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  1. garro


    a social sounds good . count me in
  2. ok thanks i will give him a ring and see if there is a waiting list i may pop up some time and see if your about and have a chat if thats ok
  3. garro


    looks like i will be going to get wet this weekend again then lol
  4. Interesting post Why not fish with a longer hair all the time if this is the case would that not increase your chances with every take
  5. garro


    Just looking out side and seeing the weather the way its and the forecast for the next few days , would any of you go for a 24 or longer session with weather like in this ?
  6. Hi guys Looking for any information on upcott pool , the normal stuff like is it a syndicate pool who owns it and who do you contacted to fish it and all that sort of stuff any think would be a grate help as I keep drawing a blank on the place Loads of thanks for any help Garro
  7. If you are going in to Woody’s then you’re a local boy ? What happened to the tackle shop In Leominster it didn’t stay open long have they shipped it all back to dock low now
  8. I hope some one knows some thing about this place as I would like to fish it and cant find any info on the place
  9. garro

    Pavyotts Mill

    Just had a look at there web site and don’t know much about the place and was wondering why the negativity about the place
  10. thanks guys looks like the whether is going to be kind so lets hope that we all have a good day garro
  11. Do you have to be a member of Hereford angling club to fish there I live in Hereford and im not a member of it any more
  12. thanks mate which part of the wye ? its my local river but haven't fished it since i was a boy
  13. thanks leggs i feel like Christmas is coming lol
  14. Hi guys Going fishing this weekend only a day trip but im on the bank fore the fist time this year and really Looking forward to it . going to a local pool and even taking some light tackle to play around with a float fore the roach just so I can say iv court my fist fish of the year ( I HOPE )
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