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  1. the blanket goes on top of the groundsheet, in muddy weather its better that you have a mat at the door entrance as well like i have shown
  2. Theres just one more belated prize Prize 6 This little Richworth Lot A big thank you to Ian Poole at Bankside Tackle and a big thank you to Phil for arranging this one
  3. It doesn't allow snow or frost to settle on it to quick, its not really beneficial i just like it, i get bored of hearing you must buy this, because of this or you must buy that because of that, its just one of those things i like
  4. Its a JRC Stealth brolly system, and i made the camo netting to fit the brolly
  5. 1st Prize Which includes 1x Gardner Poly X Mat 1x Gardner Fleece 1x Koala 3 Rod Holdall 1x Spool Gardner Pro Carp 12lb 1x Gardner Medic 1x Gardner Point Doctor 1x Gardner Braided Hair Needle 1x Gardner Gate Latch Needle 1x Pack of Size 8 Gardner Covert Mugga's 1x Pack of Gardner Covert Lead Clips 1x Pack of Gardner Covert Rubber Tails 1x Pack of Gardner Covert Small Hook Aligners 1x Pack of Gardner Covert Small Pop Up Hook Aligners 1x Pack of Gardner Covert Link Lok Swivels 5x Packs of Gardner Leadcore Leaders 2ft, 26lb 5x Packs of Gardner Cold Water Fastnet PVA Tubes
  6. Item 1 to Jemsue at £310 Item 2 to Chillfactor at £110 Item 3 to Mrdevon at £50 Item 4 to Leggs007 at £50 Item 5 to Chillfactor at £50 Item 6 to Andy at £60 The other Monument Ticket to rosstheangler at £30 I will be in touch with the fisheries over the weekend, for payment details you can pm me. Thats £660 raised, thank you everyone for taking part
  7. I have been asked to end this auction as first stated, so it will end tonight at 10
  8. I have been asked if i can carry this auction on until the social in september, i don't mind doing that as long as everyone is happy to do so.
  9. Ill be posting up the prizes on here Monday, you can just simply tell me how many you want and pay the money into paypal, and i will give you your numbers, someone at the social will have an i phone or something to post the results
  10. Right everyone, raffle tickets will be going on sale next week, £2 for one or 3 tickets for £5 I will be listing all of the prizes over the weekend, and ill be doing the draw at the social on Saturday night Good Luck everyone
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