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  1. hi guys im looking for a set of two or three armalite mk1 rods in 2 1/2lb tc ive got three mk1 terry hearn 12' 9" 3 1/4lb tc to sell or swap with cash ajustment. also if anyone has any northwestern rodcraft rods i may be intrested in a set of these as well prefrebly 12' long range one with full handles..
  2. my advise fish the beads as far apart as possible so the chod runs ive found this the most effective method fish slack lines or semi slack. dont worry about drop backs as there still will be indication as for the bottom bead fish it at least 6" from the lead.
  3. try getting in touchwith nick hueller at solar i've seen a couple of articles he'sdone in mags about river fishing in france i think he's fish the loir valley for carp.
  4. sounds if your doing things right. i use a five foot lenght of lead core and a break away lead which is tied useing a rottern bottom. i've just started tying my chods useing a slightly less stiff mono maxima line in 12lb breaking strain it still curves nicely if youwant to but i don't bother as the hook kicks over nicely without a curve to it. the lenth i tie them is about 2/3 inches. the water i'm fishing is very weedy and i wold not pull back as this could end up bogging everything in the weed. i also fish the chod link running on the lead core. i wouldn't bother changing over to floro carbon leaders theres no need just match the colour of your lead core to the lake bed ect. i use the weed green esp lead core at the moment. on a note lead core is only dangerous if used incorrectly as was make sure the hook link can come off easy and always use a rotter bottom so the lead drops of if things do get stuck.
  5. the armalite mk1 brillant but the terry hearn mk1 are better i have owned both of these rods and the hearn is the better of the two. also if you realy wont a good players rod you could look for some old north western rod craft rods they would be a bit old but they were the best rods i had ever owned they where way a head of there time made from carbon cevlar and where a buitiful rod to play fish on proper through action.
  6. this also brings to mind the amount of people i see nowdays with barrows. the waters around near me are mostly day only places but on every one of them every body uses a barrow with a mounting of tackle on why? surely you don't need or even use most of it, it just looks as if there doing a week long session every time they go.
  7. i would of thought the owner of said syndicate would get a better class af angler on his waters he has day ticket waters for the noddy's to go on. at first i thought you were on about a taa water we fish you exspect it on there but on there you would think better.
  8. i used the richie macdonld hooks made buy partrige they were a shortish bent hook. as some have said silicon tubing does the same thing now days. the original syle used to double hook the fishes mouths. which is why they were banned on a lot of waters back in the late eighties early nineties. in my opion the long shank curve hooks are no better than the orignal hooks used and still cause damage.
  9. my first carp was from a park pond called wyndams on yateley common and wieghed 15LB the place was a great pool loads of lillys and some stunning scaly mirrors.
  10. the dandy don't have fish that size in the lads from london
  11. the longest session i've done was the year i left school and before i started work. from june 16 1988 to the september i stayed on the bank with only going home to wash then straight back to the lake, my mum would bring food down and fresh water. the lake i was fishing was on the yateley complex. it was totaly crazy but was dead keen to catch one of the legends. sadly i only caught tench and lost to carp one being a very famous fish of the time.
  12. richierich71

    One from Today

    well deserved mate. told you it would come good in the end for you
  13. as far as i know they have a traditoinal close season on there mate.
  14. how long did you wait for that thought it was dead mans shoes to get on the nights
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