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  1. hawkwise

    July Catches

    Been getting out about when i can , not so much this year few health issue and work and life etc etc blah blah .. But i have had a few in the Net so far this Month which includes my PB while float fishing a waggler a Common of 24 and half pounds , These Ontario Rivers Just keep on giving .. Though Most of the fish have been caught using a small method feeder of Oats, Cream Corn Maze Chic Pea and Jelly powder mix , with a hook bait of Gulp Power maggots and a bit of rubber corn hair rigged to a size 8 hook 12 pound line and 9 ft Wychwood rod ( really is a all round perfec
  2. Having moved house late last fall this year i have been fishing a new River in a busy built up area which is something new for me ( and its been interesting ) i set my self a target of a fish over 20 lbs which was achieved with my very first Fish !! . My New river Campaign started in Late March early April though not actually fishing it, just me and the dog went for lots of walks with pockets full of bait . Then one Sunday Morning took along my trusty 9ft Rod and 3 oz cage feeder of bread , ground maze, chickpea on a running Rig to Two bits of Maze and one plastic Maze hair
  3. hawkwise


    Hello again folks it's that Somerset Bloke In Canada again ....We Moved house over the Winter so i am living near a new River for me. Its a big ole river which is fed by even Bigger river as In The Detroit River ( i live on Canadian side) . even though it's a nice big river there not many spots on the Main part of the river were you can fish from the bank , there is a nice big Park which the River runs through , this is were i have started my River Campaign so for me something new as it's a pretty much a Urban setting . Over the last Month or so i have been taking our dog for walks in
  4. Ha ha Cheers that Bank stick will last me the Season it does a good job of holding my Rod Up .. and funny enough it is now in my shed drying having just varnished it ( :
  5. Well hello folks back again, it's that Ex Pat bloke in Ontario hope everyone been having a good time on the Bank as and when they can. Now Normally here in Southern Ontario we have a long and Very Cold winters and my local Rivers and Creek's are Frozen from Dec to April but this year we have by Ontario standards a very very mild winter two Rivers near me have been flowing for some of the Winter Months this year ( first time in ten year I've been here) . this time last year the spot i fished was under 6 inch of Ice . Anyway On Monday me and the Lovely Wife was out about doing what
  6. hawkwise

    June Catches

    Manged to get out for a short early doors session, woke 4 30 am couldn't get back to sleep so got up sloped of to my local patch and dangled a Waggler for a couple hours... and ..... then went back home to bed ..
  7. Manged to get out for a short early doors session , woke 4 30 am couldn't get back to sleep so sloped of to the local patch to daggle a waggler in the water and Boom ...
  8. Ha ha been a Red since 68 cant be helped i'm afraid , King Louis gonna take us to the top next season
  9. Well time , effort and pain shore does = success , a lot effort went in to getting up at stupid O clock every other day for week and half specialy when one suffers from Lupus . Yes for week and a half every other morning i dragged my aching weary body out bed at 4 30 am and set off to my choosen spot and baited up ,using a Midi spomb of Maze , Hemp and ground dog biscuit , some Mornings i did take a Rod and did a spot of Wagger fishing in the near Margin well i was up and the weather was good so why not, even manged to net a couple nice Commons and a few Nice Channel cats . Anyway af
  10. hawkwise

    June Catches

    https://www.facebook.com/hawkwise/videos/10155624402265290/?l=8046150973270880707 Boom Biggest Fish of the Year ! Photos and report to follow maybe ...
  11. Um Gurt big fish....... https://www.facebook.com/hawkwise/videos/10155624402265290/?l=8046150973270880707 Photos and report to come later ( :
  12. Been out netted a couple more ..
  13. And all for the price of a fishing license..
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