for a very infrormative answer stevo Ian.
  4. Thanks for that, my lad wants to give it a try so i am taking him to a nearby commercial to give it a go. Ian.
  5. No problem Chillfactor, the first reply was one of those totally unhelpful responses that make me think why should i bother asking, just got my back up a bit mate hence the sarcy 4th post. Thanks for your advice, i was just looking for a starting point mate, having not fished the pellet waggler method before and not having a lot of time to get on the water, advive on what pellets to use from people who regularly fish this method would be appreciated. thanks. Ian.
  6. Hi guys what is the best type of pellet for pellet waggler fishing, hard, soft expander or anything else? Thanks. Ian.
  7. Thanks for that wont be using them, seems to me as you might as well throw pound coins into the water. Ian.
  8. Thanks for the advice guys, gratefully recieved but its not answering my question of are these leads left behind on the lake bed after the take? Ian.
  9. Hi all, I have not used backleads (yet?) but i am puzzled with what i read in the various carp mags. I read that these leads are meant to drop off on the take? does that then mean that they are lost for ever on the lake bed? If so it seems a very expansive way of keeping your line pinned to the bottom. Ian.
  10. Thanks guys, I am happy with the rods and i think i made an imformed decision based on my needs which as my OP said "entry level rods" Ian.
  11. Rodangle, you have made your point now your starting to get annoying! Ian.
  12. Thats your opinion rodangle and you have bought what you think suits your needs, the same as i have bought what i think suits my needs Ian.
  13. crazed, Both baits were picked up at about 70yds and the rods handled the fish with no problem at all especially under the rod tip where they make there final dash for freedom. Like you said though i have nothing to campare the rod to and also dont know what to expect in the way the fish resists. I can say however that IMO they are pound for pound, more powerfull then any pike i have caught. Ian.
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