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  1. I would had loved to have caught Mary, a stunning fish. Does anybody know of any fish still alive of the same caliber as all the other fish mentioned?
  2. heather the leather is well up there on my list - not many true leathers about- would have been great to catch.
  3. I've been catching up on my reading recently and have been working my way through "still searching" & "bivvy tramps" with "big carp legends" and "my misspent youth" still to go. These books got me thinking about which carp I would like to catch the most, and why it would be that fish above all others. I don't think I will be able to decided as there are some tough choices to make, but though I would see what the rest of you though, so... If you could catch any famous carp (past or preset) which one would it be and why?
  4. Not sure if that is a joke or a actual suggestion Nono joke, a great piece of kit..come in handy on a few occassions.
  5. check out 'boginabag'... simples
  6. go old school and use the caps from washing up bottles
  7. check out powapal (on fleabay) I bought one for fishing and camping holidays and its great - can get loads of phone charges out of it and its not too heavy. You can charge 12v or usb
  8. after having a very similar problem myself I asked the same question on here & the advice I went with was to swith to a mono mainline with a leader. I have started using a 12lb mainline with a 30lb braided leader ( lenght of the rod with at least 6-7 turns on the reel) and have yet to crack off again ! As I said I faced a similar issue & wasnt sure if was duff braid, or beacuse they braid kept drying out or if i had over filled the spool and the line was wrapping around the rings. What ever the issue was its sorted now I have switched over.
  9. not spending time to try and locate the fish before setting up and just dropping into in the 'going' swims (or the ones closest to the car park) and not being willing to pack up and move if necessary when fish are showing elsewhere.
  10. fish locked up on a tight line direct down to the lead, exactly as others have said. As soon as you get an indication on the alarm get on your rods! Make sure you are right next to your rods at all times otherwise you WILL lose them!
  11. as other have said it think you will be happy with both shimano or diawa. I have sets of reels from both an are happy with them. Whats your budget?
  12. i think you are totally right woodchester they do pick up everything and spit it out, personally i dont think its much to do with them noticing the hook, because your right if they are feeding properly and muching everything in sight theres a good chance your rig can be picked up anyway. To me its more to do with the rig mechanics and how it works in the carps mouth once it has been picked up. I just think that the combination of a light bait and heavier hook joined together can make it more difficult for the carp to eject. If you think about it when they suck up a light bait it makes sense that it could fly back further into their mouth therefore bringing the hook with it, when they realise something aint right and try to eject it the heavier hook will act differently to the light bait...the further the bait goes in the further the hook has to travel on the way out giving more time / chance to catch hold as it exits... hopefully! thats what i think anyway for what its worth ... probally aint worth much to be honest
  13. depends what your fishing over tbh. If fishing into soft silt or silkweed I like to use a small wafter/ slow sinker so I know its sitting on top of the weed as its critical balanced, whereas a bottom bait may sink more into the weed leaving a bad presentation. fished a bottom rig and a wafter against each other on my recent trip to france and the wafter out fished the bottom bait by far (they were fished about 2 rod lenghts apart) swapped both rods to wafters and catch rate went up, so i do think they have their time and place.
  14. personally I dont like to use any of these methods. I just dont have the confidence that it hasnt slipped or moved at all, in the past I have had electrical tape come off and pole elastic slip. I have found that the best method for clipping up after a bite is 2 bank stick set a rod lenghts apart. Once you have found the spot clip up and wrap the line around them. you can then count how many turns it is and make a note for the rest of the session. You can repeat this after each bite, with a bit of practice it doesnt take very long. This method also has the added benefit of allowing you to do a bit of maths and find out the exact distance that the spot is as rather than applyin any amount of guess work. If you make a note of where the spot is and how many turns it is you can build a map of the various swims you fish and can get the rod back on the spot first chuck on the next visit.
  15. again i have found the same. I was using some wafters attached to a size 8 wide gape and it floated off bottom by about 3 inches. Stuck the exact same wafter on a size 6 and it sat perfectly!
  16. by increasing the weight of your lead will help you gain distance. depending on how heavy you go you may need to use a shock leader.
  17. Ive been checked quite a few times myself. at least 4 times over the last few years. All on different waters as well.
  18. well if its any help there are two places that I would fish again. You could try the isle of wight fish farm, there are some nice fish in there for the size of water, and the guy who runs it with his wife are very nice and helpful. They have some very small ponds where you can go for a bit of sport, plus they have a trout lake as well if you like to fling a bit of fluff (had 3 fish out in 2 hours last time all around the 2 pound) I have fished this place a few time and even though I have been in the summer it has never been majorly busy. The other place I would give a try is hale common. Again its a small water (very coloured!) but the average stamp that I was catching was between 7-10lb and had a fair few in the day. Each time I have been there has only been one other person there. Take plenty of change as you have to get you ticket through an honesty box.
  19. I went to fish this place a few years ago. Pulled up and spoke to the guy running the place trying to get a bit of info out of him having never fished there before, after waiting an eternity for him to even acknowledge me he was very rude and unhelpful and it was clear he really didnt want to give me the time of day. As i was on holiday i didnt have all my speci gear with me & enquired about tackle hire (as advertised on their site) only to be told ' you dont sound like a proper carp angler' Imo the small lake looked dreadful, very small with lots of peg... I didnt even bother to look at the large lake as I had already made up my mind that i would not be giving him any of my hard earned. I simply got back in my car and went else where. I have fished several other places on the island which I would/could recommend depending on what you are looking for.
  20. I think a lot of you would like a look at the bog in a bag! A very handy piece of kit. it folds down nice and small and is very light as easy to carry. The bags have some crystals in them which turns liquid into jelly. http://www.boginabag.co.uk/buy-boginabag-products.aspx Much more comfortable than squatting over a bucket or a hole!
  21. have a look at zoom boilies (you can find them on flea bay) I bought some to do exactly the same thing. I havnt fished with them yet so cant tell you how good they are or if they work but they are cheap. you can get them in a meat mix or a fruity mix
  22. when using a shockleader the leader goes the lenght of the rod and then an additional few turns (4 or 5) on the reel, so the job of the heavy shock leader is to soak up the initial force of the cast. The fact that mono was on my reel i feel made little difference on the cast (which was where I was having my crack off problem) as it was the braid taking the shock and the mono was still on the reel, so its stretchyness wasnt being used. From my VERY limited time at using mono for spodding (2 hours total!) I would say that the use of mono is most useful when hitting the clip due to its stretchy nature. today the mono felt very forgiving when hitting the clip with a heavy spomb.imo Personally I wouldnt forgo the finger stall as mono can still give a nasty slice on the finger on a slipped cast etc I once gave myself a very nasty cut when the longish zig i was casting snagged on a bush behind me and sliced into my finger!
  23. I like to use short(ish) hairs about 5mm seperation with the hair coming off the bend Personally I think this a good starting point as you can always make it longer with some hair extenders if the situation dictates. I tend to have two type pre tied - normal bottom bait with hair coming off the shank and KD style for use with pop up/wafters - this covers 99% of my fishing situations
  24. Hi all Thanks for the replys, your help and advice seems to have done the trick After changing my setup the other day (now using 15lb mono with a 50lb arma cord leader) I went out today to give it all a test and had no problems at all Did about 2 hours in total and had no problems so hopefully whatever the problem was has now been sorted. I even managed to find the spod I lost the other day the leader had snapped about an inch above the knot Thanks for your help an advice, much appreciated
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